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of war, valued at half a million dollars.--N. Y. Herald, May 23. Rumors of foreign intervention in American affairs still continue. The Paris correspondent of the London Daily News states that the French and English ministers at Washington have received identical instructions to attempt a moral intervention, exclusive of any idea of force. The Paris correspondent of the Independance Belge also reiterates his former statements in reference to intervention. At a meeting at Ashton under Lyne resolutions were adopted calling on the government to recognize the Confederate States. A letter from Mr. Russell to the London Times charges upon Secretary Stanton the trouble to which he was subjected; he also says that General McClellan has expressed himself strongly in reference to the Secretary's conduct to him and to Mr. Russell also. A pontoon-Bridge was thrown across the Rappahannock River at Fredericksburgh, and General McDowell and staff, with an escort of cavalry, passed over
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 9. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Operations of the artillery of the army of Western Louisiana, after the battle of Pleasant Hill. (search)
. They succeeded, with considerable loss, in passing the upper section, and with the Warner in lead, unexpectedly encountered the lower section, commanded by Lieutenant Lyne, and so rapid was his fire that in fifteen minutes the Warner surrendered. The gunboats retired before the effective fire of these two guns and sought to shee, limbered up and continued the pursuit as rapidly as possible. He reached a point near where the gunboats, sheltered by the high river banks, were shelling Lieutenant Lyne. Lieutenant Yoist, not hesitating for a moment, unlimbered his pieces and ran them by hand out on the open bank, in 350 yards of the gunboats, and first direcs, and driven back; apparently ashamed of this retreat, after a little while she returned, and in attempting to pass, received two shots through her hull from Lieutenant Lyne's section, and then precipitately abondoned the fight. We saved the armament of the gunboat Signal, consisting of eight guns, and when the river falls will
Comte de Paris, History of the Civil War in America. Vol. 4. (ed. Henry Coppee , LL.D.), Book IV:—the war in the South-West. (search)
enant Yoist with his two pieces, rapidly limbered up, runs them up the best he can on the bluff, a little lower down Lieutenant Lyne, in command of the other section, is more successful. His first discharge cripples the Warner, which, left exposed -five men, dead or wounded, are lying about between decks. At the same time the Covington and the Signal have encountered Lyne's artillery, but, as the Warner bars their way, they are obliged to turn up the stream and to abandon the Warner, which, b left bank, in the hope that the bend of the river and the high bluffs which border it on the right will protect them from Lyne's fire. But at this moment Yoist arrives with his section, and, running it boldly up within less than four hundred yards emy's vessels, riddles them with shots. The Federals are bewildered and make a feeble reply; their pieces cease to work. Lyne joins his fire to Yoist's; Major's soldiers, posted on the bluff, keep up such a lively fusillade that the Federals imagin
For Hire --A likely young Woman, for the balance of this and the ensuing year; said to be a plain Cook, Ironer and Washer. Ro. B Lyne. Agent for Hiring out Negroes, &c., Office, Motrop tan Ball. de 12--2t
Ran away--$10 reward. --Ranaway from the Midlothian Coal Pits, a negro man, named Aaron Sutton, about 30 years of age, and weighs from 160 to 175 lbs, of dark color, some 5 feet 6 or 8 inches high. down look when spoken to. He has a wife living with Mr. Pearco, on Shockoe Hill. He has been seen frequently in the city, in which place no doubt he is still lucking. I will give the above reward for the apprehension and delivery of said negro to me, or confinement in Lampkia's Jail, in this city. Ro B Lyne, Agent, (For Mrs L Corbett,) Office over Bodeker's Drug Store, jy 22--ts No. 10 Main street.
ng usage. The Grand Jury of the Circuit Court had the subject under consideration again yesterday, and found true bills of indictment against the following parties, for issuing notes of a smaller denomination than five dollars. Wm. E. Johnson, four cases; John P. Hill; Alfred S. Lee; Augustus Arsell, Jr; Abuer W. Richardson the Home Savings Bank, five cases; the United Savings Bank of Henrico County; the Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac Railroad Company, three cases; James B. Winston, four cases; Richard H. Dibrell, five cases; the People's Sivings Bank, four cases; Garinter Barker; Thomas M. Alfriend, four cases; Francis T. Isbell. three cases; James L. Porter; Adolph D. Williams; Truman A. Parker, two cases; Richard D. Mitchell; the Farmers' Savings Bank, seven cases; James M. Taylor, John L Sims; Lawis II Fraysor, three cases; Nathaniel B Hill, three cases; R. S. Vest; Robert B Lyne; Sylvester P. Cocke, six cases. The Grand Jury will meet again to day at 11 o'clock.
Negroes for hire --I have for hire, young Woman, who a good washer and ironer; two likely Boys table for house work; and one middlagd may, for the balance of the year. For terms &, apply to Ro. B Lyne, Agent, Office A, Bodeker's Drug Store, No. 10 Main street. no --2t
Runaway--ten dollars reward --From the Midlothian Coal Pits, a Negro Man named John, belonging to R. T. Farrish. He is about 5 feet 9 or 10 inches high; with down-cast look, dark color; about 50 years of age. He has a wife in the city, and was seen with her a few days ago. The above reward will be paid upon the delivery of the said Negro to us or to Cary Street Jail. ja 18--1w Clopton & Lyne, Ag'ts.
Runaway--$10 reward --From Joe Power's brick-yard, some time during last fall, a negro boy named William, dark color, with a scar on his face, (badly healed,) produced by the kick of a horse. Said boy is about 15 years old. It is very probable that he is in the employment of the soldiers, and passing himself off for a free boy. We will give the above reward if delivered to us or placed in Cary street jail. Clopton & Lyne. ja 19--6t Agents for Geo. W. Fitzhugh,
Negroes for Hire. We have for hire the following description of Servants, viz: Chambermaids, Washers and Ironers; Cooks, Washers, and Ironers; Blacksmiths, Carpenters; Shoemakers; Bricklayers; Brick-Yard Hands, Laborers; Wood-Choppers, Drivers; Farm Hands, Factory Hands. Also, several superior Dining-Room Servants. Clopton & Lyne,Cor. Franklin and Wall sts. ja 20--ts Up stairs.
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