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1708 AD 45 45 Browse Search
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Browsing named entities in a specific section of Edward H. Savage, author of Police Recollections; Or Boston by Daylight and Gas-Light ., Boston events: a brief mention and the date of more than 5,000 events that transpired in Boston from 1630 to 1880, covering a period of 250 years, together with other occurrences of interest, arranged in alphabetical order. Search the whole document.

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Portsmouth, Va. (Virginia, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
House. The old Town House occupied, Oct. 25, 1780 An attempt to remove from Boston, June, 1787 Beacon Hill, ground broken, May 15, 1795 Built, and dome completed, Oct. 19, 1796 On Beacon Hill, first occupied, Jan. 11, 1798 The Codfish over the Speaker's desk put up, Jan. 11, 1798 West end addition completed, Sep. 8, 1853 Remodeled and repaired, Dec., 1867 Liquor Agent causes a sensation at State House, Nov., 1859 Prison. See Prisons. Stages from Boston to Portsmouth once a week, 1763 From Boston to New York once in three days, 1814 Traveling, the practice of the day, 1830 Surperseded by railroads, 1840 Statuary Adams, Samuel, placed in Dock square, July 4, 1880 Aristides, placed in Louisburg square, Dec. 1, 1849 Columbus, placed in Louisburg square, Aug. 1, 1851 Emancipation, placed in Park square, Dec. 6, 1879 Ether, placed in the Public Garden, Jan. 27, 1869 Everett, Edward, placed in Public Garden, Nov. 18, 1867 Fra
North Chelsea (Massachusetts, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
88 persons killed, Jan. 11, 1860 Cars ran off Eastern R. R. bridge, 4 men killed, Nov. 21, 1862 Otis place wall fell, 6 men badly injured, Feb. 4, 1866 Wall fell in Orange lane, 3 children killed, Apr. 21, 1866 Accidents Three men suffocated in a cess-pool, Pembroke street, June 23, 1866 Wall fell in Summer street, 5 men badly injured, Feb. 1, 1867 Broad street Sugar Refinery fell, 3 men killed, July 24, 1868 Three men killed on Atlantic avenue, May 23, 1870 At Revere, on Eastern R. R., 32 persons killed, Aug. 26, 1871 At City Hall elevator, Engineer Whorf killed, Nov. 7, 1876 Runaway team killed Mr. Hill, corner Beacon and Tremont streets, Jan. 14, 1877 Boiler explosion at East Boston, 2 men killed, Mar. 23, 1877 Staging in Blackstone square fell, many persons injured, Sep. 17, 1877 At Wollaston, Old Colony R. R., 5 killed, many injured, Oct. 8, 1878 Sloop capsized in the harbor, 5 persons drowned, June 8, 1879 Several lives lost in
Quiquechan River (Massachusetts, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
. 16, 1846 Alfred T. Turner, appointed, May 16, 1853 Charles Harris, appointed, Dec. 19, 1864 Signs, ordered removed to within one foot of building, Apr. 16, 1874 Strike of shoemakers at Lynn; Boston police called, Jan. 24, 1860 Of the Boston printers, began, Aug. 11, 1864 Of workmen, at Boston Water Works, at Newton, Apr. 21, 1876 Of engineers; trouble at Boston and Maine Railroad depot, Feb. 12, 1877 Great railroad engineer's, South and West, July, 1877 At Fall River, began, June 26, 1879 Submarine race Long Wharf to East Boston, July 4, 1868 Sub-Treasury removed to Merchants' Exchange, Jan. 30, 1868 Sunderland, Leroy Physiological lecturer, at Miller Temple, Nov. 18, 1843 Swearing and Pow-wowing fined ten shillings, 1646 Imprisonment, if not paid, 1880 Swimming Match Webb and Boynton, at Nantasket, Sep. 5, 1879 Capt. Webb's last swim at Niagara Falls, July 24, 1883 Swine running at large, to be yoked and rung,
