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of Trinidad, Margarita, Dominica , Deseada, Monserrate, Guadalupe , Martinino, and all the rest of the Antilles ; As likewie Todos Santos, which are 4 or 5 little Islands betweene Guadalupe and Dominica . There is nothing upon these Islands but wood. We came to the Southeast side of Guadalupe and there ankered hard aboord the shore: the Southwest side of the Island ildest goe for Nueva Espanna, and so doest passe betweene Guadalupe and Monserate to the Westward, that being thus open off ke many white sheetes. Markes of the Island of Guadalupe.THE Island of Guadalupe lieth on the West of DeseadaIsland of Guadalupe lieth on the West of Deseada, and upon the Southwest part thereof appeare many hie mountaines, but upon the East side it maketh certaine tables, which are called the high part of Guadalupe . And this Island is cut North and South; so that the Canoas of India do passe from the landes lying one close by another upon the South side of Guadalupe . For to goe with S. Juan de Puerto rico you must stirre
Cienaga (Colombia) (search for this): narrative 732
h, which doeth answere to both parts of the sea; so on this side the Citie is very strong and sufficient. For this was the place whereof the Citizens were most afrayde. The other entring is lower downe by the sayde sandy Bay, which is called Cienaga , or The fenne del Roreado. This is another place which is on the sayd sandy bay, which is 300. yardes broad from the one place downe to the sea. And on the other side there lyeth the Cienaga , which is a certaine plat of ground that is overfloweCienaga , which is a certaine plat of ground that is overflowen with water all the yeere long. So that the enemie which shall come this way to winne the Citie, must come marching over land a good way upon a sandie banke or Bay, where the Sea lyeth on the one side, and a grove or boske of wood on the other side, and through a plat of ground which is overflowen with water, but not all covered. So in this place wee have made a Fort or Sconce with certaine Flanckers belonging therunto. And I have caused a deepe ditch to be digged of 60. foote in bredth, so tha
nking it good to suffer fiftie English men to remaine in the countrey, sent a servant of his called Diego de Frees, with a hundreth and fifty shot into the mountaines to seeke them out, who found them making of certaine Canoas to goe into the North sea , and there to take some barke or other: some of them were sicke, and were taken, and the rest fled with the Negros, who in the end betrayed them to the Spaniards, so that they were brought to Panama. And the Justice of Panama asked the English , so these dwellers doe say that in Sommer the wayes are very good without either dirt or water. The other entrance is up the river of Chagre, which rivers mouth lyeth eighteene leagues from Nombre de Dios to the Westwards falling into the North sea , and this is the place which the citizens of Panama doe most feare, for they may come up this river to Venta de Cruzes, and so from thence march to this citie, which is but five leagues off. So up this river there goe boates and barkes which do
Milford (New Jersey, United States) (search for this): narrative 732
Havana , untill the five and twentieth of July: then we set our course for the head of the Martyrs, the 27 we were in sight of them. The 28 wee entred the gulfe of Bahama: then we set our course homeward toward Newfoundland , but we could not fetch it, but were on the Banke, and tooke fish there the 20 day of August. The same night we set sayle to come home, by reason the wind was contrary to goe in with Newfoundland . So the tenth day of September, we arrived in safety (God be thanked) in Milford haven in Wales, having performed so long a voyage in the space of sixe moneths, or somewhat lesse. The voyage truely discoursed, made by sir Francis Drake, and sir John Hawkins, chiefly pretended for some speciall service on the Islands and maine of the West Indies, with sixe of the Queenes ships, and 21 other shippes and barkes, containing 2500 men and boyes, in the yeere 1595. In which voyage both the foresayd knights died by sicknesse. WEE brake ground out of the sound of Plimmouth on T
Mendoza (Argentina) (search for this): narrative 732
ounter with the English Navie, whensoever they that remaine shall arrive in Spaine. But the Generall seemeth to be a very good proficient in his profession, and waxeth somewhat bold, treading the true steps of olde Bernardino de Mendoza: and yet Mendoza was somewhat more warie in his lies, for he had sometime the colour of intelligence to shadowe them: but the Generall growing from boldnesse to impudencie maketh no scruple to say, that the English Navie fled as fast as they could without dischaitie at all, or likelihood of truth. But such are the Generals rare gifts, (be it spoken to his small prayse) that we Englishmen must of force confesse, that the Generall hath given a proud onset to carrie the whetstone from Sennor Bernaldino de Mendoza : neither will the hundred and fortie men and fifteene noble Captaines (which he saith he did take, of whom he might have bene rightly informed of their Generals name) acquit him of lying forgerie, for giving the name of Quebraran to the English
there came a small Barke by, which came from Peru from a place called Quito , which he tooke andver brought home in safetie which commeth from Peru . And all those commodities which are laden in stand in most need of them. In al the coast of Peru there is no harbour that hath any shipping butt that instant, when those barks, do come from Peru with your majesties gold & silver, for sometimf Mechuacan, to the king of Spaine, written in Peru in the citie de los Reyes the first of March in Spaine, written from the city of Potossi in Peru the 20. of July 1590, touching a great plague . This sicknesse runneth al along the coast of Peru , and hath passed into the streights of MagalanCartagena . These are the richest mines in all Peru . And thus I rest. From Santa Fee de Bogota trey doth not yeeld it: for it is brought from Peru . A li. of bread is worth here 2. rials of plat. For the silver mines which dayly be found in Peru be wonderfull to bee spoken of. If a man did n[20 more...]
