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ee was contemplating the withdrawal of that army to augment the already large force which, drawn from the seaboard and elsewhere in Virginia, he concentrated, with Johnson's army for a nucleus, in front of Richmond. Roster. Sixth Army Corps. Maj. Gen. William B. Franklin, Commanding. In the Peninsula Campaign, 1862. First Division. Maj. Gen. H. W. Slocum, Commanding. First Brigade.—Col. A. T. A. Torbert, 1st, 2d, 3d, and 4th New Jersey Volunteers. Second Brigade.—Col. J. J. Bartlett, 16th and 27th New York, 5th Maine, and 96th Pennsylvania. Third Brigade.—Brig. Gen. John Newton, 18th, 31st, and 32d New York Volunteers, and 95th Pennsylvania (Gosline Zouaves). Artillery. Platt's D, 2d United States, 6 Napoleons. Porter's A, Massachusetts, 4 10-pd. Parrotts, and 2 12-pd. Howitzers. Hexamer's A, New Jersey, 4 10-pd. Parrotts, and 2 12-pd. Howitzers. Wilson's F, New York, 4 3-inch Ordnance Guns. Second Division. Maj. Gen. William F. Smith,<
tion of the corps on a line drawn northwest of Fair Oaks, Slocum's division occupied the right, Bartlett's brigade and our battery being on the right of Slocum's position. Among the troops of this le general of division, Slocum, and later had been commanded by our gallant general of brigade, Bartlett. In front of the infantry of this part of the line was a tract of hard timber, and through trder, Drivers, mount, and we move out toward the river, whither already some of the infantry of Bartlett's brigade were moving, whither more infantry and artillery of the division were following. Now, midst the din and confusion, the screaming of shot and shell, the shrieking of minie balls, Bartlett's brigade and the First Massachusetts Battery were sent to the right, where Sykes' division andd the rear of Cold Harbor, the troops of Sykes and Griffin were desperately stemming the tide. Bartlett's regiments are brought into line. Our guns are unlimbered, and caissons move to the rear.
he troops in the vicinity of the Potomac except those at Harper's Ferry, are in Pleasant Valley. The Sixth Corps, about mid-day, moved through the little hamlet of Burkittsville abreast of Crampton's Gap. There on the crest, holding the pass, was a Confederate force of uncertain number but occupying a position that seemed impregnable. On reaching the base of the mountain, lines of infantry, ranged across the road which winds up the declivity through the gap, were pushed up the side. Bartlett's brigade of Slocum's division, comprising the Fifth Maine, Sixteenth and Twenty-seventh New York, and Ninety-sixth Pennsylvania, was upon the right of the road, companies from these regiments supporting two batteries, one of which was the First Massachusetts. We moved steadily over the rising, uneven ground, brush and stones impeding the way. Perhaps one third of the distance up the side we were met by a solid line of grays, and a murderous discharge of muskets. They receive an equally c
re to follow us in shape of beef creatures,) and we were to take three days supply of bread and meat in our haversacks. Roster. Sixth Army Corps. December 13, 1862. Right of the Left Grand Division.—Maj. Gen. W. B. Franklin, Commanding. Sixth Corps.—Maj. Gen. W. F. Smith, Commanding. First Division. Brig. Gen. W. T. H. Brooks, Commanding. First Brigade.—Col. A. T. A. Torbert, Commanding, 1st, 2d, 3d, 4th, 15th, and 23d New Jersey Volunteers. Second Brigade.—Brig. Gen. J. J. Bartlett, Commanding, 27th, 16th, 121st New York, 5th Maine, and 96th Pennsylvania. Third Brigade.—Col. G. W. Towne, Commanding, 18th, 31st, and 32d New York, and 95th Pennsylvania. Artillery. Williston's D, 2d United States; McCartney's A, 1st Massachusetts; Hexamer's A, 1st New Jersey; Walcott's A, 1st Maryland. Second Division. Brig. Gen. A. P. Howe, Commanding. First Brigade.—Brig. Gen. C. E. Pratt, Commanding, 5th Wisconsin, 49th Pennsylvania, 6th Maine, 43d New
pontoon bridge at Franklin's Crossing, to the right of the town of Fredericksburg. Our First Division, Gen. Brooks, consisting of Torbert's New Jersey brigade, Bartlett's brigade, the Twenty-seventh, Sixteenth, and One Hundred and Twenty-first New York, Fifth Maine, and Ninety-sixth Pennsylvania, and the Third Brigade, embracing this road our division, in advance, made an unimpeded march of four miles to Salem Church, where shells from Confederate guns gave us notice of their presence. Bartlett's brigade was formed in line of battle, with the Sixteenth New York holding the skirmish line in front, the Twenty-seventh New York on the right, the Ninety-sixte Third Division, with one brigade of the First Division, faced west against McLaws, with its right upon the river; the remaining brigades of the First Division, Bartlett's and Torbert's, faced south, confronting Anderson, touching the other sides of the square. The first movement on this Monday morn, May 4, was a Confederate a
hting on that day? It did all that was necessary for it to do. Roster. Sixth Army Corps. Engaged at Gettysburg, July 2 and 3, 1863. Sixth Corps.—Maj. Gen. John Sedgwick, Commanding. First Division. Brig. Gen. Horatio G. Wright, Commanding. First Brigade.—Brig. Gen. A. T. A. Torbert, Commanding. 1st New Jersey, Lieut. Col. Wm. Henry, Jr.; 2d New Jersey, Col. Samuel L. Buck; 3d New Jersey, Col. Henry W. Brown; 15th New Jersey, Col. Wm. H. Penrose. Second Brigade.—Brig. Gen. J. J. Bartlett, Commanding. 5th Maine, Col. Clark S. Edwards; 121st New York, Col. Emory Upton; 95th Pennsylvania, Lieut. Col. Edward Carroll; 96th Pennsylvania, Lieut. Col. Wm. H. Lessig. Third Brigade.—Brig. Gen. D. A. Russell, Commanding. 6th Maine, Col. Hiram Burnham; 49th Pennsylvania, Col. Wm. H. Irvin; 119th Pennsylvania, Col. P. E. Ellmaker; 5th Wisconsin, Col. Thos. S. Allen. Second Division. Brig. Gen. A. P. Howe, Commanding. Second Brigade.—Col. L. A. Grant, Commanding. 2