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Rebellion Record: Introduction., Volume 1. (ed. Frank Moore) 4 0 Browse Search
Comte de Paris, History of the Civil War in America. Vol. 4. (ed. Henry Coppee , LL.D.) 3 3 Browse Search
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 12. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones) 2 2 Browse Search
Colonel Charles E. Hooker, Confederate Military History, a library of Confederate States Military History: Volume 12.2, Mississippi (ed. Clement Anselm Evans) 2 0 Browse Search
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 3. 2 2 Browse Search
Rebellion Record: a Diary of American Events: Index, Volume 1. (ed. Frank Moore) 2 0 Browse Search
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 4. 2 2 Browse Search
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 10. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones) 1 1 Browse Search
William Schouler, A history of Massachusetts in the Civil War: Volume 2 1 1 Browse Search
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 11. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones) 1 1 Browse Search
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Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 3., The Confederate army. (search)
Artillery loss included in loss of brigades. left wing, Lieut.-Gen. James Longstreet. Hindman's division [Polk's Corps], Maj.-Gen. T. C. Hindman (w), Brig.-Gen. J. Patton Anderson. Staff loss: w, 1. Anderson's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. J. Patton Anderson, Col. J. H. Sharp: 7th Miss., Col. W. H. Bishop; 9th Miss., Maj. T. H. Lynam; 10th Miss., Lieut.-Col. James Barr; 41st Miss., Col. W. F. Tucker; 44th Miss., Col. J. H. Sharp, Lieut.-Col. R. G. Kelsey; 9th Miss. Batt. Sharp-shooters, Maj. W. C. Richards; Ala. Battery, Capt. J. Garrity. Brigade loss: k, 80; w, 464; m, 24 == 568. Deas's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Z. C. Deas: 19th Ala., Col. Samuel K. McSpadden; 22d Ala., Lieut.-Col. John Weedon (k), Capt. H. T. Toulonin; 25th Ala., Col. George D. Johnston; 39th Ala., Col. W. Clark; 50th Ala., Col. J. G. Coltart; 17th Ala. Batt. Sharp-shooters, Capt. Jas. F. Nabers; Robertson's Battery, Lieut. S. H. Dent. Brigade loss: k, 123; w, 578; m, 28 == 729. Manigault's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. A. M. Manig
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 3., Opposing forces in the Chattanooga campaign. November 23d-27th, 1863. (search)
. Frank Maney. Artillery Battalion, Maj. Robert Martin: Ga. Battery, Capt. E. P. Howell; Mo. Battery, Capt. H. M. Bledsoe; Ferguson's Battery, Capt. T. B. Ferguson. Division loss: k, 14; w, 118; m, 190==322. Breckinridge's Corps, Maj.-Gen. John C. Breckinridge. Hindman's division, Brig.-Gen. J. Patton Anderson. Anderson's Brigade, Col. W. F. Tucker: 7th and 9th Miss., Col. W. H. Bishop; 10th and 44th Miss., Col. James Barr; 41st Miss.,----; 9th Battalion Miss. Sharpshooters, Maj. W. C. Richards. Manigault's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Arthur M. Manigault: 24th Ala., Col. N. N. Davis; 28th Ala., Lieut.-Col. W. L. Butler; 34th Ala., Capt. R. G. Welch; 10th and 19th S. C., Col. James F. Pressley. Deas's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Z. C. Deas: 19th Ala., Col. S. K. McSpadden; 22d Ala.; Lieut.-Col. B. R. Hart; 25th Ala., Col. G. D. Johnston; 39th Ala., Lieut.-Col. W. C. Clifton; 50th Ala., Col. J. G. Coltart; 17th Ala. Battalion Sharp-shooters, Capt. J. F. Nabers. Vaughan's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. A
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 4., The opposing forces in the Atlanta campaign. May 3d-September 8th, 1864. (search)
