Joseph Jones, M. D., Ll.D.

Died, at his home in New Orleans, La., February 17, 1896, after many months of physical suffering, Professor Joseph Jones, M. D., Ll. D.

Thus has passed to the vale beyond, a man of the noblest instincts, a lover of truth, a servant of his kind.

In him was constantly dominant the desire to serve suffering humanity, to relieve its woes, and to subserve, as he might, enlightenment in its broadest compass.

His was a heritage of duty, precept, and practice.

Patriotism and virtue had incited and constrained in his forbears, for generations, in the Nation's progress.

It has been but a few years since his noble father, Rev. Charles Colcock Jones, D. D., teacher, minister, and philanthropist—blessed and blessing—in fullness of years, was called to his eternal reward.

It was the privilege of the writer to meet Dr. Joseph Jones during our late memorable internecine war. I have not been face to face with him since, but we have maintained correspondence at intervals. I was honored in his regard.

A brother, like worthy, the late Colonel Charles Colcock Jones, Jr., of Augusta, Ga., I met later, only a few years ago. Although our friendship began later, our communication was more frequent whilst he lived.

Rarely in the world's history has it been that an excellent father has been doubly blessed in two sons, such types exemplar, as citizens, patriots, scholars, and useful public ministrants. [383]

Dr. Joseph Jones was the first Secretary of the Southern Historical Society upon its institution at New Orleans, May 1, 1869. Its welfare has ever since been dear to his heart.

His was a nature of purest purpose — of absolute fidelity. He had been unflagging in his efforts since the conclusion of the war to secure a roster of the Medical Corps of the Confederate States Army, and a record of its labors.

He had committed to the Southern Historical Society the voluminous result of his devoted efforts, for preservation in its collections. In the last volume of the Southern Historical Society Papers (Xxii) a portion of his valuable work was presented. Since then, for purposes of reference, Dr. Jones recalled his Ms. It is to be hoped that his representatives will restore it to the custody of the Society.

R. A. B.




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