List of the General officers in the armies of the Confederate States.

The following interesting statistics of the Confederate Army organization are due to one of the Richmond correspondents of the Courier. In the list of Brigadier- Generals in the Provisional Army, the regular order of appointment is perhaps not always observed, but we believe the list is otherwise correct. The dates of graduation from West Point are taken from Gardner's Dictionary of the United States Army:

General in the regular Army.

  1. 1. Samuel Cooper, Virginia, Adjutant-General.
  2. 2. Albert S. Johnston, Texas, commanding in Kentucky.
  3. 3. Joseph E, Johnston, Virginia, commanding Northern Virginia.
  4. 4. Robert E. Lee, Virginia, commanding South Atlantic coast.
  5. 5. P. G. T. Beauregard, Louisiana, commanding Army of Potomac.

Major-Generals in the Provisional-Army.

  1. 1.*David E. Twiggs, Georgia, resigned.
  2. 2.Leonidas Polk, Louisiana, Commanding at Memphis.
  3. 3.Braxton Bragg, Louisiana, Commanding at Pensacola.
  4. 4.Earl Van Dorn, Mississippi, Army of Potomac.
  5. 5.Gustavus W. Smith, Kentucky, Army of Potomac.
  6. 6.Theopholis H. Holmes, North Carolina, Army of Potomac.
  7. 7.William J. Hardee, Georgia, Missouri.
  8. 8.Benjamin Huger, South Carolina, Commanding at Norfolk.
  9. 9.James Longstreet, Alabama, Army of Potomac.
  10. 10.John B. Magruder, Virginia, Commanding at Yorktown.
  11. 11.Thomas J. Jackson, Virginia, Commanding Northwestern Virginia.
  12. 12.Manafield Lovell, Virginia, Commanding Coast of Louisiana.
  13. 13.Edmund Kirby Smith, Florida Army of Potomac.
  14. 14.George B. Crittenden, Kentucky, Commanding East Tennessee.

Brigadier-Generals in the Provisional Army.