Maine (Maine, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
built, 1854 Fitchburg R. R., over Charles river, built, 1848 Bridges Maine R. R., over Charles river, built, 1845 Lowell R. R., over Charles river, bui, appointed, Jan. 1, 1852 Abel Cushing, resigned, Oct. 15, 1858 Sebeus C. Maine, appointed, Nov. 5, 1858 Thomas Russell, resigned, May 12, 1859 George D.nment, Apr. 19, 1852 Law prohibiting the sale, took effect, July 22, 1852 Maine Law, took effect in Massachusetts, May 2, 1855 Prosecutions fail with juriesrk once in three days, 1814 Goes from Boston to New York once a day, 1880 Maine District purchased slily by Massachusetts, May 12, 1680 Became a State by7, 1838 Eastern cars come in at Causeway street, Apr. 10, 1854 Boston and Maine opened from Haymarket square, July 4, 1845 Old Colony opened for travel, Nov Of Henry Poore, in State street, $4,000, July 12, 1870 Of Berwick Bank, in Maine, Dec. 16, 1870 Of Mr. Breed, on Broad street, $8,000, Oct. 5, 1877 Of Nor
Dalton, Ga. (Georgia, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
ief of Police, Feb. 11, 1861 Chosen Chief of Police, Apr. 4, 1870 Appointed Probation Officer for Suffolk Co., Oct. 21, 1878 Savannah sufferers Great relief meeting at Faneuil Hall, Jan. 9, 1865 Scales large, first in use at the Market, 1782 Scandals An unwritten sensation in high life, caused by a kiss, Oct., 1788 Carpenter and apprentice girl, at South Boston, Sep., 1821 A constable and Archer's ring, Aug., 1836 Rev. Joy H. Fairchild's, began, June, 1844 Dalton and Coburn, began, Oct., 1855 Hancock School, began, Nov., 1856 Rev. Isaac H. Kalloch's, began, Jan., 1857 Officer Prescott sensation, Aug., 1858 Rev. Henry Ward Beecher sensation, June, 1875 Scavengers Had six carts in service, 1800 Carts ordered to have tail-boards, 1809 Employ 150 horses, 1880 Schools established by law, Oct., 1647 For writing, established, 1696 Provided for colored persons, 1728 Children in the town, 1,334, July, 1799 Celebration
Boston Harbor (Massachusetts, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
ia A prison carriage from police stations to the tombs, Sep. 24, 1854 Blockade of Boston Harbor by British men-of-war, May 10, 1774 Embargo closed the harbor to shipping, Jan. 23, 1809 On Commonwealth avenue, evening, July 5, 1869 Fleet French, Marquis DeJoinville, in Boston harbor, Aug. 27, 1788 English, reported being off the harbor, Apr. 10, 1814 Russian, Mahomed Pascha, in Boston harbor, May 18, 1858 Flour Mills at East Boston, built, 1849 At Eastern avenue, built, 1846 Flower Show a tent and fine display on the Common, June 13, 1873 Flyingbber Merchants are guests at Boston, June 8, 1877 Russian Embassy's fleet arrive in Boston harbor, May 22, 1864 S. Sabbath Breakers fined and imprisoned, 1727 Safe Blowing by of Rights, Oct. 25, 1780 English Emancipation Anniversary, July 15, 1813 Excitement in Boston harbor (slave-catchers), Aug. 1, 1836 Catchers, Hughes and Knights in limbo, Oct. 16, 1850 Sh
Medford (Massachusetts, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
