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Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 4., The Confederate Army. (search)
th S. C., Col. B. T. Brockman; 14th S. C., Col. Joseph N. Brown; 1st S. C. (Orr's) Rifles, Lieut.-Col. G. McD. Miller. Thomas's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Edward L. Thomas: 14th Ga.,----; 35th Ga.,----; 45th Ga.,----; 49th Ga., Lieut.-Col. J. T. Jordan. artillery, Col. R. Lindsay Walker. Poague's Battalion, Lieut.-Col. William T, Poague Richards's (Miss.) Battery; Utterback's (Va.) Battery; Williams's (N. C.) Battery; Wyatt's (Va.) Battery. McIntosh's Battalion, Lieut.-Col. D. G. McIntosh: Clutter's (Va.) Battery; Donald's (Va.) Battery; Hurt's (Ala.) Battery; Price's (Va.) Battery. Pegram's Battalion, Lieut.-Col. W. J. Pegram: Brander's (Va.) Battery; Cayce's (Va.) Battery; Ellett's (Va.) Battery; Marye's (Va.) Battery; Zimmerman's (S. C.), Battery. Cutts's Battalion, Col. A. S. Cutts: Patterson's (Ga.) Battery; Ross's (Ga.) Battery; Wingfield's (Ga.) Battery. Richardson's Battalion, Lieut.-Col. Charles Richardson: Grandy's (Va.) Battery; Landry's (La.) Battery; Moore's (Va.) Bat
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 4., The opposing forces at Petersburg and Richmond: December 31st, 1864. (search)
. Batt'n, Maj. C. J. Moffett; 10th Ga. Batt'n, Capt. J. D. Frederick. Finegan's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Joseph Finegan: 2d Fla., Maj. W. R. Moore; 5th Fla., Col. T. B. Lamar; 8th Fla., Col. David Lang; 9th Fla., Col. J. M. Martin; 10th Fla., Col. C. F. Hopkins; 11th Fla., Col. T. W. Brevard. artillery, Col. R. L. Walker: Ala. Battery, Capt. W. B. Hunt; Md. Battery, Capt. W. F. Dement; Md. Battery, Capt. W. S. Chew; Va. Battery, Capt. W. K. Donald; Va. Battery, Capt. B. Z. Price; Va. Battery (Clutter's), Lieut. Lucas McIntosh. Pegram's Battalion, Col. W. J. Pegram: Miss. Battery, Capt. T. J. Richards; S. C. Battery, Capt. Thomas E. Gregg; Va. Battery (Braxton's), Lieut. J. G. Pollock; Va. Battery, Capt. T. A. Brander; Va. Battery, Capt. George M. Cayce; Va. Battery, Capt. T. Ellett. Poague's Battalion, Col. W. T. Poague: N. C. Battery, Capt. A. B. Williams; Va. Battery, Capt. C. F. Johnston; Va. Battery, Capt. A. W. Utterback. Eshleman's Battalion, Lieut.-Col. B. F. Eshleman: La. Batter
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 4., The opposing forces in the Appomattox campaign. (search)
ery (Reese's),----; Va. Battery (Carter's), Lieut. L. D. Robinson; Va. Battery (Montgomery's),----; Va. Battery (Fry's), Lieut. W. A. Deas; Va. Battery, Capt. Asher W. Garber; Va. Battery, Capt. Lorraine F. Jones. Hardaway's Battalion, Lieut.-Col. Robert A. Hardaway: Va. Battery (Dance's), Lieut. John R. Bagby; Va. Battery, Capt. Archibald Graham; Va. Battery, Capt. Charles B. Griffin; Va. Battery, Capt. Benjamin H. Smith, Jr. Johnson's Battalion, Lieut.-Col. Marmaduke Johnson: Va. Battery (Clutter's), Lieut. Lucas McIntosh; Va. Battery, Capt. John G. Pollock. Lightfoot's Battalion: Va. Battery (Caroline Art'y),----; Va. Battery (Nelson Art'y),----; Va. Battery (Surry Art'y),----. Stark's Battalion, Lieut.-Col. Alexander W. Stark: La. Battery (Green's),----; Va. Battery, Capt. David A. French; Va. Battery, Capt. A. D. Armistead. Third Army Corps, Attached to First Corps April 2d, after death of General Hill. Lieut.-Gen. Ambrose P. Hill (k). Provost Guard: 5th Ala. Batt'n, Capt.