  1. 1.Milledge L. Bonham, South Carolina, Army of Potomac.
  2. 2.John B. Floyd, Virginia, Commanding Army Kanawha.
  3. 3.Henry A. Wise, Virginia, waiting orders.
  4. 4.Ben McCulloch, Texas, Missouri.
  5. 5.*Henry R Jackson, Georgia, resigned.
  6. 6.*Robert S. Garnett, Virginia, Killed in action.
  7. 7.*William H. T. Walker, Georgia, resigned.
  8. 8.*Barnard E. Bee, South Carolina, Killed in action.
  9. 9.Alexander R. Lywton, Georgia, Commanding Coast of Georgia.
  10. 10.*Gideon J. Pillow, Tennessee, Kentucky.
  11. 11.Samuel R. Anderson, Tennessee, Kentucky.
  12. 12.Daniel S. Donelson, Tennessee, Coast of South Carolina.
  13. 13.David R. Jones South Carolina, Army of Potomac.
  14. 14.Jones M. Withers Alabama, Commanding Coast of Alabama.
  15. 15.John C. Pemberton, Virginia, Coast of South Carolina.
  16. 16.Richard S. Ewell, Virginia, Army of Potomac.
  17. 17.John H Winder, Maryland, Richmond.
  18. 18.Jubsl A. Early, Virginia, Army of Potomac.
  19. 19.Thomas B. Flournoy, Arkansas, died in Arkansas.
  20. 20.Samuel Jones, Virginia, Army of Potomac.
  21. 21.Arnold Elzey, Maryland, Army of Potomac.
  22. 22.Daniel H. Hill, North Carolina, Army of Potomac.
  23. 23.Henry H. Sibley, Louisiana, Texas Frontier.
  24. 24.William H. C. Whiting, Georgia, Army of Potomac.
  25. 25.William W. Loring, North Carolina, Western Virginia.
  26. 26.Richard H. Anderson, South Carolina, Pensacola.
  27. 27.Albert Pike, Arkansas, Indian Commissioner.
  28. 28.*Thomas T. Fauntleroy, Virginia, resigned.
  29. 29.Robert Toombs, Georgia, Army of Potomac.
  30. 30.Daniel Ruggles, Virginia, Louisiana.
  31. 31.Charles Clark, Mississippi, Army of Potomac.
  32. 32.Roswell S. Ripley, South Carolina, Coast of South Carolina.
  33. 33.Isaac R. Trimble, Maryland, Army of Potomac.
  34. 34.*John B. Grayson, Kentucky, died in Florida.
  35. 35.Paul O. Hebert, Louisiana, Coast of Texas.
  36. 36.Richard C. Gatlin, North Carolina, Commanding Coast of North Carolina.
  37. 37.Felix K. Zollicoffer, Tennessee, Eastern Kentucky.
  38. 38.Benjamin F. Cheatham, Tennessee, Kentucky.
  39. 39.Joseph R. Anderson, Virginia, Coast North Carolina.
  40. 40.Simon B. Buckner, Kentucky, Kentucky.
  41. 41.Leroy Pope Walker, Alabama, Alabama.
  42. 42.Albert G. Blanchard, Louisiana, Norfolk.
  43. 43.Gabriel J. Raina, North Carolina, Yorktown.
  44. 44.J. E. B. Stuart, Virginia, Army of Potomac.
  45. 45.Lafayette McLaws, Georgia, Yorktown.
  46. 46.Thos. F. Drayton, South Carolina, Coast of South Carolina.
  47. 47.Thomas C. Hindman, Arkansas, Kentucky.
  48. 48.Adley H. Gladden, Louisiana, Pensacola.
  49. 49.John Porter McCown, Tennessee, Kentucky.
  50. 50.Lioyd Tilghman, Kentucky, Kentucky.
  51. 51.Nathan G. Evans, South Carolina, Coast of South Carolina.
  52. 52.Cadmus M. Wilcox, Tennessee, Army of Potomac.
  53. 53.*Philip St. Geo. Cocke, Virginia, died in Virginia.
  54. 54.R. E. Rodes, Alabama, Army of Potomac.
  55. 55.Richard Taylor, Louisiana, Army of Potomac.
  56. 56.Louis T. Wigfall, Texas, Army of Potomac.
  57. 57.James H. Trapier, South Carolina, Coast of Florida.
  58. 58.Samuel G. French, Mississippi, Army of Potomac.
  59. 59.William H. Carroll, Tennessee, East Tennessee.
  60. 60.Hugh W. Mercer, Georgia,--.
  61. 61.Humphrey Marshall, Kentucky, Kentucky.
  62. 62.John C. Breckinridge, Kentucky, Kentucky.
  63. 63.Richard Griffith, Mississippi, Army of Potomac.
  64. 64.Alexander P. Stewart, Kentucky, Kentucky.
  65. 65.William Montgomery Gardner, Georgia, on furlough.
  66. 66.Richard B. Garnett, Virginia, Army of Potomac.
  67. 67.William Mahons, Virginia, Norfolk.
  68. 68.L. O'Brian Branch, North Carolina, Coast of North Carolina.
  69. 69.Maxey Gregg, South Carolina, Coast of South Carolina.
Those having a *affixed are dead, or have resigned since the commencement of the war.

The West Point Generals.

The following Confederate Generals are graduates of West Point — the date of their graduation being prefixed:

Generals who were not graduates at West Point.

The following Generals were appointed to the old United States Army, without passing through the West Point Academy; David E, Twiggs, appointed in 1812; Wm. W. Loring, in 1836; Thos, T. Fauntleroy, in 1836.

The following Generals first saw, service in the Mexican war; M. L. Bonham, Henry R. Jackson, Gideon J, Pillow, Samuel R. Anderson, Chas. Clark, Thos. C. Hindman, John C. Breckinridge, Benj. F. Cheatham, Richard Griffith, Albert Pike, Adley H. Gladden, Maxcy Gregg.

The following Generals participated in the Texan wars and the wars with Mexico; Ben McCulloch, Louis, T. Wigfall.

The following Generals saw no military service previous to the present war; John B. Floyd, Henry A. Wise, Robert Toombs, Richard Taylor, Thos. B. Flournoy, L. Pope Walker, F. K. Zollicoffer, William Mahone, L. O'B Branch, William H. Carroll, R. E. Rodes. Some, however, received military educations at State institutions.

Virginia has 16 Generals in the Confederate armies, South Carolina 9, Louisiana 8, Georgia 7, Tennessee 8, North Carolina 6, Kentucky 7, Maryland 4, Alabama 4, Mississippi 4, Texas 3, Arkansas 2, Florida 1, Missouri none.

