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ight years of age, and averaging sixty-three in each school. Early in the spring of 1831 L. Gulliver resigned as writing teacher at the Town Hill school, and Reuben Swan succeeded him. About the same time Mr. Conant, at the Training Field school, was followed by Amos Barker. The other male teachers on the peninsula at this time Miss Jaquith, of the primary teachers, resigned this year. February 2, 1832, the resignation of Samuel Bigelow, of the Neck school, Was accepted, also that of Reuben Swan, of the Female Writing school, both having entered other occupations. The salary of the former was $600, of the latter $500. Moses W. Walker, of the Winter Hill school, was elected to the Neck school, and Thomas Stephenson to succeed Mr. Swan. As Mr. Stephenson's health was delicate, after two months he was succeeded by James Swan at the same salary, $500. At the close of the season, on the recommendation of Mr. Hawkins, the services of John N. Sherman were retained at Milk Row at $
no scholar into school after twenty minutes past the hour for commencing school. The only reference to teachers within the peninsula this year was November 8, 1833, when James Swan was elected writing master at the Training Field school, Reuben Swan, Jr., writing master in the Town Hill school, and O. C. Felton as master of the school at the Neck. As the last-named did not accept, William D. Swan was put in charge of this school. All three teachers received a salary of $650, which was raisschools within the Neck, under the care of five masters, have reached a standing not before attained by them. These five teachers were Joshua Bates (salary, $800) and James Swan ($700) at the Training Field school; Nathan Merrill ($700) and Reuben Swan, Jr. ($700), at the Town Hill, or Female, school; William D. Swan ($700) at the Neck School. We are able to name the teachers who served in the ten primary schools this year, at a maximum salary of $225. They were: A. G. Twy– cross, Susan Sawye
1. Stone, Sara A., 1, 53, 85. Stone, Simon, 3. Sudbury Street, Boston, 4. Sullivan's Political Class Book, 98. Summer Street, 57, 59. Summer Street, Boston, 2. Summit Avenue, 57. Swan, James, 50, 52, 70, 71. Swan, John, 11. Swan, Reuben, 51, 52. Swan, Reuben, Jr., 70, 71. Swan, Robert, 83. Swan, Samuel, 82. Swan (Samuel?), 72. Swan, Stephen A., 93. Swan, William D., 70, 71, 72, 78, 82, 83. Sweetser, john, 50. Sweetser, Paul H., 82, 94. Swift, Benjamin, 23. SycSwan, Reuben, Jr., 70, 71. Swan, Robert, 83. Swan, Samuel, 82. Swan (Samuel?), 72. Swan, Stephen A., 93. Swan, William D., 70, 71, 72, 78, 82, 83. Sweetser, john, 50. Sweetser, Paul H., 82, 94. Swift, Benjamin, 23. Sycamore Street, 60, 87. Sylvester, Caroline M., 92, 96, 99. Symmes, Mary B., 82. Tandy, A. S., 15. Tappan, L., 13. Taylor, J., 12. Teel, Jonathan, 14. Teel, Jonathan, Jr., 14. Teel, S. P., 13. Teel, T., 14. Temple, Sir, Robert, 89. Temple Street, 89, 90. Ten Hills Farm, 89. Tenney, R. G., 46, 47, 48, 82. Testament, The New, 25, 98. Thayer, Zeba, 12. Thompson, Dr. A. R., 94. Thompson, Benjamin, 48. Thomson, C., 14. Thompson, Charles, 48, 49, 71, 74, 75. Thompson, Mrs.,
