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συγγράφω [α^],
A.write or note down, X.Cyr.8.4.16 (Pass.):—Med., have a thing written down, Hdt.1.47,48, 7.142.
II. compose a writing or a work in writing, “περί τινοςX.Eq.1.1, Pl.Min.316d: c.acc., “τὰς Κνιδίας γνώμαςHp.Acut.1; πόλεμον ξ. write the history of the war, Th.1.1, cf.6.7; τὴν ὀψοποιίαν συγγεγραφώς the author of the book on cookery, Pl.Grg.518b; συμβουλὴν περὶ βίου ς. Id.Lg.858c; describe, Theoc.Ep.22.4 (where it is used of poetry, cf.AP9.165 (Pall.)): esp., write in prose, opp. poetry (ποιεῖν), Pl.Ly.205a, Isoc.9.8; “ς. ἐπαίνους καταλογάδηνPl.Smp.177b; ς. τέχνας compose manuals, D.H.Comp.1.
2. esp., compose a speech, Isoc.1.3:—Med., ς. λόγους οἵους εἰς τὰ δικαστήρια get speeches composed, Pl.Euthd.272a: —Pass., “λόγος συγγεγραμμένοςId.Phdr.258a.
III. Med., συγγράφεσθαί τι draw up a contract or bond(“συγγραφή11.2), “συγγραψάμενος δεήσει ἀποδοῦναιX.Eq.2.2; συγγράφεσθαι εἰρήνην πρός τινα make a treaty of peace with another, Isoc.12.158; “ς. περί τινοςId.4.177; τοιαῦτα -όμενοι promising, Phld.Rh.1.343 S.; “ς. συγγραφήνPHal.1.258 (iii B.C.), etc.: abs., sign a treaty, Th.5.41; make a contract, PCair.Zen.199.5 (iii B.C.), POxy.729.17 (ii A.D.); συγγέγραμμαι τῇ Ἑσπέρου θυγατρί I have signed a contract (of marriage) with the daughter of H., UPZ66.2 (ii B.C.); ς. γάμον make a contract of marriage, Plu.2.1034b: c. inf., Thphr.HP5.5.5; “συνεγράψατο πρὸς Διόδωρον Εὐτέληαν γαμήσεινSupp.Epigr.2.294.6 (Delph., i A.D.); and elliptically, συγγράφεσθαι ἐς ἐμπόριον make a contract [to carry a ship] to a port, D.56.11,47; [δραχμαὶ] ἃς συνεγραψάμην Διονυσοδώρῳ for which I gave a bill (or I.O.U.) to . ., PCair.Zen. (iii B.C.), cf. PEnteux.49.5 (iii B.C.); συγγεγραμμένος the signatory to a contract, Hp.Jusj.; pl., PCair.Zen.666.5 (iii B.C.).
V. represent in a painting, paint, “τὸν Ῥωξάνης καὶ Ἀλεξάνδρου γάμονLuc.Herod.4:—Pass., Ar.Av.805 (s.v.l., σύ γε γεγραμμένῳ cj. Mein.).
2. paint together, “τινὰς ἐν γραφαῖςD.C.58.4, cf. 50.5 (Pass.).
VI. of an architect, draw up specifications, IG12.24.8,44.6, 81.16.
VII. enrol, in Pass., πατέρες συγγεγραμμενοι,= Lat. patres conscripti, Plu.Rom.13.
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