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Pine Bluff (Arkansas, United States) (search for this): chapter 36
141. New Creek, W. Va., 598. New Hope Church, Ga., 620 New Madrid, Mo., 54. Newnan, Ga., 633. Newtonia, Mo., 37; 561. North of Farmville, Va., 742. Okolona, Miss., 617. Old River, La., 328. Oldtown, Md., 607. Opelousas, La., 340. Orangeburg, S. C., 699. Orchard Ridge, Tenn., 438. Padueah, Ky., 618. Paine's X-Roads, Va., 740. Palmetto Ranche, Tex., 757. Parker's X-roads, Tenn., 283. Petersburg Lines, Va., 734. Philadelphia. Tenn., 431. Pilot Knob, Mo., 557. Pine Bluff, Ark., 453. Pineville, Mo., 450. Plaquemine, La., 338. Pleasant Grove. La., 541. Plymouth, N. C., 533. Pocahontas, Ark., 451. Pocotaligo, S. C., 463. Pomeroy. Ohio, 406. Poolesville, Md., 352. Port Conway, Va., 394. Port Gibson, Miss., 297. Port Republic. Va., 139. Ponnd Gap, Ky., 42. Prairie d'anne. Ark., 552. Prestonburg. Ky., 42. Pulaski, Tenn., 678. Quaker Road. Va., 730. Rappahannock Station, 394. Reams's do. (Wilson), 588. Red Hill, Ala., 688. Resaca, Ga., 6
Fayetteville, Ga. (Georgia, United States) (search for this): chapter 36
nn.,430. Cynthiana. Ky., 624. Dabney's Mill. Va., 726. Dam No. 1, York R., Va.,112. Dandridge. Tenn., 623. Deatonsville, Va., 740. Decatur, Ala., 678. Deep Bottom, Va., 589. Donaldsonville. La., 338. Dover, Tenn., 283. Droop Mountain, Va., 404. Dublin Station. W. Va., 600. Egypt, Miss., 695. Elizabethtown, Ky., 283. Emmnitsburg Road, Md.,389. Falling Waters, Md., 392. Falmouth, Va, 352. Farmington, Tenn., 433. Fayetteville, Ark., 448. do. (Curtis's), 561. Fayetteville, Ga., 633. Fort Blunt, I. T., 449. Fort De Russy, La., 537. Fort Gibson, I. T., 454 Fort Gilmer, Va., 593. Fort Gregg, Va., 734. Fort Harrison, Va., 593. Forts Jackson and St. Philip, La., 89. Fort Macon, N. C., 79. Fort Pemberton, Miss., 297. Fort Rosecrans, Tenn., 683. Fort Smith, Ark., 555. Fort Steedman, Va., 728. Fort Sumter (assault), 481. (do. (bombardment), 466. Fort Wagner (assault), 476. Franklin, Tenn., 285. Front Roval,Va., 134. Gallatin, Tenn., 213
San Antonio (Texas, United States) (search for this): chapter 36
wisburg, 403. W. Wachusett, Capt. Collins, captures the Florida in Bahia harbor, 645-6. Wadsworth, Gen. James S., Military Governor of Washington, 108; on strength of Rebel army at Manassas in Jan., 1862, 112; strength of his force for defense of Washington, 130; at Gettysburg, 377; in council at Williamsport, 392; killed in the Wilderness, 569. Wainwright, Col., wounded at South Mountain, 198. Wainwright, Capt., killed at Galveston, 324. Waite, Col. C. A., captured at San Antonio, 18. Walker, Gen. W. H. T., at Antietam. 207; defeated at Jackson, 306; at Chickamauga. 415; fights Brannan at Pocotaligo, 463; retreats up Red river before Gen. A. J. Smith, 537; killed at Decatur, Ga., 633. Walker, Capt. (Navy), up the Yazoo river, 318. Wallace, Gen. Lew., 49; at Pittsburg Landing, 59-71; defeated at the Monocacy, 603. Wallace, Gen. W. H. L., 59; 63; killed at Pittsburg Landing, 64. Walthall, Gen., at Chickamauga, 417. War and its causes, Franklin Pi
Five Forks (Virginia, United States) (search for this): chapter 36
