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iled. They are now compelled to attack directly in front, or not at all. They have been completely outgeneralled, and our army is in better position in every respect than it would have been without the skirmish. Our only misfortune was the failure to bag the entire opposing force, and this is due more to natural obstacles than the want of strategic ability on the part of our leaders. Our loss was slight, only some ten or twelve killed, and forty or fifty wounded. Among the latter are Major Ingram, (mortally,) and Capt. Leftwitch, both of the staff of Gen. Van Dorn. rebel killed and wounded. A correspondent furnishes us with the official list of the casualties in the confederate troops engaged in the skirmish at Farmington: Twenty-fifth Louisiana.--Killed 2; wounded, 3 officers and 25 privates; 1 missing. Eleventh Louisiana.--Killed, 1; wounded, 13 privates. Sixteenth Louisiana.--Killed, 2; wounded, 1 officer and 12 privates. Eighteenth Louisiana.--Killed, 1; wou
s D. R. McRae, Iverson, and Christie ; Lieutenant-Colonels Johnston and Ruffin. The latter was wounded three times at South Mountain, and exhibited the highest qualities of the officer and soldier. Captains Garret, Robinson, Brookfield, Adjutant J. M. Taylor, and Lieutenant Peirce, of the Fifth; Captain Atwell, (killed,) and Lieutenant Caldwell, of the Twentieth, conducted themselves with soldier-like gallantry. Lieutenants King, Ray, Malone, Duguid, Felton, and Sutten, Sergeants Riddick, Ingram, Pearce, Johnson, and Dennis, privates Hays, Ellis, Campbell, Hillard, and Rinsart, of the same regiment, are highly commended by their regimental commanders. Sergeant A. W. Fullenwider, John W. Glenn, C. W. Bennet, and privates E. F. Howell, and W. C. Watkins, of the Twenty-third North Carolina, exhibited extraordinary coolness and daring. Sergeant Fullen wider has been six times wounded during the war, but still lives to perform more heroic deeds. Private David Jones, Twentieth North Ca
ter, Johnson, Lane, Minnis, McClellan, McNeilly, Payne, Peters, Stanton, Thompson, Wood, and Speaker Stovall. Nays.--Messrs. Boyd, Bradford, Hildreth, Nash, Richardson, and Stokes. Absent and not voting--Messrs. Bumpass, Mickley, Newman, Stokely, and Trimble. The following is the vote in the House: Yeas.--Messrs. Baker of Perry, Baker of Weakley, Bayless, Bicknell, Bledsoe, Cheatham, Cowden, Davidson, Davis, Dudley, Ewing, Farley, Farrelly, Ford, Frazie, Gantt, Guy, Havron, Hart, Ingram, Jones, Kenner, Kennedy, Lea, Lockhart, Martin, Mayfield, McCabe, Morphies, Nail, Hickett, Porter, Richardson, Roberts, Shield, Smith, Sewel, Trevitt, Vaughn, Whitmore, Woods, and Speaker Whitthorne. Nays.--Messrs. Armstrong, Brazelton, Butler, Caldwell, Gorman, Greene, Morris, Norman, Russell, Senter, Strewsbury, White of Davidson, Williams of Knox, Wisener, and Woodard. Absent and not voting--Messrs. Barksdale, Beaty, Bennett, Britton, Critz, Doak, East, Gillespie, Harris, Hebb, John
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 18. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), General Junius Daniel. an Address delivered before the Ladies' Memorial Association, in Raleigh, N. C, May 10th, 1888. (search)
is time the great pressure of the enemy on our immediate brigade front was broken. John W. McGregor of Anson county, of immediate highland Scotch extraction, Sergeant Ingram, Company K, of Wake county, Private Dixion of Cleveland county, Private Cox of Anson county, and Private Workman at once volunteered. They carried three boxeher boxes bore them into the works. Of the five men of the Fourteenth North Carolina regiment who volunteered for this forlorn hope, Dixon was killed, and Cox, Ingram and McGregor were wounded. I have ventured to relate this incident because two of the men belonged to Wake county, and because it was the work of men of the Fn of the Fourteenth North Carolina troops, prepared for service under the admirable soldier, General Junius Daniel, and because I wish the vast audience to know of this great and courageous act of our county men. I have made inquiry for Sergeant Ingram to-day in your county, and learn that his name has perished from your midst.
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 22. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.17 (search)
of gallantry in those so fortunate as to secure commands. Tatnall, though near seventy years of age, at Port Royal, Savannah, and Hampton Roads, showed that the fiery courage, which had carried him, in 1859, to the assistance of the English and French at Peiho, in China, with the exclamation, Blood is thicker than water, still animated his breast. The services of Buchanan in the Merrimac in Hampton Roads, March 8 and 9, 1862, and August 5, 1864, in Mobile Bay, need no recital here. Ingram, who had won national fame in 1853, in protecting American citizenship in Smyrna, in the Kostza case, at Charleston, 1863, and elsewhere, showed no decline of zeal in the maintenance of his cause. Cooke, at Roanoke Island and Elizabeth City, in February, 1862, though breasting a forlorn hope, showed the same spirit that won him deserved promotion, in the successful career of the Albemarle, in the engagements of April 19, and May 5, 1864, in Albemarle Sound. Zzzaction of the Arkansas.
