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A Roster of General Officers , Heads of Departments, Senators, Representatives , Military Organizations, &c., &c., in Confederate Service during the War between the States. (ed. Charles C. Jones, Jr. Late Lieut. Colonel of Artillery, C. S. A.), Brigadier-Generals of the Confederate States Army, alphabetically arranged. (search)
une 17, 1861.June 17, 1861.Aug. 29, 1861. Promoted Major-General January 24, 1862; brigade composed of the 5th, 6th and 13th Alabama and the 12th Mississippi regiments, constituting 2d brigade, 1st corps, Army of the Potomao; afterwards in command of brigade composed of the 1st, 7th, 11th and 17th Virginia regiments. 125Fagan, J. F.ArkansasGen. T. H. HolmesOct. 3, 1862.Sept. 12, 1862.Oct. 3, 1862. Promoted Major-General April 25, 1864; commanding division in General Price's army. 126Fauntleroy, T. T.Virginia May 18, 1861.May 18, 1861.  Rank of Brigadier-General conferred by the State of Virginia; resigned October 8th, 1861. 127Featherston, Wm. S.MississippiGen. J. E. JohnstonMarch 6, 1862.March 4, 1862.March 6, 1862. Brigade composed of the 12th, 16th, 19th and 48th Mississippi regiments and Smith's Light Battery. 128Ferguson, Samuel W.MississippiGen. J. E. JohnstonJuly 28, 1863.July 23, 1863.Feb. 17, 1864. Brigade consisted of the 2d Tennessee regiment of cavalry, the 56th and 2
. John M. Speed, W. L. Morris, Jno. S. Langhorne, David W. Burton. Thos. J. Kirkpatrick, Wm. H. Hall. H. F. Bocock. Blacksburg. Jas. R. Kent, Jas. N. Otey, W. R. Perfator, Geo. R. Evans. Henry Ribble, D. H. Hoge, Frs. Anderson. Alexandria. Wm. Gregory, C. F. Suttle, F. L. Smith, C. C. Smoot. Turner Dixon, J. M. Johnson, J. H. Brent. Winchester. Ro. L. Baker, Patrick Smith, Henry S, Baker. Jas. B. Taylor. H. H. McGuire, T. T. Fauntleroy, Jr., Robert Steele. Charlottesville. T. J. Randolph, George Carr, Socrates Maupin, Jas. Lobban. B. W. Snead, R. G. Crank, Wm. S. Dabney. Lewisburg. Samuel Price, Joel McPherson, Johnson E. Bell, Floyd Estell. R. B. Moorman, R. B. James, Austin Handley. Wytheville. Stephen McGavock, Ro. Crockett, Isaac J. Leftwich, Wm. Terry. A. T. Crockett, Gordon C. Kent. Wm. Gibboney. Bank of Virginia.Richmond. James Caskie, Archibald T
the times, that ramification will be the order of the day. On that subject, more anon. Our people are full of patriotism and chivalry, and it would not be amiss for me here to state that gentlemen of this place, who hung to the Union with so much love and tenacity, with a lingering hope of its preservation upon terms of equality, that they stood firm upon the last plank of the wreck, but grasping Sic Semper Tyrannis, are now heart, soul and body, using their influence and means in perfecting an organization touching the Southern cause. Philip Williams, D. W. Burton, T. T. Fauntleroy, Esq., and the indefatigable editor of the Winchester Republican, and last, not least, the gallant Palmer of the Virginian, who advocated the secession of Virginia at an early period — such are the men, with a host of others, who are determined to do or die, sharing a common destiny with the yeomanry of old Frederick, Virginia, and the galaxy that forms the glorious Confederate States. Frederick.