The following were born at the North, though previous to the present war they were citizen of Southern States: General Cooper, born in New York; Ripley, in Ohio, Pemberton, in Pennsylvania; Whiting, in Massachusetts; Pike, in Massachusetts; Ruggles, in Massachusetts; Blanchard, in Massachusetts; French, in New Jersey.

The following Confederate Generals are South Carolinians, viz: Huger, Bonham, Bee, (dead,) D. R. Jones, Ripley, R. H. Anderson, Drayton, Evans, Trapier, and Gregg, and the following are natives of South Carolina, though citizens of other States, viz: Longstreet, of Alabama; Lawton, of Georgia; Donelson, of Tennessee; Withers, of Alabama; Hill, of North Carolina; Gladden, of Louisiana; and Wigfall, of Texas.

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William H. T. Walker (4)
Jones M. Withers (3)
James H. Trapier (3)
Daniel Ruggles (3)
Roswell S. Ripley (3)
David R. Jones (3)
Albert S. Johnston (3)
Benjamin Huger (3)
Daniel H. Hill (3)
Adley H. Gladden (3)
William Montgomery Gardner (3)
Samuel G. French (3)
Nathan G. Evans (3)
Thomas F. Drayton (3)
Samuel Cooper (3)
Albert G. Blanchard (3)
Richard H. Anderson (3)
Felix K. Zollicoffer (2)
Henry A. Wise (2)
John H. Winder (2)
Cadmus M. Wilcox (2)
T. Wigfall (2)
William B. C. Whiting (2)
David E. Twiggs (2)
Robert Toombs (2)
Richard Taylor (2)
J. E. B. Stuart (2)
Alexander P. Stewart (2)
Edmund Kirby Smith (2)
Henry H. Sibley (2)
R. E. Rodes (2)
Leonidas Polk (2)
John C. Pemberton (2)
Hugh W. Mercer (2)
Lafayette McLaws (2)
Ben McCulloch (2)
John Porter McCown (2)
Humphrey Marshall (2)
John B. Magruder (2)
William W. Loring (2)
James Longstreet (2)
Robert E. Lee (2)
Alexander R. Lawton (2)
Samuel Jones (2)
Thomas J. Jackson (2)
Thomas C. Hindman (2)
William J. Hardee (2)
Richard Griffith (2)
Maxcy Gregg (2)
John B. Grayson (2)
Richard C. Gatlin (2)
Robert S. Garnett (2)
Richard B. Garnett (2)
John B. Floyd (2)
Thomas B. Flournoy (2)
Richard S. Ewell (2)
Arnold Elzey (2)
Dorn (2)
Daniel (2)
George B. Crittenden (2)
Philip Saint George Cocke (2)
Charles Clark (2)
Benjamin F. Cheatham (2)
William H. Carroll (2)
Simon B. Buckner (2)
John C. Breckinridge (2)
Braxton Bragg (2)
Milledge L. Bonham (2)
Bernard E. Bee (2)
Samuel R. Anderson (2)
Joseph R. Anderson (2)
Louis T. Wigfall (1)
William H. C. Whiting (1)
Isaac R. Trimble (1)
Isaac R. Tremble (1)
Lloyd Tilghman (1)
Lioyd Tilghman (1)
Thos (1)
Lewis B. Thomas (1)
George.P. St. George (1)
Kirby Smith (1)
Gustavus W. Smith (1)
E. Simon (1)
Robt (1)
Rains (1)
Gabriel J. Raina (1)
Gideon J. Pillow (1)
William Mahons (1)
William Mahone (1)
Alexander R. Lywton (1)
Mansfield Lovell (1)
Manafield Lovell (1)
Leroy (1)
Joseph E. Johnston (1)
James (1)
Henry R. Jackson (1)
Theopholis H. Holmes (1)
Theopholia H. Holmes (1)
Paul O. Habert (1)
Maxey Gregg (1)
Thomas T. Fauntleroy (1)
T. Fauntleroy (1)
Jubsl A. Early (1)
Jubel A. Early (1)
Daniel S. Donelson (1)
Indian Commissioner (1)
M. L. Bonham (1)
Barnard E. Bee (1)
P. G. T. Beauregard (1)
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