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πρεσβ-εύω , pf.
A.πεπρέσβευκαAr.Ach.610, D.19.310:—Med., aor. “ἐπρεσβευσάμηνTh.1.92, etc.:—Pass., pf. πεπρέσβευμαι (v. infr.):
I. prop. of age,
1. intr., to be the elder or eldest, S.OC1422; “οἱ ἀεὶ πρεσβεύοντεςPl.Lg. 951e: c. gen. pers., to be older than, be the eldest of a number, “τῶν προτέρων ἐπρέσβευεHdt.7.2; “π. τῶν ἄλλων κατὰ τὴν ἡλικίανTimae. 114; π. ἀπ᾽ αὐτοῦ to be his eldest son, Th.6.55; of wine, “πολλαῖς π. ἐτέων . . ὥραιςArchestr.Fr.60.2; “π. τοῖς χρόνοις τὰ ἡρωικάAth.1.19a: hence,
b. take the first place, be best, S.Ant.720; οἷσι πρεσβεύει γένος, of the male sex, E.Heracl.45.
c. c. gen., rank before, take precedence of others, “π. τῶν πολλῶν πόλεωνPl.Lg.752e: hence, rule over,Ολύμπου π.S.Aj.1389; “Ἴναχε . . μέγα πρεσβεύων Ἄργους γύαιςId.Fr.270 (anap.); also, have at one's command or disposal, c. gen., καὶ εἰ καὶ σὺ Kaibel) “τῶν λόγων αὐτοῦ πρεσβεύειςAth.8.352d.
2. trans., place as oldest or first, put first in rank,πρῶτον . . πρεσβεύω θεῶν ΓαῖανA.Eu.1: hence, pay special honour or worship to,πρῶτον τόνδε πρεσβεύσω τάφονId.Ch.488, cf.S.Tr.1065, Pl.Smp.186b; joined with “τιμῶId.Cri.46c; “τὰ δίκαια πρὸ παντὸς ἰδίου συμφέροντοςPlu.Luc.3, cf. Arr. An.6.30.3:—Pass., hold the first place,Παλλὰς . . ἐν λόγοις π.A.Eu. 21; δ᾽ ὕστατός γε τοῦ χρόνου π. is first in point of time, Id.Ag.1300: c. gen., κακῶν πρεσβεύεται τὸ Αήμνιον is most notable of mischiefs, Id.Ch.631 (lyr.); τὸ πρεσβύτερον τοῦ νεωτέρου ἐστὶ πρεσβευόμενον is more honoured than . . , Pl.Lg.879b.
II. to be an ambassador or serve as one, IG12.135.5; “ἀπὸ ΚορίνθουHdt.5.93; “εἰς ΘετταλίανAnd.4.41; παρά or πρός τινα, Pl.Chrm.158a, X.Cyr.5.1.3; τινος for one, E.Heracl.479: abs., Ar. Ach.610, etc.: c. acc. cogn., “ἃς ἐπρέσβευσεν [εἰς Θήβας] πρεσβείαςDin.1.16.
b. at Rome, act as legatus, Plu.Sull.4.
b. go as ambassador, Id.5.39.
III. c. acc. rei, represent, urge, maintain, Luc.Pisc.23; [δόγματα] Gal.6.753; “τὴν ὄψιν κατὰ εἰσδοχὴν π.Olymp. in Mete. 5.6: c. inf., κατὰ ἐκπομπὴν εἶναι τὴν ὄψιν ib. 10.
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