h sections from the batteries of Crenshaw, Latham, and Johnson, commanded respectively by Lieutenants Ellett, Potts, and Clutter. On the left of the line, and near the Bernard cabins, were posted twenty-one guns of the batteries of Captains Davidso,) and sections of the batteries of Captains Latham, Johnson, and Crenshaw, commanded respectively by Lieutenants Potts, Clutter, and James Ellett. This position was a commanding one, and afforded admirable advantage against a direct assault from i with a section of the batteries of Captains Latham, Johnson, and Crenshaw, commanded respectively by Lieutenants Potts, Clutter, and James Ellett, numbering altogether fourteen guns, had position on the heights near the railroad, supported by the bnightfall. Here we lost Lieutenants James Ellett and Z. C. McGruder, whose memory we should not willingly let die. Lieutenant Clutter was wounded also, and many brave men of the rank and file, gallantly doing their duty, were wounded and killed. On
Edward Porter Alexander, Military memoirs of a Confederate: a critical narrative, Chapter 23: the fall of 1864 (search)
er. To our left the enemy was still extending his lines, and some of my battery commanders were anxious to expend on them some of the ammunition they had hauled so far, for the firing had not yet ceased. But I knew that Lee would not approve an unnecessary shot, and not one was fired from our line. The last cannon shot was fired from Gordon's lines under orders to cease firing, conveyed by Maj. W. W. Parker of Huger's battalion. It was fired by a section under command of Lt. Wright of Clutter's battery. The battery was one of McIntosh's battalion of the 3d corps and was commanded by Lt. McIntosh, a brother of Col. McIntosh. When the truce in our rear was for the time arranged, Lee returned to our front and stopped in an apple orchard a hundred yards or so in advance of our line where I had some fence rails piled under a tree to make him a seat. Within two days this tree was cut down for mementoes and relics and the roots dug up. This was begun by the Confederate soldiers
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 35. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.64 (search)
D. M., fourth coropral. Privates. Acker, John, Alexander, M. S., Allen, George M., Allen Herman, Ala.; Anderson, Nathan H., Athey, William, Allen, J., Albright, James, Armentrout, Sol., Bobo, Jackson, Bean, Fred, Bierkamy, William, Brathwaite, Newton, Blakemore, William, Bowman, Jack, Barnula, Joseph, Bare, William, Baldwin, H., Blakemore, George, Branson, William, Bennett, Henry, Browning, E. R., Md.; Boggs, Gus, Md.; Crawford, James, Contey, Jack, Carson, John W., Cleaver, William, Clutter, J. W., Cain, Thomas, Cowger, David A., Coleman, Jack, Cokeley, John, Cokeley, George, Cooper, J., Clarey, L., Md.; Clarey, Thad., Md.; Clarey, Rich., Md.; Chisholm, Wallace, Md.; Cresap, Van, Md.; Cosner, Wayne, Carle, George, Coffman, Joseph, Childs, Ben, Cunningham, John, Daugherty, Sam, Davis, R. C., Duffy, J. W., Duval, H: R., Md.; Davis, Frank, Dyer, Robin, Dyce, Sam, Devectman, P., Md.; Enright, E. C., Fay, J. B. Md.; Fisher, J. G., Frederick, Lewis, Gray, S., Grady, George, Harness,
owers Macrus Brien Mathew Batkins Ro E Betz Russell Burnard S Bellows S H Barreck T B Black Thos Black T J Burwell W H Bruce W B Bailey Chas M Blake Eddie B Batz Edward Brovings W H Baldwin D B Bolton Hy W Bradley Jno T Balters Jno Bethel E Blackburn J Bragg Jas E Burger H A Bourke Wm Casey Jno Cumings J F Cross J C Curry J 2 Campbell J H Clark J Cosby J J Colgin Wm 2 Clarke E H Curry W J Collins W B Corturn W Curry N Clutter V J Cumings T Crow T W Crouch G W Coghill R H Clarke R Conoloy P Crumn R M Cox E Compton E Cosby P G Cappronea P Clarke C A Clarke C H Curtis C J Cox N Cook L Cartier L Chapin A Chorway Dr Corvetns mr Connelly M Cherozer C Ceuhorelli V Dixon Wm Davis Wilson Dellas Dr W Daudridge W A Dyers Ceo W Davis Thos Dubre Saml Dickenson L H Damotti Davis Burnan Davis B T Davis C A Dice Paul Dodd R S Davidson W M Downer S W
C. Rossiter, slight, hand; H. O Janin; do, do. Drivers — Wounded: Kennedy, Rush, Chadsworth, Kenney. Third Company, Capt W Miller — Wounded: Privates H. Tully, slight, in arm; A Grimmer, face and shoulder; H. Phelps, arm. Fourth Company, Capt B F Eshleman — Wounded: Sgt Jno Wood, severely; Privates — Jones, in face;--McDonald, do. The Second Company was not actively engaged. The following is the loss in Johnson's battery, of Richmond, on Saturday, the 13th December: Lt V J Clutter, slightly wounded in face; Private Edward Hayse, of Richmond, mortally wounded in head. Seriously wounded: Privates Birch, in arm; E. B. Watts, do; Edward Earl, do, Isom, in head.--Slightly wounded: Privates Hammond, in hand; Chas Burley, in leg; Stiagle, in breast; Messey, in arm; McCann, in back; Garrett, in back and neck; Owen, in thigh; Mcfield, in side. Sunday and yesterday. On Sunday morning it was confidently expected the battle would be renewed, and the heavy cannonading
The Daily Dispatch: December 19, 1865., [Electronic resource], Court of conciliation — Sine die Adjournment. (search)
Court of conciliation — Sine die Adjournment. --The following business was disposed of by this Court yesterday: The suits of Cross vs. Grubbs & Williams, Baldwin vs. Adams Express Company, James & Briggs vs. C. Hennington, and Cohen vs. Myers, were dismissed. In the case of Daniel Hunt vs. G. B. Sloat, judgment was rendered for the plaintiff for $130.62 and interest and costs. Clutter vs. Ferguson & Thompson. Case removed from the docket, to be hereafter discharged by Judge Green. The Court being ready finally to adjourn sine die, took occasion to spread upon its records its acknowledgments to Major-General Alfred H. Terry for the courtesy shown by him in his intercourse with them, and their thanks to the clerk, deputy clerk and sergeant for their uniform kindness and attention; and to express to the practitioners at their bar their gratification in the retrospect of their professional and social relations which have existed between them.