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τοῖος , τοία (Ion. τοίη, τοῖον:—demonstr. Pron., corresponding to the relat. οἷος, interrog. ποῖος, and indef. ποιός,
A.such, such-like, common in Poets, but rare in Prose (where τοιόσδε or τοιοῦτος is used, v. infr.): prop. τοῖος requires an answering clause with οἷος, τοῖος ἐών, οἷος οὔ τις Ἀχαιῶν (sc. ἐστίν) Il.18.105, cf. Od.4.342, al.; τοῖος ἐών, οἷόν κε . . ἴδησθε ib.421, cf. 1.257, al.; οὐ γάρ πω τοίους ἴδον . . , οἷον Πειρίθοον ( = οἷος Πειρίθοος ἦν) Il.1.262; οἵηπερ φύλλων γενεή, τοίη δὲ (not τοιήδε)“ καὶ ἀνδρῶν6.146: for οἷος we have ὁποῖος, Od.17.421; or simple relat. Pron., “ἡμεῖς δ᾽ εἰμὲν τοῖοι, οἳ ἂν σέθεν ἀντιάσαιμενIl.7.231 (v. infr.), cf. 17.164, 24.153,182, Od.2.286, al.: rarely a Conj. instead of a relat. Adj., τοῖον ὅπως ἐθέλει such as . . , 16.208: but τοῖος is sts. abs., referring to something mentioned earlier, Il.4.289,390,399, 5.828, 17.170, Pi.I.6(5).14, A.Eu. 378 (lyr.), S.Aj.562, Ar.Ra.470 (paratrag.), etc.
2. with qualifying words, “τεύχεσι τοῖονIl.5.450; “τ . . . ἐν πολέμῳ18.105; “τ. ἰδεῖνThgn.216.
3. in early Prose writers only used in such phrases as “τοῖος τοῖοςPl.R.429b, 437e; “τοῖα καὶ τοῖαId.Phdr. 271d, cf. Longin.27.1; “οἱ μὲν τ. οἱ δὲ τ.Epicur.Ep.1p.14U., cf. Arr. Epict.3.16.11; “οὐ μᾶλλον τοῖον τοῖον εἶναιPlu.2.1108f, al.: in late Prose used alone, S.E.P.1.228, M.7.197, Ael.NA1.41, POxy.903.14 (iv A.D.).
II. τοῖος c. inf., such as to do, i. e. fit or able to do, “τοῖοι ἀμυνέμενOd.2.60: cf. “οἷος111.
III. with an Adj. of the same gender and case, it emphasizes the sense of the Adj., so very, just . . , ἐπιεικέα τοῖον just of moderate size, Il.23.246; πέλαγος μέγα τοῖον a sea so large, Od.3.321; κερδαλέον δὴ τ. so very knowing, 15.451; still stronger, ἀβληχρὸς μάλα τ. so exceeding gentle, 11.135, 23.282; “μείδησε . . σαρδάνιον μάλα τ.20.302: rarely with Sup., τ. μέγιστος δοῦπος v.l. in Hes.Th.703.
IV. in late Ep., = οἷος, Nic.Th.762, Al.232,293.
V. neut. τοῖον as Adv., thus, so much,τοῖον γὰρ ὑποτρομέουσιIl.22.241, cf. Od.3.496; θάμα τ. ever so often, 1.209; “ἀλλ᾽ ἴθι σιγῇ τ.7.30, cf. 4.776: in later Ep. τοίως, Theoc.24.72 codd., A.R.3.1399.
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