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The Rappahannock cavalry fight.

Culpeper C. H., June 12, 1863.
To the Editor of the Dispatch:
The accounts in the Richmond papers of the severe cavalry fight on the 9th inst., are erroneous in so many particulars that they demand some notice. These accounts allege that the cavalry were "surprised," Gen. Stuart outgeneraled, his headquarters fired into before the enemy's presence was suspected, etc. All these statements are wholly unfounded. Having been present during the whole engagement, I have it in my power to state correctly all that occurred. The actual events of the day were as follows:

About 5 in the morning the enemy in heavy force — more than 10,000 in number — commenced crossing the river at Beverley's, Rappahannock, Kelly's, and the intermediate fords, cavalry, infantry, and artillery, with five days rations, for an extensive raid, as was subsequently ascertained upon the communications of the enemy. Brig-Gen. Jones, whose pickets guarded Beverly's ford, moved down to their support, and the Stuart Horse Artillery, commanded by Maj. Beckham, was brought early into action, the enemy's advance being checked at St. james's Church.--Subsequently Brig Gen. W. H. F. Lee, whose command guarded the river bank above, moved down with his command on the enemy's right flank and rear, and had a spirited engagement near Cunningham's house, while Gen. Hampton's brigade moved to the right of Jones's in the extensive plain in front of Fleetwood heights. The enemy brought their artillery into action in Jones's front, but it was speedily driven from the field by a rapid fire concentrated upon it by the guns of the Horse Artillery.

The conflict continued along this line, and around the Hazel river, during the greater part of the forenoon. The enemy had posted their infantry in the woods, and this alone prevented us from completely routing their cavalry. The latter were repeatedly driven back by Hampton, Jones and Lee, and were compelled to retire at all points behind their infantry supports.

Intelligence having reached Gen. Stuart, who commanded in person in front of Beverley's ford, that the enemy were crossing with infantry and cavalry at Kelly's ford, some miles below, Brig. Gen. Robertson, whose pickets guarded that ford, was sent with his brigade in that direction. the enemy occupied his attention with a considerable force in front, and taking advantage of that circumstance made a flank movement by Carrico's mill, in the direction of Stephensburg, moving the main body, however, directly upon Brandy Station. This movement was foreseen by Gen. Stuart and provided against, by sending Butler's and Wickham's regiments to Stephensburg — the movement being thus in no sense a surprise, as some of the newspaper accounts state. A larger force could not prudently be sent to repel this flank attack. It was necessary to keep the main body of the cavalry — threatened and attacked at so many points — in a compact mass, to be hurled upon the enemy with overwhelming effect, instead of frittering it away in detachments to guard all the roads and passes, upon any one of which the enemy could concentrate and overwhelm it. The main body was kept together under the command of Gen. Stuart--the enemy's movement from the direction of Stephensburg was watched, and every precaution was taken to defeat it. In anticipation of the threatened attack all the trains were moved back from Brandy Station and Fleetwood heights, where Gen. Stuart's headquarters had been on the day before; no property of any description was left, and a dismounted battalion was directed to move out from Brandy Station to repel the enemy then approaching. The failure of the battalion to get into position promptly alone prevented a successful repulse at this point at the moment.

When the enemy's movement in that direction was fully developed, first Jones's and then Hampton's brigades were moved directly toward Brandy. The advance of the enemy's cavalry had succeeded in reaching the heights of Fleetwood before ours; but our cavalry charged gallantly up the hill, and, after a severe conflict, lasting for some time, drove them from its top and occupied this commanding position. In this hot encounter our artillery played a handsome part. Three pieces of the enemy's artillery were captured and held, and turned upon the enemy. Not one piece of our artillery was captured--though at times the cannoneers fought the cavalry which charged them, with sword and pistol, in their defence. In this conflict Jones's brigade occupied the centre, moving directly upon the hill — Hampton's brigade, with Robertson advancing to his support, moved more upon the enemy's right flank and rear. The two former suffered heavily — the latter was only slightly engaged. The enemy were repulsed, fled in every direction, and only escaped capture and annihilation by taking to the woods and sheltering himself behind his infantry and artillery, which moved quickly to his support. One regiment of Jones's brigade charged their flying columns for some distance down the road leading to Carrico's Mills.

While this was going on on the right Gen. W. H. F Lee's brigade, whose position it became necessary to change by this new combination, became hotly engaged on the extreme left with Buford's regulars. This conflict terminated gloriously for us. The enemy's line was broken, and Gen. Fitz Lee's brigade coming in upon their flank at this fortunate moment, the enemy were driven through the open space by Dr. Green's entirely back to Beverley's ford. Portions of Jones's and Hampton's brigades were moved to the support of Gen. W. H. F. Lee's brigade during this contest on the left, but did not become engaged.