, 403-4. Ayres, Gen., captures 1,000 Rebels at Five Forks, 733. B. Bachelor's creek, N. C., Union g Farmville, Va., 741. Fisher's Hill, Va., 610. Five forks, Va., 731. Fort Donelson, Tenn., 46. Franklin, , 206; his advance at Gettysburg, 887; charges at Five Forks, 733. Creighton, Col., 7th Ohio, wounded, 177.6; at Malvern Hill, 165; captures 1,500 Rebels at Five Forks, 733. Griffith, Sergeant, 22d Iowa, captures 1ruction (if, 127-8. Merritt's brigade, 389; at Five Forks, 733. miles, Gen., captures 600 Rebels near Peuts Early at Waynesboroa, 727; attacked by Lee at Five Forks. 731; relieves Warren from command, 733; routs Pickett at Five Forks. 733; heads off Lee's army, 743; at New Orleans, 758. Sherman. Gen. T. W., issues a prol, 726; fights on Rowanty creek. 730; in fight at Five Forks, 731-2; relieved by Sheridan, 733. Warrenton Js her, 646-47. Winthrop, Gen. Fred., killed at Five Forks, 734. Wise, Gen. Henry A., at Roanoke Island,
Rappahannock (Virginia, United States) (search for this): chapter 36
rfreesboroa (or Stone River), Tenn., 273. Nashville, Tenn., 273. Newbern, N. C., 78. Newmarket. Va., 599. North Anna. Va., 577. Olustee, Florida, 531. Opequan Creek, Va., 608. Peach-tree Cr'k, Tenn., 631. Pea Ridge, Ark., 27. Perryville, Ky., 219. Petersburg, Va., 584. Piedmont, Va., 600. Pittsburg Landing (or Shiloh), Tenn., 58. Pleasant Hill, La., 542. Port Hudson, La., 329. Prairie Grove. Ark., 39. Proctor's Creek, Ga., 634. Pumpkinvine Cr'k, Ga., 628. Rappahannock, Va.. 397. Raymond, Miss., 305. Reams's Station, Va., 593. Richmond, Ky., 214. Roanoke Island, N. C.. 76. Sabine X-Roads, La., 589. Sailors' Creek, Va., 741. Savage's Station, Va., 160. Selma, Ala., 718. South Mountain, Md., 195. Spottsylvania C. H., Va.,572. Vicksburg (assault), 311. Weldon Railroad, Va., 567. Wilderness, Va., 567. Williamsburg, Va., 122. Yazoo Bluffs, Miss., 289. [See Minor Conflicts, p. 775.] Bayard, Gen. Geo. D., reports advance of the enemy, 1
Wytheville (Virginia, United States) (search for this): chapter 36
Duke at Kingsport, Tenn., 688; captures 200 men and 8 guns from Vaughan at Wytheville, Va., 688. Gillmore, Gen. Quincy A., routs Pegram near Somerset, 427; his plones, Gen. Thomas N., evacuates Pensacola, 459. Jones, Major-Gen. Sam., at Wytheville and Lewisburg, 403. Jones, Maj.-Gen. J. M., wounded at Malvern Hill, 166; 135; do., do., 605. Wise's Forks, N. C., 716. Wood Lake, Minn., 454. Wytheville, Va., 403; 599. Yazoo City, Miss., 318; 617. Yellow Tavern, Va., 574. Zollic Parsons, Gen. M., killed at Pleasant Hill, 544. Patton, Col. G. S., at Wytheville and Lewisburg, Va., 408; 404. Paul, Brig--Gen., wounded at Gettysburg, 388Pope's operations in, 172; Banks and McDowell assigned to Pope, 172; fight at Wytheville and Lewisburg, 403. W. Wachusett, Capt. Collins, captures the Floridaded at Antietam, 210. Wyman, Col. J. B., killed near Vicksburg, 290. Wytheville, Va., fight at, 403; Gillem takes 200 men and 8 guns at, 683. Y. Yazoo
Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania, United States) (search for this): chapter 36
Commission and the Christian Commission were chief among the agencies whereby the willing heart of the Nation went forth to succor and save her sons writhing in agony on the battle-field or tossing on beds of pain in field or camp hospitals. A single Fair, held in New York City in aid of the Sanitary Commission, realized — mainly through the gifts of her merchants and other citizens — no less than $1,351,27 5, whereof $1,181,506 was clear income. Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore, Chicago, Pittsburg, Albany, and most other cities, held similar fairs with corresponding results: the aggregate of contributions received and disbursed through this channel amounting to about $5,000,000 in cash and $9,000,000 in supplies. Those of the Christian Commission amounted to $4,500,000. And these are but samples of a work which, beginning with a subscription in April and May, 1861, of $179,500 in New York to form a Union defense fund for the equipment and subsistence of Volunteers, was maintained w