t.-Col. T. P. Shaw, Maj. J. L. White, Capt. T. W. Getzen, Capt. E. W. Horne, Col. T. P. Shaw. Tucker's (or Sharp's) Brigade, Brig.-Gen. W. F. Tucker, Brig.-Gen. Jacob H. Sharp: 7th Miss., Lieut.-Col. B. F. Johns, Col. W. H. Bishop; 9th Miss., Capt. S. S. Calhoun, Lieut.-Col. B. F. Johns; 10th Miss., Capt. R. A. Bell, Lieut.-Col. G. B. Myers; 41st Miss., Col. Byrd Williams, Capt. J. M. Hicks; 44th Miss., Col. Jacob H. Sharp, Lieut.-Col. R. G. Kelsey; 9th Miss. Battalion Sharp-shooters, Maj. W. C. Richards, Lieut. J. B. Downing. Walthall's (or Brantly's) Brigade, Brig.-Gen. E. C. Walthall, Col. Samuel Benton, Brig.-Gen. W. F. Brantly: 24th and 27th Miss. Col. Samuel Benton, Col. R. P. McKelvaine, Lieut.-Col. W. L. Lyles; 29th and 30th Miss., Col. W. F. Brantly, Lieut.-Col. J. M. Johnson, Maj. W. G. Reynolds; 34th Miss., Capt. T. S. Hubbard, Col. Samuel Benton, Captain T. S. Hubbard. Stevenson's division, Major.-Gen. C. L. Stevenson. Escort, Capt. T. B. Wilson. Brown's Brigade,
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 4., The opposing forces in the campaign of the Carolinas. (search)
s, commanded by Maj.-Gen. D. H. Hill. Col. J. G. Coltart commanded Hill's division.Lieut.-Gen. S. D. Lee. Escort, Capt. G. G. Ragland. Hill's division, Maj.-Gen. D. H. Hill. Sharp's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. J. H. Sharp: 24th Ala. (consolidated 24th, 28th, and 34th Ala.), Col. John.:C. Carter; 8th Miss. Batt'n (consolidated 5th, 8th, and 32d Miss., and 3d Miss. Batt'n), Capt. J. Y. Carmack; 9th Miss. (consolidated 9th Batt'n Sharp-shooters and 7th, 9th, 10th, 41st, and 44th Miss.), Col. W. C. Richards; 19th S. C. (consolidated 10th and 19th S. C.), Maj. James O. Ferrell, Lieut.-Col. C. Irvine Walker. Brantly's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. W. F. Brantly: 22d Ala. (consolidated 22d, 25th, 39th, and 50th Ala.), Col. H. T. Toulmin; 37th Ala. (consolidated 37th, 42d, and 54th Ala.), Col. J. A. Minter; 24th Miss. (consolidated 24th, 27th, 29th, 30th, and 34th Miss.), Col. R. W. Williamson; 58th N. C. (consolidated 58th and 60th N. C.), Lieut.-Col. T. Coleman. Stevenson's division, Maj.-Gen. Ca
Rebellion Record: Introduction., Volume 1. (ed. Frank Moore), Contents of Thie first volume. (search)
ongs of the Rebels: Sumter — A Ballad of ‘61, E. O. M., 36 56.The Other Abou-Ben-Adhem, 38 57.On, Brothers, On! S. W. Brooks,45 58.God for our Native Land, G. W. Bethune, D. D.,45 59.A Poem, by C. F., [C. Frost,]45 60.Arming for Battle, W. C. Richards,46 61.A Song for the Union,46 62.The Northern Volunteers, Geo. Boweryem,47 63.The March of the Seventh, R. S. O., 48 64.A Tale of 1861, E. S. Rand, Jr.,48 65.To Arms! M. Perry Lowe,50 66.A Bugle Note, Emily , 50 67. Send them home Tenmbia's Daughters, E. D. Wright,51 69.The Major and His Men,51 70.Our National Flag, E. S. Smith,51 71.Western Virginia--Sherrard Clemens,52 72.The Ballad of Cockey's Field,52 73.The Call for Volunteers, G. W. Bungay,53 74.The Departure, W. C. Richards,53 75.April 15, 1861, W. H. Burleigh,61 76.To the American People, Bayard Taylor,61 77.Volunteered, Harper's Weekly,61 78.War Questions, W. Ross Wallace,62 79.O Let the Starry Banner Wave, Bourne,62 80.Our Country, Geo. Lunt,63 81.The
., killed at Williamsport, Md., D. 93 Reveries of war, by C. J. H., P. 107 Rhett, R. B., Jr., proposes a southern confederacy, D. 6; delegate to Southern Congress, D. 10 Rhode Island, tribute to, P. 67, 71; She will secede, P. 26; uniform of the regiments of, D. 45; First Regiment of, D. 37; Marine Artillery of, D. 34, 54; troops of, pass through New York, D. 44; regiment of, build a floating bridge, D. 97 Rice, Alexander H., speech at Roxbury, Mass., D. 61 Richards, W. C., P. 46, 53 Richmond, Va., secession at, D. 7; effect of Lincoln's war proclamation in, D. 25; Custom-house, &c., seized at, D. 32; the rebel army at, D. 48; Confederate Congress at, D. 74; the British Consul at, P. 56; the Southern capital, P. 143; reign of terror in, P. 56; ancedote of a young lady in, P. 113 Ringgold Flying Artillery at Reading, Pa., D. 27 Rives, W. C., delegate to Southern Congress, D. 49; speech of, at Atlanta, Ga., P. 95 Rives, W. H., Dr., of
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 10. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Editorial paragraphs. (search)