Completed a translation of the Bible in Indian language, 1663 Emancipation proclaimed by President Lincoln, Jan. 1, 1863 Statue given by Moses Kimball, placed in Park square, Dec. 6, 1879 Emerson, Nath'l ex-Police Captain, died at Medford, aged 62, Aug. 5, 1879 Envelopes for letters, came in use, 1840 Express Harnden's, first ran to New York, 1839 Adams, established in Boston, 1840 Ellsler, Fanny dancing at Tremont Theatre, July 31, 1838 Everett, Edward ng raised, Dec., 1866 Upper reservoir, Chestnut Hill, dedicated, Oct. 26, 1868 Lower reservoir, the water let in, Oct. 25, 1870 Great pains taken to suppress waste, Jan., 1871 Pumping machinery and stand-pipe built at Roxbury, 1869 Mystic water introduced at East Boston, Jan. 1, 1870 Reservoir on Parker Hill, built, 1874 Rights to Sudbury River secured, Jan., 1875 Register. J. Avery Richards, appointed, Jan. 4, 1849 William F. Davis, appointed Oct. 13, 1856 Wax Figu
Long Island Sound (United States) (search for this): chapter 2
eighty, from forty to one hundred tons each, 1666 Fifteen French vessels arrive in the harbor, June 8, 1711 Fifty building at the wharves, July, 1741 All the British driven from the harbor, June 14, 1776 Fifty-two clear from the Custom-House, July 13, 1844 One hundred and twenty-nine arrived to-day, May 14, 1846 The Franklin wrecked at Wellfleet, Mar. 1, 1849 Steam. The North America arrived from St. Johns, Nov. 21, 1839 Ships Steam. The Lexington burned on Long Island Sound; 150 lives lost, Jan. 13, 1840 The Unicorn, first of the Cunard line, arrived in Boston, June 4, 1840 Fever, raging with emigrants at Deer Island, June, 1847 Shot Richard Ames, on the Common, for desertion, Nov. 3, 1768 A boy in Dock square, by a revenue informer, Feb. 11, 1770 Valentine Ducat, on the Common, for desertion, Sep. 1, 1774 William Ferguson, on the Common, for desertion, Dec. 24, 1774 Elijah Woodard, on the Common, for desertion, Oct. 5, 1777 Sol
Jamaica Pond (Massachusetts, United States) (search for this): chapter 2
rs of the Poor, 1656 Allowed to set up for themselves, 1657 Apple Island sold by the town to private individuals, 1723 Occupied as a residence, by William Marsh, 1814 Marsh's house destroyed by fire, Nov. 11, 1835 Aqueduct Jamaica Pond incorporated, June, 1790 Superseded by introduction of Cochituate water, Oct. 25, 1848 Aquitamong an Indian, aged 112 years, visited Boston, Aug. 25, 1723 Arabella the emigrants' favorite, died at Salem, 1630 Arch a myster Watch House One occupied at South Boston, Dec., 1835 Rattles provided for the department, May, 1796 Retained by the police, until May, 1868 Watts, Doctor the psalmist; news of death received, April 8, 1849 Water, Aqueduct Jamaica Pond Company incorporated, Feb. 27, 1795 Logs laid in the streets in Boston, May, 1796 Very useful at fires, Dec., 1799 Superseded by the Cochituate, Oct. 25, 1848 Purchased by the City of Boston, May, 5, 1851 Bailie appointed by the
Court (Switzerland) (search for this): chapter 2
Enlarged and completed, Mar. 10, 1806 A Superintendent chosen, Oct. 14, 1833 A Free-Soil meeting broken up there, Nov. 15, 1850 Had a clock presented by children, Jan. 14, 1850 The grasshopper repaired and replaced, Dec., 1852 The lower floor opened as a market, Oct. 28, 1858 A steel bell placed thereon, Apr. 15, 1867 Still retains the name Old Cradle of Liberty, 1880 Farm School located at Thompson's Island, May 4, 1834 Faro Bank keepers begin to be fined at Court, Feb. 14, 1824 Fast driving on the streets punished by fine, Mar. 1, 1806 Day, Held for the sins of the country, July 21, 1642 Held on account of the small-pox, Sep., 1667 Held for the bad state of the currency, Dec. 16, 1736 Held to avert war with England, Nov. 16, 1814 Held to save the Union, Sep. 26, 1861 Held again to preserve the Union, Apr. 30, 1863 Held again to protect the Union, Aug. 4, 1864 Federal Constitution adopted at the Federal st. Church, Feb
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