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τέχν-η , , (τέκτων), skill, cunning of hand, esp. in metalworking, Od.3.433, 6.234, 11.614; also of a shipwright, Il.3.61; of a soothsayer, A.Ag.249 (pl., lyr.), Eu.17, S.OT389, etc.; “τέχναι ἑτέρων ἕτεραιPi.N.1.25; “ὤπασε τ. πᾶσανId.O.7.50.
2. craft, cunning, in bad sense, δολίη τ. Od.4.455, Hes.Th.160: pl., arts, wiles, Od.8.327.332, Hes.Th.496,929; “δολίαις τέχναισι χρησάμενοςPi.N.4.58; τέχναις τινός by his arts (or simply by his agency), Id.O.9.52, P.3.11; τέχνην κακὴν ἔχει he has a bad trick, Hes.Th.770, cf. Pi.I.4(3).35(53), S Ph.88, etc.
3. way, manner, or means whereby a thing is gained, without any definite sense of art or craft, μηδεμιῇ τ. in no wise, Hdt.1.112; ἰθέῃ τ. straightway, Id.9.57; πάσῃ τ. by all means, Ar.Nu.1323, Th.65, Ec.366; παντοίᾳ τ. S.Aj.752, etc.; “οὐκ ἀποστήσομαι . . οὔτε τ. οὔτε μηχανῇ οὐδεμιᾷIG12.39.22; “πάσῃ τ. καὶ μηχανῇX.An.4.5.16; “μήτε τ. μήτε μηχανῇ μηδεμιᾷLys.13.95.
III. an art or craft, i.e. a set of rules, system or method of making or doing, whether of the useful arts, or of the fine arts, Epich.171.11, Pl.Phdr.245a, Arist.Rh.1354a11, EN1140a8; “ ἐμπειρία τέχνην ἐποίησεν, δ᾽ ἀπειρία τύχηνPolus ap. eund.Metaph. 981a4; περὶ τοὺς λόγους τ. the Art of Rhetoric, Pl.Phd.90b; οἱ τὰς τ. τῶν λόγων συντιθέντες systems of rhetoric, Arist.Rh.1354a12, cf. Isoc.13.19, Pl.Phdr.271c, Phld.Rh.2.50 S., al.; hence title of various treatises on Rhetoric (v. VI; but rather tricks of Rhetoric, in Aeschin. 1.117); τέχνῃ by rules of art, Pl.Euthd.282d; “ φύσει τέχνῃId.R. 381b; “τέχνῃ καὶ ἐπιστήμῃId.Ion532c; ἄνευ τέχνης, μετὰ τέχνης, Id.Phd.89e: τ. defined as ἕξις ὁδοποιητική, Zeno Stoic.1.20, cf. Cleanth. ib.1.110.
IV. = τέχνημα, work of art, handiwork, “κρατῆρες . . , ἀνδρὸς εὔχειρος τέχνηS.OC472; “ὅπλοις . . , Ἡφαίστου τέχνῃId.Fr. 156, cf. Str.14.1.14, PLond.3.854.4 (ii A.D.), Paus.6.25.1, al.
V. = συντεχνία, τ. τῶν λιθουργῶν, τῶν σακκοφόρων, Dumont-Homolle Mélanges d' archéol. et d' épigr.p.378 No.65,66 (Perinthus); τ. βυρσέων, συροποιῶν, IGRom.1.717,1482 (both Philippopolis); τοὺς καταλειπομένους ἀπὸ τῇς τ. BGU1572.12 (ii A.D.); χαλκεὺς ἀπὸ τῆς τ. SIG 1140 (Amphipolis).
VI. treatise on Grammar, D.T. tit., or on Rhetoric, Anaximenes Lampsacenus tit.
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