the keele of her. The 25 he came to Cape Blanco, which is upon the coast of Africa , and a place where the Portugals do ride, that fish there in the moneth of Novrs, for the time of their being there and for their fishing upon that coast of Africa , doe pay a certaine tribute to the king of the Moores. The people of that part of Africa are tawnie, having long haire without any apparell, saving before their privie members. Their weapons in warres are bowes and arrowes. The 26 we deparlso the next day we came to an anker at Quitangone a place on the main land of Africa , which is two or three leagues to the Northward of Mozambique, where the Portueete, I continued my purpose for the West Indies, and first for Cape Blanco in Africa upon the deserts of Libya . My last hope was to meete my lost ship, and withon of the most infectious serenas or dewes that fall all along these coasts of Africa , I caused my Master Abraham Kendall to shape his course directly for the isle
India (India) (search for this): narrative 732
e duke of Northumberland , before a worke which he translated out of Munster in the yeere 1553, called A treatise of new India , maketh mention of a voyage of discoverie undertaken out of England by sir Thomas Pert and Sebastian Cabota, about the 8for them being out of their reach, and so departed with his treasure. The voyage of John Oxnam of Plimmouth, to the west India , and over the straight of Dariene into the South sea. Anno 1575. Written by the foresaid Lopez Vaz in the said discourse.t Indies; but having calmes and contrary windes, wee were untill the moneth of June before wee could recover the coast of India neere Calicut ; whereby many of our men died for want of refreshing. In this moneth of June we came to an anker at the isnably fortified, but wee presently prevailed and tooke it the 7 of April, being the most poore and miserable place of all India . Now our hopes were all frustrate and no likelihood remayning how we could by any meanes make a voyage: our General reser
Grand Cayman (search for this): narrative 732
lands of Baru some 14 leagues to the Westward of Carthagena: The Generall that night told us he would stand in for the towne of Baru in the bay: but that night blew so much winde and continued that small moone, that the same night we lost the Foresight, and the next day standing againe to make the land which we had made, we lost companie of the Susan Parnel, The Helpe, and the Pegasus. Then the next day we put over for Cape S. Antonie, and gave over Santa Martha. The 25 we saw the Iland of Grand Cayman some 30 leagues to the Northwestward of Jamaica, being a low sandie Iland, having many tortoyses about it. The 26 we saw the hie land of Cuba to the Eastward of the broken Ilands, to the East of the Iland of Pinos, and were imbayed in among those dangerous places. But perceiving it, we stood out againe South-southeast and so got cleere, and then stood away West and by North for the Ile of Pinos, which we saw the first of March. It is a low land with wood and fresh water to the We
Zamora (Spain) (search for this): narrative 732
. But in case that Don Antonio should come with an armie, and should seeke to invade this kingdome, these pro visions following would be needefull. THAT warning be given to the Conde de Beneventa, to the Marques de Soria, to the Conde of Altamira, to the Conde of Monterey, to the Marquesse of Zerraluo, and to the rest of the Lordes and Knights, which are to have order to bee in a readinesse, against hee come unto this kingdome. That the people also be trained of the cities of Toro , Zamora , and Salamanca , to bee ready to succour the countrey betweene the rivers of Doro and Minno: and the people of Estremadura and Sivilla are likewise to bee trained to be ready to succour the citie of Lisbon , and the countrey about the same. Also that the castles of this citie, river and territorie be victualled and provided of gunpowder, match and lead, and all things else belonging to the artillerie, as I have requested in the relations which I sent unto his majestie the 7. of March
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