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στόμα , τό, Aeol. στύμα Theoc.29.25; gen.στόματος, but
A.στομάτοιοHymn.Mag.2(2).10,28:—mouth, Il.14.467, etc.; “σύν τε στόμ᾽ ἐρεῖσαιOd.11.426; ἱμείρων γλυκεροῦ ς. Sol.25; of animals, Hes.Sc.146,389, S.Ph.1156 (lyr.), etc.:—pl. is sts. used for sg., ἀμφιπίπτων στόμασιν, of kissing, Id.Tr.938, cf. E.Alc.403 (lyr.), and freq. in later Poets, A.R. 4.1607, Nic.Al.210, 240, etc.: metaph., πτολέμοιο, ὑσμίνης στόμα, the very jaws of the battle, as of a devouring monster, Il.10.8, 20.359 (but cf. infr. 111.1).
2. esp. the mouth as the organ of speech, “δέκα μὲν γλῶσσαι, δέκα δὲ στόματ᾽2.489, cf. Thgn.18; “βραχύ μοι ς. πάντ᾽ ἀνα_γήσασθαιPi.N.10.19; freq. in Trag., ς. τὸ Δῖον the mouth of Zeus, A.Pr.1032; τὸ Φοίβου θεῖον ἀψευδὲς ς. Id.Fr.350.5, cf. S.OC603; “τοῦ στόματος τὸ στρογγύλονAr.Fr.471; Μοισᾶν καπυρὸν ς. their mouthpiece, organ, Theoc.7.37, cf. Mosch.3.72; Πιερίδων τὸ σοφὸν ς., of Homer, AP7.4 (Paul. Sil.), cf. 7.6 (Antip. Sid.), 7.75 (Antip.), 9.184; “τὸ μισόχρηστον ς. τῆς κωμῳδίαςPhld. Piet.p.93G.; speech, utterance, S.OT426,706, OC132 (lyr.), etc.; εἰς τόδ᾽ ἐξελθόντος ἀνόσιον ς. ib.981; κἂν καλὸν φορῇ ς. Id.Fr.930; “τὸ σὸν . . ς. ἐλεινόνId.OT671; “διδόναι ς. καὶ σοφίανEv.Luc.21.15: in pl. of a single speaker, S.OT1220 (lyr.):—special phrases: οἴγειν ς. A. Pr.611; τοὐμὸν οὐ λύω ς. E.Hipp.1060, cf. Isoc.12.96; διᾶραι τὸ ς. D. 19.112; κοίμησον ς. keep silence, A.Ag.1247; δάκνειν ς., i.e. to keep a stern silence (cf. ὀδάξ), Id.Fr.397; “ἴσχε δακὼν ς. σόνS.Tr.977 (anap.); ὀδόντι πρῖε τὸ ς. Id.Fr.897; so κλῄσας ς. E.Ph.865; οὐκ ἐφέξετε ς.; Id.Hec.1283; σῖγ᾽ ἕξομεν ς. Id.Hipp.660; εὖ ἔχειν ς.,= εὐφημεῖν, Eup. 381; συγκλῄειν ς. Ar.Th.40(anap.):—of style, τὸ Λυσιακὸν ς. D.H.Lys. 12.
3. with Preps.,
a. ἀνὰ στόμα ἔχειν have always in one's mouth, whether for good or ill, E.El.80; “ἀνὰ ς. καὶ διὰ γλώσσης ἔχεινId.Andr.95.
e. ἐξ ἑνὸς ς. with one voice, Id.Eq.670. Pl.R.364a, PGiss.36.13 (ii B.C.), Gal.15.763; so ὡς ἀφ᾽ ἑνὸς ς. AP11.159 (Lucill.).
f. ἐπὶ στόμα on one's face, face-foremost, ἐξεκυλίσθη πρηνὴς . . ἐπὶ ς. Il.6.43, cf. 16.410; “ὡς κύων ἐπὶ ς. κείμενοςArchil.Supp.2.9; ὗς ἔκειτ᾽ ἐπὶ ς. Men.21; ἐπὶ ς. κεῖται lies prone, of the right ventricle, Hp.Cord.4; ἐπὶ ς.,= pronus, Gloss.; “ἐπὶ ς. πεσόνταPlu.Art.29; “ἐπὶ ς. φερόμενον ἐν πᾶσιTimae. ap.Plb.12.8.4; also τι νῦν ἦλθ᾽ ἐπὶ ς. whatever came uppermost, A.Fr.351; ἐπὶ στόματος Φαραώ by the command of P., LXX 4 Ki.23.35.
II. mouth of a river, Il.12.24, Od.5.441, A.Pr.847, Hdt.2.17, etc.; so ἠϊόνος ς. μακρόν the wide mouth of the bay, Il.14.36, cf. Od.10.90; “ς. τοῦ ΠόντουTh.4.75; κόλπου ib.49; “τὸ ς. τῆς ἐσβολῆςAr.Ec.1107; τὸ ἄνω ς. [τῆς διώρυχος] the width of the trench at top, Hdt.7.23 (but τὰ ς. τ. δ. mouths, ib.37).
2. any outlet or entrance, “ἀργαλέον ς. λαύρηςOd.22.137; “ς. τῆς ἀγυιᾶςX.Cyr.2.4.4; “ς. φρέατοςId.An.4.5.25; “καδίσκουAr.Fr.581, cf. AP6.251 (Phil.); χθόνιον Ἄιδα ς. Pi.P.4.44; τὰ τῶν διεξόδων ς. Pl.Phdr. 251d; ἑπτάπυλον ς. the seven gates of Thebes, S.Ant.119 (lyr.): Medic., τῶν μητρέων, τῶν ὑστερέων,= os uteri (not distinguished from the cervix), Hp.Mul.1.36, Aph.5.46; “τῆς κοιλίαςArist.APo. 94b15, Sor.1.50; “γαστρόςNic.Al.20, Gal.5.274; [ἕλκους] Arist.Pr. 863a11.
III. foremost part, face, front:
b. the front ranks of the battle, the front, ἀπὸ στόματος (opp. ἀπὸ τῆς οὐρᾶς) X.An.3.4.42, cf. HG4.3.4; “τὸ ς. τοῦ πλαισίουId.An.3.4.43, cf. 5.4.22, Plb.10.12.7 (so perh. ς. πολέμοιο, ὑσμίνης in Hom., v. supr.1.1).
2. ἄκρον ς. πύργων the edge or top of the towers, E.Ph.1166; πρὸς τῷ ς. τοῦ βίου at the very verge of life, X.Ages.11.15.
3. = ὀμφαλός 111.3, Ael.Tact.7.3. (Cf. Avest. staman-, m. 'mouth (of dog)', Welsh safn 'mouth'.)
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