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r. Moore. On motion of Mr. Anderson, of Botetourt, the Clerk read the bill just reported by the Military Committee, entitled "An act to organize the State troops and volunteers of Virginia." The bill was ordered to its second reading. Mr. Tomlin offered a substitute with a view to have it printed. On motion of Mr. Sheffry, the bill was read a second time. Mr. Tomlin's substitute was also read, and the House then agreed to lay the bill and substitute on the table, and fixed TuMr. Tomlin's substitute was also read, and the House then agreed to lay the bill and substitute on the table, and fixed Tuesday next for its consideration. Mr. Collier offered a resolution instructing the Committee on Finance to inquire if any additional legislation is necessary to enforce the collection of public dues from Collectors in disloyal districts of this State. The Speaker appointed the following special committee on the part of the House to examine into the civil and military expenditures of the Commonwealth: Messrs Davis of Amherst Tyler, Riddick, Hopkins, Anderson of Roch bridge, Nelson of Fl
The military force of Virginia. The following is the substitute submitted by Mr. Tomlin, of King William, to the report of the Committee on Military Affairs, in the House of Delegates, entitled "A Bill to organize the State Troops and Volunteers of Virginia." 1 Be it caused by the General Assembly of Virginia, That the free while male citizens of the state between the ages of 15 and 15, shall be exiled as soon as may be, and divided and clarified as follows. Those who have voluntarily enlisted and have been mustered into price to be known as the Virginia volunteers, and all others as the Virginia militia. 2 A Four months before the day on which the term for which any volunteer company was nuanced into service shall expire, the Governor shall cause the regiments, battalions and detachments of volunteers to be mustered for re-enlistment by the officers commanding the time, who shall submit to each volunteer the question whether he will re-enlist or not, and shall make o
. Here an interval of an hour and a half transpired, the House waiting for the Senate to take action, during which several desperate attempts were made to procure an adjournment or a recess, in order to get dinner, but all of which were unsuccessful. At five minutes before 5 o'clock a message was received from the Senate that it had voteed to postpone the election of Senators until to-morrow. The House refused to concur in the postponement by a vote of ayes 46, noes 57. Mr. Tomlin was directed to bear the result to the Senate. A third message was received from the Senate, that it insisted, upon the postponement. The House again refused to cencur with the Senate in postponing, by a vote of ayes 48, noes 59. Mr. Buford moved an adjournment until 7.30 P. M., but the House refused to adjourn. After another long pause a fourth message was received from the Senate, asking for a joint committee of conference, and appointing three members of the committe
The Daily Dispatch: January 24, 1862., [Electronic resource], "Sawery" Bennett's opinion of old Abe. (search)
aughlin, Montague, Murdaugh, Newton, Noland, Orgain, Pitman, Prince, Riddick, Rives, Robertson, Robinson, Rowan, Rutherfoord, P. C. Saunders, R. C. Saunders, Shannon, Sheffey, Sherrard, Spady, Small, Staples, Steger, Tate, Taylor, Thomas, Thrash, Tomlin, Treadway, Tyler, Vermillien, Ward, West, J. L. Wilson, Samuel Wilson, Woodhouse, Woodson, Woolfolk, Wooten, Worsham, Wright, Wynett-- Total 105. For Mr. Preston--Messrs. Baker, Barbour, Baskervill, Bouldin, Brooks, Buford, Burks, Carter, C, Lundy, Lynn, Mallory, Matthews, McCamant, McGruder, McKinney, McLaughlin, Montague, Murdaugh, R. E. Nelson, Newton, Prince, Reid, Riddick, Rives, Robertson, Rowan, P. C. Saunders, R. C. Saunders, Sheffey, Spady, Staples, Steger, Taylor, Thrash, Tomlin, Treadway, Tyler, Samuel Wilson, Woodhouse, Woodson, Woolfolk, Wright, and Mr. Speaker.--Total 67. For Mr. Russell--Messrs. J. T. Anderson, Bass, Blue, Booten, Bradford, Carpenter, Collier, Daniels, Edmunds, Franklin, Gatewood, George, Green
Anderson, of Botetourt, from the Committee on Military Affairs, reported a bill to constitute a corps to more effectually collect the arms belonging to the State and Confederate States, not in active service, which was read a first time. Mr. Woodhouse offered a resolution that a select committee be appointed to devise "some mode to prevent the escape of slaves to the enemy by boats left by their owners carelessly in the river," which was adopted. The order of the day, which was the consideration of the "Bill to organize the State troops and volunteers of Virginia," was then taken up. The various amendments proposed by the majority of the Committee on Military Affairs were reported by the chairman and adopted by the House, with the view of perfecting the bill presented by a majority of the Committee. Mr Tomlin made some amendments to the substitute offered by him. Without taking action upon the bill or substitute, the House, at a quarter past 3 o'clock, adjourned.
