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Green, William E., major. lieutenant-colonel; McPhail, John B., major; Slaughter, Philip Peyton, lieutenant-colonel, colonel; Smith, Timoleon, major, lieutenant-colonel; Stuart, William D., colonel. Fifty-seventh Infantry regiment (formed from Keen's Infantry battalion): Armistead, Lewis A., colonel; Carr, George W., lieutenant-colonel, colonel; Dyer, David, major, lieutenant-colonel, colonel; Fontaine, Clement R., major, colonel; Hanes, Garland B., major; Heckman, David P., major; James, Wanry, P. M., colonel; Hobson, Joseph A., lieutenant-colonel; Reynolds, A. D., major. Jackson's Cavalry battalion (afterward Jackson's Tenth Cavalry): Jackson, William L., lieutenant-colonel. Jackson Hospital battalion: Scott, H. C., major. Keen's Infantry battalion (merged into Fifty-seventh regiment): Keen, Elisha F., major. Montague's Infantry battalion (attached temporarily to Thirty-second regiment, August 19, 1861. Afterward, November 9, 1861, merged into Fifty-third regiment):
rculating notes. Bills Referred.--For the relief of R. Y. Overby, of Mecklenburg, and J. W. G. Smith, of Rockingham, to Committee on Finance; authorizing the Board of Public Works to confirm the sale of the Marysville Plank-Road to the county of Charlotte, to the Committee on Roads; incorporating the Merchants' Bank of Richmond, to the Committee on Banks; amending the act incorporating the Virginia Life Insurance Company, to the Committee on Propositions and Grievances. Stay Law.--Mr. Keen offered a resolution that a special committee be appointed to report a bill for a stay law. It was amended by Mr. Hopkins, with a proposition that the Committee on Courts of Justice be instructed so to do. Laid on the table till to-morrow in order that a test vote may be taken on the subject. Petitions.--By Mr. Carpenter, the petition of C. M. McCormack, to have refunded a fine imposed by the County Court of Alleghany county. Resolutions.--The following resolutions of inquiry were
ian, referring so much of the Governor's Message as relates to the Land Office to the Committee on Finance; by Mr. Magruder, of allowing the Board of Public Works to occupy and use as part of their office the room now occupied in part by the Auditor of Public Accounts, south of and adjoining their present office, (next to the Second Auditor's office,) the Governor being required to assign such other room or rooms in the Capitol to the First Auditor, and to have them arranged according to the requirements of the public service. [Referred to a special committee.] Stay Law.--Mr. Keen called up his resolution offered yesterday, that a special committee be appointed with instructions to report a bill providing for a Stay Law. The question was on the substitute offered by Mr. Hopkins, of Washington county, directing the Committee of Courts of Justice to inquire into said subject and report thereon. The question was debated, when finally, without a vote thereon, The House adjourned.
The Daily Dispatch: January 26, 1861., [Electronic resource], To James M. Estes, Wm. M. Caldwell, and others. (search)
S. Chambers and ninety-eight other citizens of Martinsburg, praying an amendment to their town charter. Stay Law.--The Committee of Courts of Justice having reported adversely on the resolution to inquire into the expediency of a Stay Law, Mr. Keen made a motion, which was carried, that the subject be made the special order of the day for next Wednesday, at 1 o'clock. On like motion, the House adopted a resolution to print (for the use of the members) "a bill for the enactment of a Stay Law," presented by Mr. Keen. Bill Reported.--The following bill was reported, viz: An act to stay the proceedings in executions, trust deeds, and other demands, in case of refusal to receive bank notes. Resolutions.--The following resolutions of inquiry into expediency were presented and referred, viz: By Mr. Duckwall, of referring so much of the Governor's Message as relates to condemned slaves and the value thereof to the Committee on Courts of Justice; by Mr. Christian, of referring s
the bill and ryder be laid on the table. After debate, the House refused to lay it on the table. The ryder offered by Mr. McKenzie, reading as follows: Provided, That the Banks shall not, during the suspension of specie payment, charge and receive damages on drafts for non-payment, nor charge or receive between Baltimore and Virginia, during the suspension of Maryland, a greater rate of exchange than one per cent. Was discussed by Messrs. McKenzie, Robertson and Keen Mr. Keen said he was opposed to the ryder. He concurred fully in the objects proposed to be obtained in a part of it, and would most cheerfully vote for the repeal of that section of the Code which provides 3 per cent damages on drafts. They should not be discounted unless in good faith, and when thus made, and the parties failed to pay, for commercial, political, or other reasons, it is a misfortune which the drawer should not be compelled to suffer for. It was enough that the drawer should be co
