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s best they could, for the South, many of them having no idea why they were thus recklessly abandoning comfortable homes or where they were going. About night it was announced that the military authorities would throw open the public stores to all who would take them. The excitement continued through Sunday night, constantly gaining strength, aided by the destruction of two gunboats at the wharf, which were in process of construction, two fine New-Orleans packets, the James Woods and James Johnson, having been taken for that purpose. The retreating army of Gen. Johnston continued its march, encamping by regiments at convenient points outside of the city. Monday morning the drama opened in the city intensely exciting. The public stores were distributed to some extent among the people, while the army and hospitals were making heavy requisitions, and pressing all vehicles and men that they could, to convey their supplies to their camps. At the same time considerable quantities
Harper's Encyclopedia of United States History (ed. Benson Lossing), Georgia, (search)
Tattnall1801-2 John Milledge1802-6 Jared Irwin1806-9 David B. Mitchell1809-13 Peter Early1813-15 David B. Mitchell1815-17 William Rabun1817-19 Matthew Talbot, acting1819 John Clark1819-23 George M. Troup1823-27 John Forsyth1827-29 George R. Gilmer1829-31 Wilson Lumpkin1831-35 William Schley1835-37 George R. Gilmer1837-39 Charles J. McDonald1839-43 George W. Crawford1843-47 George W. B. Towns1847-51 Howell Cobb1851-53 Herschel V. Johnson1853-57 Joseph E. Brown1857-65 James Johnson1865 Charles J. Jenkins1865-67 Gen. T. H. Ruger1867-68 Rufus B. Bullock1868-72 James Milton Smith1872-77 Alfred H. Colquitt1877-82 Alexander H. Stephens1882-83 Henry D. McDaniel1883-86 John B. Gordon1886-90 William J. Northen1890-94 William Y. Atkinson1895-98 Allen D. Candler1898– United States Senators. NameNo. of CongressDate. William Few1st and 2d1789 to 1793 James Gunn1st to 7th1789 to 1801 James Jackson3d1794 to 1795 George Watson4th1795 Josiah Tattnall4th to 5th
Harper's Encyclopedia of United States History (ed. Benson Lossing), United States of America. (search)
rovisional governor of Texas by President......June 17, 1865 James Johnson appointed provisional governor of Georgia......June 17, 1865 ttee on reconstruction Messrs. Fessenden, Grimes, Harris, Howard, Johnson, and Williams......Dec. 21, 1865 Governor Holden, of North Carolina, relieved by President Johnson, and Governor-elect Jonathan Worth appointed......Dec. 23, 1865 Death of Joseph Crele, said to be 141 an end by proclamation of the President......Aug. 20, 1866 President Johnson visits Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, etc., speaking in fave House of Representatives, James M. Ashley, of Ohio, charges President Johnson with usurpation, corrupt use of the appointing, pardoning, an Act exempting cotton from internal tax......Feb. 3, 1868 President Johnson removes Stanton, and appoints Gen. Lorenzo Thomas Secretary oder of 5th Military District......March 18, 1868 Answer of President Johnson to articles of impeachment read in court by his counsel......
