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Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 3., The opposing forces at Port Hudson, La.: May 23d-July 8th, 1863. (search)
ttalion, Lieut.-Col. B. Jones; 10th Ark., Lieut.-Col. M. B. Locke, Lieut.-Col. E. L. Vaughan, Maj. C. M. Camrgile; 11th and 17th Ark. (detachment); 12th Ark., Col. T. J. Reid, Jr.; 14th Ark., Lieut.-Col. Pleasant Fowler; 15th Ark., Col. Ben. W. Johnson; 16th Ark., Col. David Provence; 18th Ark., Lieut.-Col. W. N. Parish; 23d Ark., Col. O. P. Lyles; 4th La. (detachment), Capt. Charles T. Whitman; 9th La. Battalion (infantry), Capt. R. B. Chinn; 9th La. Battalion (Partisan Rangers), Lieut.-Col. J. H. Wingfield, Maj. James De Baun; 12th La. Heavy Art'y Battalion, Lieut.-Col. P. F. De Gournay; 30th La. (detachment), Capt. T. K. Porter; La. Legion, Col. W. R. Miles, Lieut.-Col. Frederick B. Brand; La. Battery Capt. R. M. Boone (w), Capt. S. M. Thomas; La. Battery (Watson), Lieut. E. A. Toledano; 1st Miss., Lieut.-Col. A. S. Hamilton, Maj. Thomas H. Johnston; 39th Miss., Col. W. B. Shelby; Claiborne (Miss.) Light Infantry, Capt. A. J. Lewis; 1st Miss. Light Artillery (Abbay's, Bradford's, a
t day of the defense. The parole rolls showed the following Louisiana commands at Port Hudson: Fourth Louisiana (detachment), Capt. James T. Whitman; Ninth infantry battalion, Capt. T. B. R. Chinn; Ninth battalion, partisan rangers, Lieut. Col. J. H. Wingfield, Maj. J. DeBaun: Twelfth heavy artillery battalion, Lieut-Col. P. F. DeGournay; Thirteenth regiment (detachment), Capt. T. K. Porter; Louisiana legion, Col. W. R. Miles; Boone's battery, Capt. S. M. Thomas; Watson's battery, Lieut. E. waved it defiantly, and planted it firmly regardless of the volleys of the enemy's sharpshooters. He escaped unhurt after repeating thrice this gallant feat, which called forth the enthusiastic cheers of the brave men who lined our works. Colonel Wingfield's rangers won the praise in general orders of the general commanding by a repulse of the enemy's cavalry on the Plain's Store road, May 23d. We turn now from Port Hudson to its partner in stress. Mighty was the spell which the peril of
Colonel Locke. (161) Report of Colonel Steedman, June 10th, mentions Capts. J. F. Whitfield and James D. Meadows, also Maj. Samuel L. Knox. (156-163) Reports of Colonel Steedman, June 29th, Major Knox commanding. (163) April 20th, Colonel Steedman says: The fine discipline and buoyant spirits of the regiment were conspicuous during the entire siege. In their exposed position they were assaulted incessantly, almost every day and night, but never successfully. (166) Mentioned in Lieut.-Col. J. H. Wingfield's report. (551) Report of Gen. Wm. Dwight, U. S. A., before Port Hudson, says: First Alabama is 500 strong. No. 42—(18) Letter of Lieutenant-Colonel Locke, commanding, May 25, 1863. (104) Letter of Capt. J. P. Jones, Port Hudson, July 5th, states: First Alabama 585 strong. (431) Letter of Gen. Dabney H. Maury, Mobile, November 21st, speaks of expected arrival of First Alabama. No. 56—(630) Ordered to Meridian, Miss., November 4, 863. No. 58—(563) Asked fo
, S C., 4th South Carolina regiment; George Baker, W. C. Humphreys, F. A Hammond, Atlanta, Ga; J. T. C Calvin, Green county, Ga; James Renshaw, S. Garrett; L Brick, L. H. Grunaling, Atlanta; A. T. Holmes, S. W. Brush, Lewis Estmeal, Savannah, Georgia; W. A. Barron, Rome, Georgia, 8th Georgia regiment; R. Pinkney, Pendleton, S. C., 4th South Carolina regiment; F. F. Grayson, Leesburg, Va., 8th Virginia regiment, and J. O'Brien, Savannah, Ga., 8th Georgia Regiment, taken at Bull Run, John Silks, Abberville, S. C., 2d South Carolina regiment, taken at Centreville; W. M. Javins, Columbia, S. C., same regiment, taken at Fairfax Court-House; W. M. T. Thompson, Pontotoc, Miss.; J. H. Wingfield, Amherst county, 19th Va. regiment, taken at Centreville; John E Ledbetter, Hanover county, Va., Radford's Regiment, taken at the Court-House; A. J. Smith, Russell county, Ala., 8th Alabama regiment, taken at Sangstar's Cross Road's, and Michael Kev, New Orleans, La., first special battalion, e er er
King's bridge. --Lieutenant J. H. Wingfield. Assistant Provost Marshal, has removed his office from the Capitol to the Female Institute building, No, 15, south wing, first floor, where parties wishing to purchase toll-tickets for King's Bridge, or having other business with him, will find him ready to wait on them.