positions and Grievances Senate bill for the relief of Ro. Y. Overby, of Mecklenburg county, from an erroneous assessment of land. Senate Bills Passed.--To amend an act entitled an act incorporating the Princess Anne Savings Bank, passed Feb. 27th, 1860: to incorporate the Virginia Steam Sugar Refinery Company. Bills Referred.--The Senate bill "to incorporate the Richmond City Insurance Company of Richmond" was referred to the Committee on Propositions and Grievances, on motion of Mr. Keen. He said that some days since the gentleman from Petersburg had submitted a bill of a similar character to the Committee on Banks, and the committee had determined to report a general bill as to the guarantee of paper by those Insurance Companies, and he requested that this bill be referred. The company proposed to be incorporated would be nothing more than a legalized shaving shop. The motion was carried. Opening the House with Prayer.--Mr. Robertson, of Richmond, offered the follow
ery little as yet. The motion was laid over under the rules. Stay Law.--The hour of 1 o'clock having arrived, the Speaker announced that the proposition for a general Stay Law having been made the special order, must now be considered. Mr. Keen moved that the subject be made the special order for next Wednesday, at the same hour. Members had expressed a desire to give the subject a more thorough examination. Mr. Boreman suggested that it be laid on the table, whence it could be called at any time. Mr. Keen said that the committee who had reported against enacting such a law, had suggested its being made the special order for to-day. Any motion made by him to postpone temporarily was not to be construed into an admission that he did not regard the law as of vast importance. Mr. Collier moved an adjournment. Lost. Mr. Seddon moved the indefinite postponement of the special order. The fact that such a proposition was under consideration by the House would b
rk of the Monongalia river, destroyed by fire, in the county of Harrison; by Mr. Kaufman, of withdrawing from House files the petition of citizens of the Valley of Virginia, praying for a charter to extend the Potomac and Winchester Railroad from Winchester to Strasburg; by Mr. Magruder, of incorporating a Fire- Arms Manufacturing Company in Staunton; by Mr. Pritchard, of allowing the various regiments of Marion county to hold their fall training in their respective regimental districts; by Mr. Keen, of extending the time of the payment of the revenue by the Sheriffs, due March 15th; by Mr. Woolfolk, of authorizing Capt. H. A. McMullen, and others of Green county, to form a volunteer rifle company, the minimum number not to be less than thirty-five members; by Mr. Miller, of Lee, of refunding to the securities of John H. Allen, late Sheriff of Lee co., a certain amount of money paid by them into the Treasury; by Mr. Morgan, of refunding to Jas. W. Larue a sum of money paid by him on a
nty, a sum of money for board furnished a guard during the John Brown raid; by Mr. Keen, of suspending for a time the law requiring one-fifth of coin to be held in thwhere Bank notes will not be taken for debt, came upon its third reading. Mr. Keen said he wished to offer a substitute, of which he had heretofore given notice.m for three weeks past, and they were prepared to act on it now, if ever. Mr. Keen sustained his motion. No matter what gentlemen might think, certainly they coealth in payment of debts. The difficulty was to get them. The motion of Mr. Keen prevailed, and the bill and substitute were made the order of the day for Wedn, was finally laid on the table. Proposed Change of Hour of Meeting, &c.--Mr. Keen asked the indulgence of the House to read a resolution which he proposed to ofr the existing arrangement. The resolution having been read by the Clerk, Mr. Keen submitted a motion that the rules be suspended in order to adopt or reject the
e, Tazewell co., was read twice, and referred to the Committee on Banks. Resolutions.--The following resolutions of inquiry into expediency were offered: By Mr. Keen, of refunding to Daniel Dugger, of the town of Danville, $140 taxes, improperly assessed and paid; by Mr. Allen, of reporting a bill for the relief of Benj. Wray.--No. 77, an engrossed bill for the relief of the Banks of the Commonwealth, with the amendments proposed thereto by the Senate, with the amendment submitted by Mr. Keen to the amendments of the Senate, was taken up on motion of Mr. Martin, of Henry, and the vote being taken on agreeing to the amendment submitted by Mr. Keen, whiMr. Keen, which was in effect to limit the contribution of specie funds by the Banks to the Commonwealth by their capital, rather than their capital, circulation and deposits, was put and decided in the negative. Mr. Haymond submitted an amendment, to the effect that the contribution of specie funds should be in proportion to the amount o
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