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igh dayes are all lighted. Whensoever any Spaniards passe by this church, although they be on horse backe, they will alight, and come into the church, and kneele before the image, and pray to our Lady to defend them from all evil; so that whether he be horseman or footman he will not passe by, but first goe into the Church, and pray as aforesayd, which if they doe not, they thinke and beleeve that they shall never prosper: which image they call in the Spanish tongue, Nuestra sennora de Guadalupe . At this place there are certain cold baths, which arise, springing up as though the water did seeth: the water whereof is somewhat brackish in taste, but very good for any that have any sore or wound, to wash themselves therewith, for as they say, it healeth many: and every yeere once upon our Lady day the people use to repaire thither to offer, and to pray in that Church before the image, and they say that our Lady of Guadalupe doeth worke a number of miracles. About this Church there is
e cattell woonderfull. In the Island of Santo Domingo they commonly kill the beasts for their hides and tallow; and the fowles eat the carkeises: and so they do in Cuba and Porto Rico, whereas there is much sugar, and cana fistula, which dayly they send into Spaine. They have great increase of sheepe in like maner, and dayly do inhich accustomed to begin there about that time of the yere, & so the 24. of July 1568. we departed from thence directing our course North: and leaving the yland of Cuba upon our right hand, to the Eastward of us, and so sayling toward Florida upon the 12. of August an extreeme tempest arose, which dured for the space of 8 dayes, it to their owne countrey people, in doubling the price. Also much of the Salt made in this place, is transported from thence by sea to sundry other places, as to Cuba , S. John de Ullua, and the other ports of Tamiago, and Tamachos, which are two barred havens West and by South above threescore leagues from S. John de Ullua. When
Dominica (Dominica) (search for this): narrative 716
Februarie 1568. wee departed from the coast of Africa , having the weather somewhat tempestuous, which made our passage the more hard; and sayling so for the space of 52. dayes, upon the 27. of March 1568. we came in sight of an yland called Dominica , upon the coast of America in the West Indies, situated in 14. degrees of latitude, and 322. of longitude: from thence our Generall coasted from place to place, ever making trafique with the Spaniards and Indians as hee might, which was somewhtily, & take the muske from them with a spoone. Now we directed our course from Guinea towards the West Indies. And by the way died Captaine Dudley. In sayling towards the Indies, the first land that we escryed, was the Iland called Dominica , where at our comming we ancored, & tooke in fresh water and wood for our provision: which done, we sayled towards the Iland called Margarita, where our Generall in despite of the Spaniards anchored, landed, & tooke in fresh victuals. A mile of
he would hang his pilote: for he said, that twise before he had almost cast away the Admirall. When it was day, he commanded a piece to be shot off, to call to councill: the other Admirall in his ship came up to him, and asked what the matter was, he said, that his pilote had cast away his ship and all the fleet, had it not bene for two of the Englishmen, and therefore he would hang him. The other Admirall with many faire words perswaded him to the contrary. When we came in the height of Bermuda , we discovered a monster in the sea, who shewed himselfe three times unto us from the middle upwards, in which parts hee was proportioned like a man, of the complection of a Mulato, or tawny Indian. The Generall did commaund one of his clearks to put it in writing, and hee certified the King and his Nobles thereof. Presently after this, for the space of sixteene dayes we had wonderful foule weather, and then God sent us a faire wind, untill such time as we discovered the Iland called Faial
Honduras (Honduras) (search for this): narrative 716
or all the Spanish merchants that then traded in the South sea: for from this port they use to imbarke all their goods that goe for Peru , and to the kingdome of Honduras . From Guaxaca I came to a towne named Nixapa, which standeth upon certaine very high hilles in the province of Sapotecas, wherein inhabit about the number of tI bestowed that which I caried in annile (which is a kinde of thing to die blew withall) which I caried with me to the port of Cavallos, lying in the kingdome of Honduras , which port is a mighty huge gulfe, and at the comming in on the one side of it there lieth a towne of little force without ordinance or any other strength, haviin small frigats, is a certeine wood called campeche, (wherewith they use to die) as also hides and annile. By this there lieth the province of Iucatan, nere the Honduras by the North sea coast, where there is also another bishop, and a towne likewise named Iucatan, where there dwell a few Spanyards. They have no force at all i
Jamaica (Jamaica) (search for this): narrative 716