l W. T. Martin (our able Vice-President for Mississippi) and Captain James W. Lambert of Natchez, Captain A. K. Jones of Port Gibson, Major E. T. Sykes and others of Columbus, and friends wherever he has been, have rendered him and the cause most efficient aid. He says that he has also been under many obligations for the kind and effective help of the press of Mississippi. In Columbus he organized an Auxilliary Society, with the following officers: President, W. H. Sims; first Vice-President, W. C. Richards; Secretary, C. H. Cocke; Treasurer, Lewis Walberg. Vice-Presidents for Supervisors Districts: James L. Egger, J. O. Banks, A. S. Payne, J. H. Sharp, R. W. Banks. Executive Committee: E. T. Sykes, Chairman; J, M. Billups, J. E. Leigh, J. H. Field, W. D. Humphries, E. Gross, C. A Johnston, A. J. Ervin, John A. Neilson. General Johnston will visit several other points in Mississippi, and then, after a few days rest with his family, go to Arkansas, St. Louis, etc. We commend him t
essee regiment, Colonel H. Rice; 11th Tennessee regiment, Colonel G. W. Gordon. Hindman's division---Brigadier-General Patton Anderson. First brigade Commander: Brigadier-General Anderson, Colonel J. H. Sharp---7th Mississippi regiment, Colonel W. H. Bishop; 9th Mississippi regiment, Major T. H. Lynam; 10th Mississippi regiment, Lieutenant-Colonel J. Barr; 41st Mississippi regiment, Colonel W. J. Tucker; 44th Mississippi regiment, Colonel J. H. Sharp; battalion Sharpshooters, Major W. C. Richards. Second brigade Commander: Brigadier-General Walthall---24th Mississippi regiment, and 27th Mississippi regiment, Colonel J. A. Campbell; 29th Mississippi regiment, and 30th Mississippi regiment, Colonel W. E. Brantley; 34th Mississippi regiment, Colonel Samuel Benton. Third brigade Commander: Brigadier-General Deas---19th Alabama regiment, Col. S. K. McSpadden; 22d Alabama regiment, Captain Toulmin; 25th Alabama regiment, Lieutenant-Colonel Johnson; 39th Alabama regiment,
William Schouler, A history of Massachusetts in the Civil War: Volume 2, Chapter 6: Essex County. (search)
the sick and wounded, in cash and comfortable clothing, about three thousand dollars, independent of what was termed sanitary aid. During each year of the war, and especially at Thanksgiving and Christmas, large quantities of provisions, hospital stores, cordials, &c., were sent forward to different camps and hospitals in and around Washington and elsewhere, the money value of which it is impossible now to compute. In February, 1863, the Ladies' Sanitary Aid Society was formed, with Mrs. W. C. Richards president, Miss M. L. Newhall secretary, and Miss A. E. Ladd treasurer. This society had five hundred and eighty members, more than one hundred of whom were active workers until the close of the war. The receipts in cash the first year were $2,292.02; and their total cash receipts were $3,778.81, all of which was properly expended for the benefit of the soldiers and their families. The amount of work done by the society in making under-clothing, bandages, lint, preserves, and delica
in July and during the whole campaign. General Chalmers and his brigade, on September 14th, invested the Federal garrison at Munfordville, and a demand for surrender having been refused, assaulted the works. A particularly intrepid charge was made by the Tenth Mississippi, in which Col. Robert A. Smith, Lieut.-Col. James G. Bullard, and other brave men gave up their lives. Lieutenant-Colonel Moore, of Blythe's regiment, supported this charge with his men and fell mortally wounded. Major Richards, at the head of his battalion, was severely wounded. All the regiments lost heavily, from 20 killed and wounded in the Seventh, to 108 in the Tenth, the total loss being 35 killed and 250 wounded, out of a total force of 1,600. On the 16th the garrison surrendered to General Bragg, and in compliment to the gallant fight of Chalmers' brigade it was ordered to take possession of the works. In the memorable battle of Perryville, the Mississippi regiments and batteries, attached to the di
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