James Swan was appointed to teach in the Russell District. He completed the term, and the next year at the Female Writing School, Charlestown, closely followed Reuben Swan, who had resigned February 2, 1832. According to Wyman, who gives this line of Swans, Reuben and James, the latter born in Dorchester in 1809, were the sons of Reuben Swan, Sr., and Ruth Teel, who were married in 1804. Seven of their sons, including the two mentioned, were school teachers. According to my informants, this family at one time lived on North Street, West Somerville, on the old Cook place, which had originally belonged to the Teels (the mother's people). The winter ternfield; she died in Boston in October, 1852 (born in 1787). Son, Norwood, born in Lunenburg October 7, 1816; never married; resided in Boston.; Samuel (or Richard) Swan, not related to the other Swan family; Levi Russell, 1836-37, and again 1840-41, The Russells told the writer that George Swan lived at Arlington, and used to d
artha, 8, 11. Stone, Mary, 5, 7, 8, 9, 14. Stone, Nathaniel, 7. Stone, Nathaniel Tufts, 11, 14, 18. Stone, Samuel, 2, 4. Stone, Sarah (Rand), 18. Stone, Seth, 4, 5. Stone, Simon, 1. Stone, Susanna, 5. Stone, Symond, 1. Stone, Thomas Jefferson, 8, 13. Storer, Rev., Seth, 2. Story, Hon., Isaac, 62. Stoughton, Mass., 23, 45. Sturtevant, Richard H., 12. Suffolk, The, 81. Summer Street, 6, 25. Sumner, Me., 82. Sutton, Mass., 22. Swan, George, 46. Swan, James, 44, 45. Swan, Reuben, 44, 45. Swan, Samuel, 23. Swan, Samuel (or Richard), 46. Swansea, Mass., 53. Sycamore Street, 82. Taunton, Mass., 53. Taunton North Purchase, 53. Taylor, —, 66. Teel, Emeline, 46. Teel, Horatio, 46. Teel, Louisa, 46. Teel, Ruth, 45. Teel, Samuel P., 43. Teel, Thomas E., 46. Ten Hills Farm, 50, 51. Texas, 81. Townsend, Mass., 2, 3, 4. Townsend, Vt., 25. Trumpet, The, 55. Tucker, Abigail (Newell), 55. Tucker, Sibil (Laurence), 55. Tucker, Captain, Stephen
174.95 Wm. Dodd, executor to estate of Sally Mackie944.10 Aaron Dickson92106.00 John Davenport17209.00 Nahum Ball82175.38 Elizabeth Estabrook89 bal.21.74 Ephraim Frost11235.00 Seth Frost, Jr.4486.00 Ichabod Fessenden73139.00 T. Hutchinson & W. Adams, Jr.26131.00 William Hill69165.00 William Hill, Jr.4388.00 James Otis16207.00 Jonas Peirce40142.00 James Perry58170.00 George Prentiss66183.00 George Prentiss, Jr.61103.00 Richard Sullivan87184.00 John & William Swan22187.00 Reuben Swan21185.00 Sarah Smith68129.00 Benjamin Teel84166.00 Peter Tufts, Jr.86157.00 Joel Tufts5 gal.100.00 Thomas Russell31206.00 Daniel Russell101.64 Edward Russell & Jeremiah his son78124.99 Samuel Locke6239.00 Joseph Locke, Jr.38152.00 Ebenezer Lane54166.00 Walter Russell70145.00 Noah Russell71168.00 James Russell67157.00 Jas. Russell & son Walter11 gal.101.00 Solomon Prentiss & Nathan Robbins5776.32 Daniel Reed64132.00 Amos Warren79122.22 Jonathan Whittemore32 Samuel Whittem
has., 937. 2. Jonathan, of Medford, s. of Samuel (1), m. Lydia Cutter— Cutter (par. 11)-7 Apr. 1776. He d. 10 June, 1828, a. 73 (g. s.); Lydia, wid. of Jona., d. 4 Sept. 1831, a. 74 (g. s.) Jonathan, from ch. in Medford, was adm. this ch. 7 Apr. 1790. See Wyman's Chas. 936, and Cutter Hist., pp. 129, 384, ‘85. Lydia, w. of Jonathan, Senior, was adm. this ch. 9 Mar. 1828. Had Lydia, bap. 28 Apr. 1782 (of Chas.), m. Miles Gardner of Camb. 23 Mar. 1806; Jonathan; Ruth (of Chas.), m. Reuben Swan, 2 Dec. 1804; Samuel, bap. 12 Oct. 1788—the Samuel C. who d. 4 Dec. 1816, a. 28; Ammi Cutter, bap. 27 Feb. 1791, m. Sarah Cutter, of Medford, 11 Sept. 1814— Cutter (par. 49)—rem. to Lewiston, Me., after 1842, and d. there 8 July, 1872, a. 81; Mary, bap. 16 Mar. 1793 (of Chas.), m. James Frost, of Dorchester, 2 Jan. 1814; Benjamin Cutter, bap. 22 Feb. 1796, m. Alice Hall of Chas. 1 Sept. 1816; Thomas, bap. 20 Jan. 1799; Joseph, bap. 25 Apr. 1801. 3. Gershom, of Medford, bro. of