llowing, taking their course by the Island of Jamaica, in which Island there dwell on the West side of it certeine Spanyards of no great number. From this place they go to the cape of S. Anthony, which is the uttermost part of the Westward of the Island of Cuba, and from thence to Havana lying hard by, which is the chiefest port that the king of Spaine hath in all the countreys of the Indies, and of greatest importance: for all the ships, both from Peru , Hunduras, Porto rico, S. Domingo, Jamaica , and all other places in his Indies, arrive there in their returne to Spaine, for that in this port they take in victuals and water, and the most part of their lading : here they meet from all the foresayd places alwayes in the beginning of May by the kings commandement: at the entrance of this port it is so narrow, that there can scarse come in two ships together, although it be above sixe fadome deepe in the narrowest place of it. In the North side of the comming in there standeth a tower
Mexico (Mexico) (search for this): narrative 716
Rica, to be transported thence to the city of Mexico , which is sixty and odde leagues distant frome it would burne all. Before you come to Mexico , there is a great towne called Tlaxcalla, whiew them should lie towards the Northwest from Mexico . They have used and use dayly much diligence ard to another. When a Spaniard is farre from Mexico , or any place of justice, thinking to doe wites wee came to a towne within five leagues of Mexico , which is called Quoghliclan, where wee also ot past fifteene English miles from thence to Mexico , whereof we were all very joyfull and glad, he departed from thence on our journey towards Mexico , and so travelled till wee came within two le Spaniards going to Mecameca, 18 leagues from Mexico , to send away certaine hides and Cochinilla, selfe farre ynough from that way that went to Mexico . And as I was thus going in the woods, I saw imprisonment. I suffered imprisonment in Mexico two yeeres. In the Contratation house in [64 more...]
Nicaragua (Nicaragua) (search for this): narrative 716
ico, and to all or most part of the other principall provinces, cities, townes and places throughout the great and large kingdom of New Spaine, even as farre as Nicaragua and Panama, & thence to Peru : together with a description of the Spaniards forme of government there: and sundry pleasant relations of the maners and customes the space of 23. yeeres, I ende. A relation of the Haven of Tecuanapa, a most convenient place for building of ships, situate upon the South sea not farre from Nicaragua , which was sent unto the viceroy of Mexico or to the king of Spaine: wherein are described the rivers of Ometepec, Tlacamama, and Tlacolula falling into the sar parts of the same river it hath great quantitie of woods which use to grow in hot soiles, fit for ship-timber, as Huber-trees, & Suchicuhitil, whereof they of Nicaragua make great profit. Also there be white okes and Tehegurtes in great quantitie, and many other kinds of timber: and in the mountaines there be firretrees, okes,
Newfoundland (Canada) (search for this): narrative 716
port towne which is on the South sea, called Puerto de Acapulco, where as there are shippes which they have ordinarily for the navigation of China , which they have newly found. This port is threescore leagues from Mexico . There is another port towne which is called Culiacan , on the South sea, which lieth West and by North out of Mexico , and is 200 leagues from the same: and there the Spanyards made two ships to goe seeke the streight or gulfe, which, as they say, is betweene the Newfoundland and Groenland ; and they call it the Englishmens streigth: which as yet was never fully found. They say, that streight lieth not farre from the maine land of China , which the Spanyards account to be marvellous rich. Toward the North from Mexico there are great store of silver mines. There is greater quantitie of silver found in these mines toward the North, then there is any other parts: and as the most men of experience sayde alwayes, they finde the richer mines the more Northerly.
Cuzco (Peru) (search for this): narrative 716
to Panama is 17 leagues distance: from which towne there runneth a river which is called the river of Chagre, which runneth within 5 leagues of Panama, to a place called Cruzes, thorow which river they cary their goods, and disimbarke them at the sayd Cruzes, and from thence they are conveyed on mules backs to Panama by land; where they againe imbarke them in certeine small ships in the South sea for all the coast of Peru . In one of these ships I went to Potossi, and from thence by land to Cusco , and from thence to Paita. Here I remained the space of seven moneths, and then returned into the kingdome of Guatimala, and arrived in the province of Nicoia, and Nicaragua. From Nicaragua I travelled by land to a province called Nicamula (which lieth toward the North sea in certaine high mountaines) for that I could not passe thorow the kingdome of Guatimala at that time for waters, wherewith all the Low countreys of the province of Soconusco, lying by the South sea, are drowned with
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