Harper's Encyclopedia of United States History (ed. Benson Lossing), Georgia, (search)
ht against grants of land south of the Altamaha by South Carolina......March 30, 1763 First newspaper in Georgia, the Georgia Gazette, issued at Savannah by James Johnson......April 17, 1763 By royal proclamation, southern boundary of Georgia is made the St. Mary's River, including lands between this and the Altamaha claimed ed by the Federals under Hazen......Dec. 13, 1864 Confederates evacuate Savannah......Dec. 20, 1864 Legislature assembles at Macon......Feb. 11, 1865. James Johnson appointed provisional governor by President Johnson......June 17, 1865 Convention of State Delegates at Milledgeville repeal ordinance of secession......OctPresident Johnson......June 17, 1865 Convention of State Delegates at Milledgeville repeal ordinance of secession......Oct. 30, 1865 War debt declared void by convention, and revised constitution adopted......Nov. 7, 1865 Legislature assembled at Milledgeville adopts amendment to federal Constitution abolishing slavery......Dec. 5, 1865 Charles J. Jenkins inaugurated governor of Georgia......Dec. 14, 1865 Legislature appropriates $200,000
Doc. 214.-Col. Mann's Regiment of Penn. List of the officers of the regiment: Regimental officers.--Colonel, Wm. B. Mann; Lieut.-Col., Albert Magilton; Major, Wm. McCandless; Adjutant, James L. Hall; Quartermaster, Chas. F. Hoyt. Company officers.--Company A--Capt., Richard Ellis; 1st. Lieut, John Corley; 2d Lieut., George Young; Orderly Sergeant, S. L. McKinny. Company B--Capt., Timothy Meely; 1st Lieut., Peter Summers; 2d Lieut., Robt. H. Porter; Orderly Sergeant, James Johnson. Company C--Capt., Robt. M. McClure; 1st Lieut., Edwin W. Cox; 2d Lieut., Fred. A. Conrad; Orderly Sergeant, John St. John. Company D--Capt., Patrick McDonough; 1st Lieut., John D. Shoch; 2d Lieut., John Gill; Orderly Sergeant, Wm. Crow. Company E--Capt.,----Bringhurzt; 1st Lieut., George Keit; 2d Lieut, Wm, J. D. Eward; Orderly Sergeant, Christ. P. Rass. Company F--Capt., William Knox; 1st Lieut., Thomas Weir; 2d Lieut., Thomas Jack; Orderly Sergeant, David Chitester. Company G--Capt., James
of this State. I have been among them for several days. I have visited their plantations, I have conversed with them freely and fully, and I have enjoyed that frank, courteous, and graceful intercourse which constitutes an irresistible charm of their society. From all quarters have come to my ears the echoes of the same voice; it may be feigned, but there is no discord in the note, and it sounds in wonderful strength and monotony all over the country. Shades of George III., of North, of Johnson, of all who contended against the great rebellion which tore these colonies from England, can you hear the chorus which rings through the State of Marion, Sumter, and Pinckney, and not clap your ghostly hands in triumph? That voice says, If we could only get one of the royal race of England to rule over us, we should be content. Let there be no misconception on this point. That sentiment, varied in a hundred ways, has been repeated to me over and over again. There is a general admission
. Johassie Island, S. C., 193. John's Island, S. C., 52, 54, 144, 157, 199, 201, 208, 209, 211, 212, 213, 214, 215. Johnson, Andrew, 313. Johnson, Edward, 196. Johnson, Fort, 114, 133, 141, 203, 206, 207, 283, 315. Johnson, J. C., 293. Johnson, James, P., 302, 304. Johnson, Private, 304. Johnson, Robert, Jr., 12, 13. Johnson, Samuel, 16. Johnson, W. H., 321. Johnson's Swamp, S. C., 291. Johnston, Alexander, 34, 105, 145. Johnston, Joseph E., 307. Jones, Charles C., Jr., 252. Johnson, Private, 304. Johnson, Robert, Jr., 12, 13. Johnson, Samuel, 16. Johnson, W. H., 321. Johnson's Swamp, S. C., 291. Johnston, Alexander, 34, 105, 145. Johnston, Joseph E., 307. Jones, Charles C., Jr., 252. Jones, Edward L., 34, 62, 90, 92, 145, 150, 183, 188, 202, 204, 205, 233. Jones, Iredell, 95. Jones, Samuel, 100, 185,195,208, 212, 257. Jones, Samuel, letter to Braxton Bragg, 195. Jones, sutler, 177. Joy, Charles F., 276, 291, 316, 317. Joy Street Church, 12. Junction with Western Army, 266. K. K Company, 20, 38, 54, 55, 73, 75, 91, 118, 140, 145, 148, 150, 155, 164, 168, 184, 188, 198, 202, 204, 206, 215, 221, 222, 223, 231, 232, 234, 237, 245, 246, 263, 286, 291, 297, 304,
