Many people have worked on the Perseus Digital Library over the past two decades, both as full- and part-time members of the Perseus staff and as collaborators in North America, Europe and elsewhere in the world.

The current full-time staff working on the project at Tufts University are:

Gregory Crane, Editor in Chief.

Marie-Claire Beaulieu, Associate Editor.

Bridget Almas, Senior Software Developer.

Alison Babeu, Digital Librarian.

Frederik Baumgardt, Data Architect, Perseids.

Tim Buckingham, Senior Research Coordinator, Perseids.

Lisa Cerrato, Managing Editor.

Anna Krohn, Digital Library Analyst.

Gone but not forgotten: Former staff and students.



In addition, a number of researchers beyond the full time Perseus staff are part of funded projects. They include:

Monica Berti, University of Leipzig and Tufts University (Fragmentary Authors)

Marco Büchler, University of Leipzig (Textual transmissions and text mining, eTRACES)

Christopher Blackwell, Furman University (Cybereditions)

Federico Boschetti, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (Multilingual editions, Cross language translation)

Francesco Mambrini, Center for Hellenic Studies (Greek Treebanking)

David Mimno, University of Massachusetts, Amherst (Cybereditions)

Malik Mufti, Tufts University (Arabic Reading Environment)

Bruce Robertson, Mount Allison University (Digging into Data, Multilingual Editions)

Maxim Romanov, University of Leipzig (Postdoctoral Scholar)

Jeff Rydberg-Cox, University of Missouri at Kansas City (Greek Treebank)

Neel Smith, College of the Holy Cross (Cybereditions)