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Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Letters and Journals of Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Chapter 3: Journeys (search)
dreams. In 1855 the Higginsons sailed for Fayal for the benefit of Mrs. Higginson's health. Dabney has been giving information respecting Fayal, delighting Mary's fancy with thoughts of nunsr dreamed of finding her sweet enemy, boys, in Fayal, and has thoughts of returning in the vessel forthwith. Fayal, Friday, November 9 O wonderful, wonderful, and most wonderful, and again pasare now prostrate. Saturday, November 10 Fayal is more digestible on the second day. What I wected, are not quite so importunate. Horta, Fayal, December 29 Our chamber window looks down ore. There were terrible winter storms at Fayal and many disabled ships were seen. An extractnths to transport them across the rough sea to Fayal. Yet here alone can they be in safety, as youds reach Magdalena. After his return from Fayal, Mr. Higginson was plunged into the Kansas troly with whom he had been in close relations in Fayal: Steamboat Cataract, aground on a bank in the[1 more...]
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Letters and Journals of Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Chapter army life and camp drill (search)
ush them. . .. William, our attendant, speaks with contempt of the cultivation of this famous plantation--No yam, sa; no white potato, no brimstone --which is the startling name given to the yellow sweet potato such as we have at the North, but which is superseded here by a smaller and more insipid white one.... A boatload of holiday negroes crossed the river, and as the women, in gay colors with head-kerchiefs, were carried ashore in the men's arms, I was reminded of similar scenes in Fayal, while the continuous sing-song talk might as well have been Portuguese as English. I am constantly struck with this resemblance; a peasantry is a peasantry, I suppose; black or white, slave or free, it has certain characteristics. Those dirty irregular negro houses and their surroundings are much like the Fayalese, though there is not here that beautiful whiteness of clothing, and the people are more degraded. The Colonel's housekeeping was in a tent bounded in a nutshell. December
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Letters and Journals of Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Index. (search)
illiam, described 46; slavery attitude, 71, 72. Curtis, Judge, 70. Cushing, Mrs., Betsey, 34, 35 Cushman, Charlotte S., 244, 265. D Dabneys, the; of Fayal, 125, 126, 133, 134, 136, 137; letter to, about Kansas, 142-44. Dame, Mrs., and Newport boardinghouse, 235, 246, 264. Dana, Charles, described, 13, 14, 46. Emerson, Ralph Waldo, letter to, 33; Channing on, 42; proposed lecture of, 59; described, 93. Everetts, the Sidney, 266. F Fay, Maria, 1, and note. Fayal, 124-37; fascination of, 126-30; storms at, 131-37. Field, Kate, 228, 243; in London, 282. Fields, James T., home of, 102, 103; editor, 111, 112; criticized,inners, 106-11; and Atlantic Monthly, 111, 112; his essay on Snow, 114; travels, 117-53; goes to Mt. Katahdin, 117-20; excursion to Adirondacks, 120-24; journey to Fayal, 124-37; and Kansas, 137-44; at Princeton, Mass., 144-46; at Pigeon Cove, Mass., 146-51; description of Aunt Hannah, 151-53; and military preparations at Worcester