At Stephensburg Cols. Butler and Wickham also had hard fighting, in which both regiments were very hard pressed; but by night the entire force of the enemy had been driven across the river.

This battle was undoubtedly the largest and most desperate cavalry fight of the war. We took in the battle 3 pieces of rifled artillery, with the horses; 5 stands of colors, about 600 small arms, over 350 prisoners, (including 12 officers,) and inflicted a loss in killed and wounded upon the enemy probably about three times as great as our own. Our loss all told — killed, wounded, and missing — was about 350--certainly under 400. The loss of officers upon both sides was heavy, and showed the animus with which the battle was fought.

On the Federal side, Col. Davis, formerly of Mississippi, and acting Brigadier-General, was killed--one of the best cavalry officers in the Federal service. Col. Percy Wyndham reported by his own men wounded, and several field officers were left dead upon the field. A large number of their killed and wounded were carried off. Among the officers whose death we have to mourn, are Col. Sol. Williams, 2nd N. C. cavalry; Lieut. Col. Frank Hampton, 2nd S. C., and Capt. Jones, 1st S. C. Col. Butler, 2nd S. C., was so severely wounded as to require the amputation of his foot; and Brig-Gen. W. H. F. Lee received a flesh wound in the leg, at the close of his glorious success. Col. Harman, 12th Va, Capt. White, acting on Gen. Stuart's staff, and many other officers were wounded. Among the killed was Captain Farley, of S. C., volunteer aid on Gen. Stuart's staff, an accomplished officer, who had been with the cavalry from the commencement of the war. His loss cannot be supplied.

The above narrative will show that the movement of the enemy upon Brandy was in no sense a surprise, as has been alleged,--that Gen. Stuart's headquarters and train had been removed beyond all danger — and that General Jones was not taken by surprise at Beverley's. To the praise of our cavalry, be it said, our pickets were never eluded; they never lost sight of the enemy, and the result of this obstinately contested battle was honorable to Southern valor and determination, and glorious to the cavalry.

Gordonsville, June 13, 1863.
I send you a list of officers and privates wounded in the late battle near Culpeper C. H. that have passed through or remain in the hospital at Gordonsville:

Col. A W Harman, 12th Va cav, sent to Staunton; Capt Geo W Chiswell, of Md. Waite's bat's remaining at Gordonsville; Lieut W H Kirby, Co. L. 11th Va cav. sent to Charlottesville; Lieut, Jas H Sherrard, Co. H, 11th Va cav, sent to Charlottesville; Lieut Jas P Chariton, Co. G, 4th Va cav sent to White Sulphur Spring; Capt Matthew D Bennett, Co. R 4th Va cav, sent to White Sulphur Springs; Lieut E C Randolph, Co. H, 12th Va cav, remaining at Gordonsville.

Beall, White's bat'n Co. D, Charlottesville Faughader, 18th Va, Co. R. do P. F. Bell, 12th Va. Co. E do; Stuart's

