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Italy (Italy) 86 0 Browse Search
Spain (Spain) 62 0 Browse Search
Rome (Italy) 56 0 Browse Search
Epidamnus (Albania) 54 0 Browse Search
Brundusium (Italy) 50 0 Browse Search
Sicily (Italy) 42 0 Browse Search
France (France) 40 0 Browse Search
Thessaly (Greece) 34 0 Browse Search
Corfinium 32 0 Browse Search
Marseilles (France) 30 0 Browse Search
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Brundusium (Italy) (search for this): book 1, chapter 28
The people of Brundusium, provoked by the affronts they had received from Pompey, and the insults of his soldiers, wished well to Caesar's cause; and having notice of Pompey's intended departure while the soldiers were busied with the care of embarking, found means to signify it from the tops o their houses. Caesar, upon this intelligence, ordered scaling ladders to be prepared, and the soldiers to repair to their arms, that he might not lose any opportunity of acting Pompey weighed anchor a little before night, and gave the signal for recalling the soldiers that were upon the walls, who repaired with all expedition to the ships prepared for them. Meantime the scaling ladders are applied to the walls, and Caesar's troops enter the town. But bei