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 30. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Appendix. (search)
tone, Privates. Abbott, J. P. Alexander, E. A. Barnes, A. J. Bays, John R. Akers, E. A. Allen, T. W. Barnes, E. F. Berkley, Joseph. Bibb, John R. Bowman, N. B. Boyd, James. Brooke, St. George T. Browning, John. Carnefix, E. M. Clay, D. C. Cox, John C. Cox, Samuel, Crumpton, Robert. Dobyns, Joe. Early, S. H. Edwards, J. T. Eubank, W. E. J. Fariss, J. Flood, Thomas W. Godsey, F. M. Green, John L. Holley, W. E. Ingram, J. R. Jones, J. W. Kefauver, William. Kinnear, George A. Kinnear, William. Lawson, Joe. Leake, F. M. Lewis, John C. Love, A. D. Love, T. H. Luck, Henry, Mays, C. Richard. McCorkle, S. M. Mitchell, J. E. Morgan, J. H. Offterdinger, Herman. Percival, George. Perriman, William P. Phelps, J. C. W. Read, John A. Rucker, James G. Seabury, E. C. Bolling, W. R. Boyd, Andrew. Bradley, William. Browning, C. P. Callahan, J.
erica eighteen years before, and had planted himself as a farmer in the county of Westmoreland, crossed the river to assist the people of Maryland A. Cotton's Account of our Late Troubles in Virginia, p. 3. in besieging the common enemy. The warfare was Chap. XIV.} 1675. conducted with vengeful passions. When six of the hostile chieftains presented themselves as messengers to treat of a reconciliation, in the blind fury of the moment they were murdered. Burwell Account of Bacon and Ingram's Rebellion, first printed in Mass. Hist. Coll. XI. 27, &c. Reprinted by P. Force in 1835. So, too, Cotton, p. 3. The outrage was rebuked by Berkeley with abrupt energy. The old Cavalier declared, If they had killed my father and my mother, and all my friends, yet if they had come to treat of peace, they ought to have gone in peace. T. M.'s Account, p. 12. The monopoly of the beaver trade in Virginia Hening, ii. 20, 124, 140. is also said to have prevailed on the avarice of the gove
ntire opposing force, and this is due more to natural obstactes than the want of strategic ability on the part of our leaders. Among other things indicative of the perfect organization of the Federal army was a telegraph line which they had erected between Pittsburg and Farmington. This we destroyed in toto, with the exception of the instruments, which are now in our possession. Our loss was alight, only some ten or twelve killed and forty or fifty wounded. Among the latter are Major Ingram (mortally) and Captain Leftwitch, both of the staff of General Van- Dorn. That of the enemy is doubtless much greater, but both their wounded and dead were, as far as possible, carried away with them. Being concealed in the woods, we had no means of accertaining the effect of our balls beyond the reports of the dozen or twenty prisoners, who describe the havoc as being very considerable. The Federal force engaged was composed of Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan and Indiana troops.
teenth Tennessee regiment. Killed.--J D Martin, Assistant Surgeon. Company A--Wounded: A Newell, T J Anderson. Missing: Corporal C S Donoho. Company B.--Killed: Privates R J Keesee and W J Martin. Wounded: J A Gholson, W F Broom, J Hamlett, J B Wall, S Trotter, E A Winns, E P Young, J B Mickle. Company C.--Killed: Sergeant C D Blackburn; Privates W C Draughon, J C Gambill, J M Jones. Wounded: Sergeant W E Benson; Privates M Bonac, R Burns, A S Samuel, A J Mondy, and F N Ingram. Company D.--Wounded: Privates W H Andrews, D F. McKinney, J J Page, and J F Locke. Company E.--Wounded: Captain N M Morris; Privates J L Wyatt, J B Stone, W H Weaver, J M Robertson, and J S P Wimberly. Company F.--Killed: Private R Brooks.--Wounded: Sergeant J T Myers; Privates Thos Brake, A N Ross, S E Spurgeon, J W Watson, J H Shanwall. Missing: Privates B L Stavely, J A Holmes, and M E Spurgeon. Company G.--Killed: J D Booth. Privates H Collier and T D Dickson, mort
on, E, Serg't Maj, co K, 2d Fla, shell wound. Holman, O C, co B, 23d N C, shoulder. Hardy, R J, co C. 38th Va, hand. Hurt, N W, co K 7th Va, elbow. Hamilton, N F, co K, 11th Miss, left hand amputated. Hoover, F M, co K, 11th Miss, hand. Howison,--, co A, 41st Va, thigh. Hollingsworth, C M, co F, 7th Tenn, foot. Hall, R F, co F, 12th Ala, foot. Howell, E, co C, 5th N C, thigh. Hester, N W, Corp'l. co H, 6th N C, thigh. Hubbard, A J, co A, 6th Ala, shoulder. Ingram, F N, co C, 14th Tenn, arm. Irvin, J S, co B, 22d N C, thigh. Ighms, H H, Lieut, co G, 4th N C, head. Jackson, H M J, Corp'l, co F, 1st S C S S, wrist and shoulder. Jones, R L, co A, 49th Va, arm, slight. Jones, W G, co F, Hampton's Legion, arm. Kidd, G, co C, 11th Miss, side and arm. Kings, G W, Corp'l, Jenkins's S C S S, thigh. Kines, G. W, co D, 4th Va, arm and head. Keefe, Jno, Lieut, co A, 6th N C, leg. Kerr, J S, co E, 13th Ala, hand. Kelly, J M, Lieut, co
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