do; D L Prince, White's bat'n, Co. A, Gordonsville; Corp L W Green. 1st N C, Co. D, Charlet; as ride; John Jenkins, 9th Va, Co. K, Charlet; Lones Cobb's Logion, Co. L, Charlet; Sort G R 9th Va Co. Charlet; Corp H Anderson, 9th Va, Co. M, Charlet; L C Hardy, 9th Va, Co. C, Charlet; Henry McCroan, Cobb's Legion, on F. Gordonsville, W Bryans, Cobb's Legion, Co. C, Charlottesville; E Bodges, 1st N C, Co. A, Charlet; H M Jackson, 1st E, C, Co. H, Charlet; T J His don, Cobb's Legion, Co. K, Charlet; J H 6th Va, Co. I Gordonsville; R F Eggleston. 2d Va, Co. D, Charlottesville; F J Allden, 5th Va, Co. A, Charlottesville; Benben Twitty, 8th Ga, Co. C, Gordonsville; W R Goodwin, Cobble Legion, Co. L, Charlottesville, J T Frooman. White's bat'n, Co. A, Gordonsville; N Mocre 6th Va, Co. D, Gordonsville; Serg J W Bonciberger, 8th Va, Co. d, Gordonsville; T J Smith, 4th Va, Co. H, Charlottesville; P Himme wright, 11th Va, Co. H, Charlottesville; D H Lichister, 11th Va, Co. H, Charlottesville.; Lafayette Boyer, 12th Va, Co. F, Charlottesville; C J May, 2d Va, Co. C, Charlottesville; Dan'l Bennett, Cobb's Legion, Co. A, Charlottesville; John Hebb, 48th Ala, Co. I, Charlottesville; James Hesters, 2d Ga, Co. I, Charlottesville; John Haslett 2d N C, Co. C, Charlottesville; L W Grove 7th Va Co. C, Charlottesville; J W Hammeraly White's bat'n, Co C, Gordonsville; The Orpheus Osborn, 3d Ala, Co. I, Richmond; Lt Granville Eattham 12th Va, Co. I, Gordonsville; Daniel Gowl, 12th Va, Co. H, Richmond; Thos Holman, 1st N C, Co. A, Richmond; Jas Riteble. 12th Va, Co. H Richmond; John Strickland, Cobb's Logion, Co. K, Richmond; Wm Wynn, Cobb's Logion, Co. A, Richmond; Richard Norris. 9th Va, Co. D, Richmond; Wm Martin. White's batt, Co. B, Richmond; Jas Lowry. White's batt, Co. B, Richmond; Henry McFarland. White's Bart, Co. A, Richmond; Edward Wright, White's batt, Co. A, Richmond; Wm Kyle, White's batt, Co. A, Richmond; Chas Ellington, 13th Va Co. B, Richmond; Daniel Jones 2d N C, Co. F, Richmond; Robt Swith, 1st N C, Co. R, Richmond; Chas Wilson, 21 N G, Co. K, Richmond; Thos Londanslager, B eathed's art Richmond; Lucian Baggett, 2d C, Co. B, Richmond; Wm Smith, 3d Va, Co. A, Richmond; Martin, 13th Va Co. B, Richmond; Orange Rountres, 2d F C, Co. C, Richmond; Serg't John Oby 2d N C, Co. C, Richmond; Jacob Ham. 1st N C, Co. A, Gordonsville; Jas Pilkinton, 9th Va, Co. F, Richmond; liphraim Watson 12th Va, Co. D, Richmond; Edwin Faulkner, 9th Va, Co. R, Gordonsville; Philip Watts, White's batt, Co. D, Gordonsville; Francis Taylor, White's batt, Co. D, Gordonsville; J N Shop pard, 12th Va, Co. C, Gordonsville; Wm Milsard 1st N C, Co. D, Gordonsville; Wm Williams, 9th Va Co. A, Richmond; Thos Buck, 7th Va, Co. M, Richmond; Serg't Joseph Sommers, 2d N C, Co. D, Richmond; James Jarv's, 2d N C, Co. G, Richmond; Jones Henderson, 2d M C, company G, Richmond; Daniel Biggins, Cobb's Legion, Co. K Richmond; Andrew Willis, 1st S C, Co. B, Gordonsville; George Longtby, Chews's Va battery, Richmond; Miles Dorman, 2d Va, Co. C. Richmond; Wm Davis, 4th Va. Co. K, Richmond; James Ponton, 2d Va, Co. C. Richmond; Geo Denton, 2d Va, Co. C; Richmond; Henry Salmon. White's batt, Co. B Richmond; W Hubbard, White's batt, Co. B, Richmond; Chat Wilson, 7th Va, Co. G, Richmond; P Nath, 9th Va, Co. G Gordonsville; Wm Price, 6th Va, Co. R. Richmond; John Lamar, 6th Va, Co. E Richmond; Jas Keatts, 6th Va, Co. G, Richmond; Chas Carter, 2d Va, Co. D, Richmond; James Ashell 2d N C, Richmond; John Williams, 1st S C, Co. G, Gordonsville; John Crawford, 1st S C, Co. A, Richmond; Samuel Hampton, 63d N C, Co. K Richmond, Henry Wagoner, Brathed's battal, Gordonsville; lease Currell, 9th Va, Co. D, Richmond; Mitton Youns. Breathed's batt, Gordonsville; John Thompson, 6th Va, Co. I, Gordonsville; Robert Hogan, 11th Va, Co. D, Richmond; Henry Keister, 11th Va, Co. F. Richmond; sergt Robert Gament 2d N C, Co. F, Gordonsville; Rich Bell, 11th Va, Co. R, Gordonsville; Jas Plair 51st Ga, Co. C, Gordonsville; Jacob Shipe 12th Va, Co. R, Gordonsville; Jacob Baill are, Hart's batt, S C, Gordonsville; Thos Williams 11th Va, Co. B, Gordonsville; Patterson Turley. 11th Va, Co. B, Gordonsville; Warner Cowan, 12th Va, Co. B, Gordonsville; Geo Barwick, Cobb's Legion. Co. F, Gordonsville; Wm Hottel, 11th Va, Co. A Gordonsville; W Hollingsworth, 1st N C, Co. G Gordonsville; Carnthers, 12th Va, Co. K, Gordonsville; Hy W Baker, 11th Va Co. E Gordonsville; Walker F Hawes, 9th Va, Co. H Charlottesville.

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