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2 مصّرهُ ذ He made it (namely a town) a مِصْر, i. e. a limit, or boundary, between two things. (IAar.) ― -b2- مَصَّرُوا المَكَانَ, inf. n. تَمْصِيرٌ, They made the place, or appointed it to be, a مِصْر [meaning a city, or town, such as is thus called]. (M, * K.) It is said of 'Omar, مَصَّرَ الأَمْصَارَ, (TA,) which is a phrase like مَدَّنَ المُدُنَ, (S,) [and signifying He appointed the cities, or towns called أَمْصَار: or] مصّر الامصار signifies he built the [cities, or towns, called] امصار: (A:) among which امصار were El-Basrah and El-Koofeh. (A, TA.) 5 تمصّر ذ It (a place) became a مِصْر [meaning a city, or town, such as is thus called]. (M, K.) مِصْرٌ ذ A partition, barrier, or thing intervening, between two things: (S, M, K:) as also ↓ مَاصِرٌ : (K:) and (S) or limit, or boundary, between two lands: (M, K:) pl. مُصُورٌ. (S, M.) The people of Egypt, (S,) or of Hejer, (M,) or of both, (TA,) write in their contracts, (S, M, *) إِِشْتَرَى فُلَانٌ الدَّارَ بِمُصُورِهَا Such a one bought the house with its limits, or boundaries. (S, M, * K. *) ― -b2- Hence, A great town; syn. بَلَدٌ عَظِيمٌ; (Bd, ii. 58;). a كُورَة [here meaning city, or provincial city]: (M, K:) or a كُورَة (Lth, IF, Msb) in which the [ordinances of God which are termed] حُدُود are executed, and (Lth, TA) in which the [spoil or tribute termed] فَىْء and the [alms termed] صَدَقَات are divided (Lth, IF, Msb) without consulting the Khaleefeh; such is its signification in the language of the Arabs: (Lth, TA:) or that [town] whereof the greatest of its mosques will not hold, or contain, its inhabitants: (KT:) it is masc. and perfectly decl., and fem. and imperfectly decl.: (Msb:) [but this remark seems properly to relate to the word when used as the name of the metropolis of Egypt, and of Egypt itself, agreeably with what is said in the S, M, and K:] pl. أَمْصَارٌ. (S, M, Msb.) The dual, المِصْرَانِ, is applied to El-Koofeh and El-Basrah. (S, M, A, K.) مَصِيرٌ ذ A gut, an intestine, or a bowel, into which the food passes from the stomach; syn. مِعًى: (S, M, Msb, K:) or specially, as some say, of a bird, and of an animal which has a soft foot, or خُفّ, [as the camel,] and of such as have a cloven hoof: (M, TA:) pl. [of pauc.] أَمْصِرَةٌ (M, K) and [of mult.] مُصْرَانٌ, and pl. pl. مَصَارِينُ: (S, M, A, Msb, K:) the last accord. to Sb; (M;) but some say that it is not established; (A;) and Lth says, that it is a mistake; but Az says, that it is pl. of مُصْرَانٌ, and that the Arabs have given it this form of pl. imagining the م to be a radical letter; (TA;) and some say, that مَصِيرٌ is of the measure مَفْعِلٌ, [originally مَصْيِرٌ,] derived from صَار إِِلَيْهِ الطَّعَامُ [“ the food passed to it ”], and they say مُصْرَانٌ in like manner as they say مُسْلَانٌ as pl. of مَسِيلُ المَآءِ, likening مَفْعِلٌ to فَعِيلٌ: (S, TA:) مِصْرَانٌ also is a dial. form of مُصْرَانٌ. (Fr, Sgh, TA.) [See also مَصَارّ, in art. صر.] ― -b2- مُصْرَانُ الفَارَةِ, (S, Msb,) or مُصْرَانُ الفَأْرِ, (Mgh, K,) (tropical:) A bad kind of dates. (S, Mgh, Msb, K.) مَاصِرٌ ذ : see مِصْرٌ; and see مَأْصِرٌ, in art. اصر.

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