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2 تَقَّنُوا أَرْضَهُمْ ذ , (JK, K,) inf. n. تَتْقِينَ, (K,) They watered their land with thick, or muddy, water, [or water containing تِقْن,] (JK, * K,) in order that it might become good. (K.) 4 اتقنهُ أتقن أتقنه أتقننه اتقنه اتقنة , (K,) inf. n. إِِتْقَانٌ, (JK, S,) i. q. أَحْكَمَهُ [He made it, or rendered it, (namely, a thing, JK, or an affair, S and K,) firm, stable, strong, solid, compact, sound, or free from defect or imperfection, by the exercise of skill; he made it firmly, strongly, solidly, compactly, so that it was firmly and closely joined or knit together, soundly, thoroughly, skilfully, judiciously, or well; he so constructed, constituted, established, settled, arranged, did, performed, or executed, it; he put it into a firm, solid, sound, or good, state, or on a firm, solid, sound, or good, footing]. (JK, S, K.) [And اتقن لَهُ signifies the same as اتقنهُ: or he exercised, or possessed, the skill requisite for it; namely, an affair.] الَّذِي أَتْقَنَ كُلَّ شَّىْءٍ, in the Kur xxvii. 90, means Who hath created everything firmly, strongly, solidly, &c., (أَحْكَمَ خَلْقَهُ,) and made it, fashioned it, or disposed it, in the fit, proper, or right, manner. (Bd.) [You say also, اتقن عِلْمَهُ, meaning He made his knowledge sound; or made himself thoroughly learned.] And اتقن عَنْهُ He knew it, or learned it, (namely, a tradition [&c.],) soundly, thoroughly, or well, from him. (TA in art. ذبر.) تِقْنٌ قنا قنى تاق تقن The رُسَابَة of water, (JK, Mgh, K,) in a rivulet or in the channel of a torrent, (K,) in the [season called] رَبِيع; (Lth, JK, Mgh;) i. e., (Mgh,) [its sediment, or] the thick matter that is borne by it [and that sinks to the bottom; used for improving land]: (Lth, JK, Mgh:) and (K) the تُرْنُوق of a well (Mgh, K) and of the channel of a torrent; i. e., the slime, mixed with black, or black and fetid, mud; accord. to the Jámi' of El-Ghooree. (Mgh.) ― -b2- A thing by means of which one subsists, and makes good, or improves, the performance, or execution, or management, of an affair; as iron, and other things, of the جَوَاهِر [i. e. precious stones, or native ores,] of the earth: and anything by means of which a thing is made good, or improved, is called its تِقْن. (TA.) ― -b3- A skilful man: (JK, S, K:) pl. أَتْقَانٌ. (TA.) ― -b4- [Hence, probably,] تِقْنٌ [or اِبْنُ تِقْنٍ] is also the name [or surname] of a certain man proverbial for his excellence in shooting. (S, K. [In the latter it is implied that this name or surname is التِّقْنُ.]) The rájiz says, “ يَرَمِى بِهَا أَرْمَى مِنِ ا@بْنِ تِقْنِ
” [One more skilled in shooting than Ibn-Tikn shoots it]. (S.) ― -b5- Nature, or natural disposition. (JK, S, K.) You say, الفَصَاحَةُ مِنْ تِقْنِهِ Chasteness of speech, or eloquence, is [a quality] of his nature. (S.)

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