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Anderson, Lewis

Name and rank.Command.When and Where Wounded.Date and Place of Death.
Anderson, Lewis,54th Mass. Inf.,Fort Wagner, S. C., July 18, 1863.Gen. Hosp., S. C., Aug. 7, 1863.
Appleton, Charles, 1st Sergt.,32d Mass. Inf.,Gettysburg, Pa., July 2, 1863.July 4, 1863.
Appleton, William H., Corp.,1st Mass. Inf.,Gettysburg, Pa., July 2, 1863.Gettysburg, Pa., July 4, 1863.
Archibald, Thomas,34th Mass. Inf.,Petersburg, Va., April 2, 1865.April 26, 1865.
Armstrong, Francis, Sergt.,58th Mass. Inf.,June 10, 1864.Cold Harbor, Va., June 10, 1864.
Arnold, Benjamin,32d Mass. Inf.,– –Petersburg, Va., June 18, 1864.
Arnold, Caleb H., 2d Lieut.,15th Mass. Inf.,Gettysburg, Pa., July 2, 1863.Gettysburg, Pa., July 20, 1863.
Ash, David B.,19th Mass. Inf.,– –New York, N. Y., July 25, 1862.
Atkins, Benjamin H., Jr., Corp.,19th Mass. Inf.,– –Gettysburg, Pa., July 13, 1863.
Atkins, Hartwell,22d Mass. Inf.,June 27, 1862.Mechanicsville, Va., June 28, 1862.
Atkins, William H.,10th Mass. Inf.,– –Malvern Hill, Va., Aug. 12, 1862.
Atwood, Allen S.,18th Mass. Inf.,– –Washington, D. C., Sept. 7, 1862.
Avery, Charles R., Corp.,36th Mass. Inf.,Cold Harbor, Va., June 3, 1864.Washington, D. C., July 7, 1864.
Ayers, John T., 1st Sergt.,3d Mass. Cav.,Cedar Creek, Va.,Cedar Creek, Va., Oct. 19, 1864.
Babcock, Alonzo J., Sergt.,2d Mass. Inf.,Gettysburg, Pa.,Gettysburg, Pa., July 10, 1863.
Babcock, John W.,31st Mass. Inf.,Yellow Bayou, La., May 18, 1864.New Orleans, La., May 31, 1864.
Bacon, George,12th Mass. Inf.,Wilderness, Va., May 5, 1864.Alexandria, Va., June 6, 1864.
Bagley, Jacob C., Sergt.,40th Mass. Inf.,Near Petersburg, Va.,June 19, 1864.
Bailey, George H., Capt.,53d Mass. Inf.,Before Port Hudson, La., May 25, 1863.Before Port Hudson, La., May 27, 1863.
Bailey, Horace,22d Mass. Inf.,Laurel Hill, Va., May 10, 1864.Boston, Mass., June 27, 1864.
Bailey, Levi F., Sergt.,30th Mass. Inf.,– –Winchester, Va., Oct. 31, 1864.
Baker, Charles K.,27th Mass. Inf.,New Berne, N. C., March 14, 1862.Amherst, Mass., April 7, 1862.
Baker, George,25th Mass. Inf.,Drewry's Bluff, Va., May 11, 1864.Drewry's Bluff, Va., May 17, 1864.
Balcom, Joseph,34th Mass. Inf.,June 5, 1864,Piedmont, Va., June 14, 1864.
Baldwin, James, Corp.,10th Mass. Inf.,– –Wilderness, Va., June 13, 1864.
Baldwin, William F.,32d Mass. Inf.,– –Gettysburg, Pa., July 8, 1863.
Ball, Eli G.,25th Mass. Inf.,May 9, 1864,Cold Harbor, Va., June 3, 1864.
Ball, Henry C.,2d Mass. Inf.,Gettysburg, Pa., July 3, 1863.Gettysburg, Pa., July 17, 1863.
Bancroft, John H.,54th Mass. Inf.,Fort Wagner, S. C., July 18, 1863.Morris Island, S. C., July 30, 1863.
Banker, Henry,10th Mass. Inf.,– –Salem Heights, Va., May 3, 1863.
Barber, Alexander M.,20th Mass. Inf.,– –Nov. 29, 1861.
Barber, Edwin,55th Mass. Inf.,– –Folly Island, S. C., Dec. 15, 1863.
Barden, Marshall, Corp.,10th Mass. Inf.,– –David's Island, N. Y., June 2, 1862.

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