in the camps of the army. This was the prominent feature of the House committee bill. We contour with at least two of our contemporaries in the opinion, that Col. Tomlin's bill, which we published some days since, is far preferable to either the House Committee's bill or this passed by the Senate, which, indeed, may be the same with that of the House committee. Col. Tomlin's bill has the great recommendation that it provides for enlisting the required number of men, and no more, at a time than are required, and for the rendezvous of these men in the organized camps of the army, where they are blended with the drilled and disciplined troops, and soon and know something about war? How much better to supply the old buckets with the missing staves? Their hoops are tried and reliable, and the new buckets may prove leaky and defective. The Senate's bill is evidently expensive, and cannot lead to the same prompt and effective results that will be attained by that of Col. Tomlin.
iscussion followed, in which Messrs. Sheffer and Hunter advocated the motion to lay on the table, and Messrs. Woodson, Green, and A. W. McDonald opposed it.--The motion prevailed by a vote of — ayes 51, nays 31. Mr. McCannant, from the special committee, reported a bill confiscating the lands of citizens of the United States, lying west of the Allegheny mountains, and where said lands are claimed by loyal citizens, under grants from the Commonwealth, to transfer the same to them. Mr. Tomlin presented the petition of George Taylor, in relation to the validity of his security ship on the bond of Robert M. Nimmo, Storekesper of the Penitentiary. Mr. Eggleston presented a resolution that the Committee on Military Affairs be instructed to inquire into the expediency of paying the 86th Regiment Virginia Militia, commutation for clothing, while employed in the military service of the State; which was adopted. On motion of Mr. Robertson, of Richmond, the House then went int
2 o'clock, the joint order of the day (the election of State officers) was taken up, and the Senate notified of their readiness to proceed to the election. Mr. Tomlin moved that the House go first into an election for Superintendent of the Penitentiary. Adopted. Mr. Tomlin inquired whether the Committee to examine into thMr. Tomlin inquired whether the Committee to examine into the bonds of candidates, &c., had yet reported, and being answered by the Clerk in the negative, moved a postponement of the election until Thursday, March 20th. Adopted. Mr. Carpenter offered a bill on authorizing County Courts of Alleghany county to impose a tax upon dogs. Mr. James moved to amend the bill by extending ingthy debate, which being finally terminated by a demand for the previous question, it was tabled, upon motion of Mr. Rivers, by a test vote — ayes 55, noes 34--Mr. Tomlin vigorously opposing the motion. By Mr. Woodson--Inquiring into the expediency of exempting from military duty all persons who have furnished substitutes, e
Jno T Anderson, Thos H Flood, Mason Mathews, Charles Blue, Samuel McB Reid, Matthew Harrison, D H Gordon Jno L Woolfolk, A L Carter, W Biskervill, Jr, R R Nelson Jno O Stener Warnes Anderson, A B Evans, Richard Liby, C W Murdaugh, Robert J Davis, A. W. McDonald, Jr. Thos C Green, A. S. Buford, R. B. Dice, Thos H. Gillespie, Geo. W Sherrard, Wm Johnson. John Gatewood, P Piman, Francis G Taylor, E J Spady, W G Cazenove, James Franklin, John Gilmer, Seymour Lynn, Adam, mall, Lasac Vermillion, David B. Clark James Walker. Chas Williams, John H. Daniel, Samuel Carpenter, I E McDonald, Richard Payne, H N Colemen, Jr, S W Thomas, Duncan McLaughlin, Hugh W Sheffey, H B Tomlin. R. D. Mentagus, Wyndham Robertson, Thos H Wynne, Geo T Wright, Green Lames, Jno C. Woodson, J Dudley Davis, James Davis Geo H. West, C. T. Friend, E C Barks, A Jordan., Harvey George. ap 2--1t
, B H Magruder, Mason Matthews, P W McKinney, Philip Pitman, Joseph H Prince, Nat Siddick, Geo E. Rives, W Robertson, Peter Saunders jr, John Staples, F G Taylor, V Vaiden, Jas Walker, Chas Williams, Jas L Wilson--31. For Chas W. Russell--Wm A Bredford, A Brooks, John R Edmunds, W A Fleming, John Gatewood, Thos C Green, Wm Johnson, M R Kaufman Albert Laidley, A W McDonald, Duncan McLaughlin, C W Murdaugh, B P Noland, John Orgain jr, Israel Robinson, John C. Rutherford, G W Sherrard, H B Tomlin, T T Treadway, Geo W Ward Geo H West, H C Worsham--22. For John J. Allen--Wm. Ambers, John T Anderson, Colin Bess, A L Carter, W G Cazenove, H N Coleman, Robert Croskett, Robert Danney, Thos H Flood, J M Forbes, W C Fry, G T Garrison, John Gilmer, Andrew Hunter, Green James, W T Jones, W T Lundy, R M Mallery, J L Marye, jr., R A Mayo, S McCamant, R D Montague, Willoughby Newton, R C Saunders, R F Taylor, S M Watson, John L Woolfolk, Geo T Wright--28. For John B. Floyd--James Barbou
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