Elizabeth City (North Carolina, United States) (search for this): chapter 36
built, 398. Raymond, Miss., McPherson's battle at, 305. Reagan, John H., captured at Irwinsville, 756. Reams's Station, Hancock's fight at, 593. Red river, rescue of gunboats on the, 549; 550; capture and destruction of transports on the, 550; successful Rebel attack below Alexandria on the, 550. Reid, S. C., on the battle of Chickamauga, 424. Rencher, Gov. Abraham, of New Mexico, 21. Reno, Gen. Jesse L., with Burnside, 73; in attack on Newbern, 78; expedition of, to Elizabeth City, 79-80; reenforces Gen. Pope, 178; cooperates with Gen. Sigel, 179; is present at Gainesville, 183; covers the retreat at second Bull Run, 187; killed at South Mountain, 198. Resaca, Ga., abandoned by Johnston, 626. Revere, Col., Mass., killed at Gettysburg, 388. Reynolds, Gen. John F., at Gaines's Mill, 156; taken prisoner, 157; at Gainesville, 183; at second Bull Run, 189; at Fredericksburg, 347; killed at Gettysburg, 877. Rhode Island, State Election of, 1863, 486. Rhod
Richmond (Virginia, United States) (search for this): chapter 36
t to Cold Harbor, 579; his grand assault at Cold Harbor, 5S1; he crosses the James river, 583; end of his campaign of 1864 and losses, 597; remarks on the results ofston's army out of, 317. Jaensen, Major, killed before Vicksburg, 290. James river, scene of operations and map of, 168; crossed by Grant, 583; Sheridan bafflemands corps in Army of the Potomac, 108; surprised at Fair Oaks, 142; on the James river, 159; at Malvern Hill, 165; retreats on Washington, 394. Kilpatrick, Gen.he Secretary of War, after his defeat at Gaines's Mill, 158: retreats to the James river, 159, 160-1; at Malvern Hill, 166-7: his report of losses luring the Seven Dependence, Mo., 36; 560. Jackson, Miss., 317. James Island, S. C., 475. James River, Va., 727. Jefferson, Va., 395. Jenkins's Ferry, Ark., 553. Jericho Ford. V208. Richmond, Ky., Kirby Smith routs Manson and then Nelson at, 215. Richmond, Va., siege of, raised, 168; operations near, 173; demonstration made on, 394; G
Morris Island (South Carolina, United States) (search for this): chapter 36
's Mill, 436. Barton, Col., 3d N. H., at Fort Wagner, 477. Batesville, Ark., Marmaduke defeatreasury, 661. Chatfield, Col., killed at Fort Wagner, 477. Chattahoochee river, Johnston retrdment of, 467-8-9; evacuation of, 702-3. Fort Wagner, Gen. Strong's assault on, a failure, 477; eopened to, 270. Green, Col., wounded at Fort Wagner, 477. Green, Gen., wounded at Wauhatchieksburg, 347. Jackson, Col., 76th Pa., at Fort Wagner, 477. Jacksonville, Fla., retaken by Uniassault), 481. (do. (bombardment), 466. Fort Wagner (assault), 476. Franklin, Tenn., 285. Fl, Gen., engaged at Gaines's Mill, 155. Morris Island, Gen. Strong established at, 475; failure 457; Fort Sanders, 432; Fort Sumter, 467-9; Fort Wagner, 47781; Island Number10, 55; Knoxville, 431established on Morris Island, 475; assaults Fort Wagner and is killed, 477. Stuart, Gen. David, red H., menaces James Island, 475; assaults Fort Wagner, 481; assaults and takes Fort Fisher, 713; [6 more...]
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