John Harrison Wilson, The life of Charles Henry Dana, Chapter 21: administration of War Department (search)
nd on its general progress, I shall be content. This was followed by a note dated June 18th, part of which is here inserted: Though I didn't have the good-fortune to see Captain Noyes, I got the saddle, and have used it regularly ever since. It is very good, indeed, as I can testify from experience. It was not needed to keep you ever fresh in my memory, but I can assure you that it is not valued any the less because it came from you. The President's proclamation appointing James Johnson provisional governor of Georgia was issued this morning. I dare say you know a great deal better than I do who he is. I never heard of him before. ... I shall remain [here] till July 1st, and then shall go to New York on my way to Chicago, where I expect to arrive about the middle of next month. Major Eckert is to be my successor in office. Having been delayed in his departure for Chicago, he wrote his last letter to me from the War Department, on July 4th, as follows: Y
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, Indiana, 276, 347. Internal revenue, 466, 467. Irish cause, 475. Irish repeal. 53. Island No.10, 191. Italy, 79-81, 88, 89. J. Jackson, city of, 209, 212, 220-223. James, A. B., 147. James, J. Russell, 311, 312, 405. James River, 327, 329, 333, 342. Japan, 132. Jasper, town of, 277-279. Jefferson, Thomas, 129, 453. Jewell, Postmaster-General, 418. Johnson, Andrew, 254, 306, 357, 371, 372, 377, 379, 383, 389, 390, 392, 393, 397, 401, 402, 408. Johnson, James, provisional governor of Georgia, 368. Johnson, Oliver, 171. Johnston, General Joseph E., 223, 228, 233, 236, 250, 269, 343, 355, 356, 363, 367. Journalism, genius for, 63; lectures on, 512. Journal of Commerce, 105, 106. K. Kansas, 100, 127, 133, 136, 137, 147, 148, 152. Kant, 36. Kautz, General, 334. Kellogg, Captain, 352. Kemblle, W. H., letter to Coffey, t427. Kepler, astronomer, 56. Ketchum, banker, 248. Kibbe, Dolly, 1. Kittoe, E. D., staff surgeon, 276. Kno
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Massachusetts in the Army and Navy during the war of 1861-1865, vol. 1, Mass. officers and men who died., List of Massachusetts officers and soldiers who died of wounds. (search)
d Mass. Inf.,June 14, 1863,Port Hudson, La., July 11, 1863. Johnson, Charles A.,19th Mass. Inf.,– –Philadelphia, Pa., Aug. 21, 1863. Johnson, Charles H., Corp.,54th Mass. Inf.,Fort Wagner, S. C., July 18, 1863.Beaufort, S. C., Sept. 18, 1863. Johnson, Charles R., Capt.,16th Mass. Inf.,Gettysburg, Pa.,Gettysburg, Pa., July 17, 1863. Johnson, Henry H.,27th Mass. Inf.,Drewry's Bluff, Va.,Drewry's Bluff, Va., May 17, 1864. Johnson, Hiram,28th Mass. Inf.,– –Arlington, Va., May 26, 1864. Johnson, James,11th Mass. Inf.,May 5, 1862,Baltimore, Md., July 4, 1862. Johnson, Joseph,58th Mass. Inf.,May 12, 1864,Washington, D. C., July 12, 1864. Johnson, Joseph J.,57th Mass. Inf.,– –Spotsylvania, Va., May 12, 1864. Johnson, Joseph P., 1st Sergt.,15th Mass. Inf.,Sept. 17, 1862,Oct. 14, 1862. Johnson, Jcseph T.,11th Mass. Inf.,Before Petersburg, Va., June 16, 1864.Before Petersburg, Va., June 17, 1864. Johnson, Stanley,54th Mass. Inf.,Fort Wagner, S. C., July 18, 1863.Morris Island, S.
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