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January 10th (search for this): chapter 6
sault, but neither official nor definite, and could not learn, for a week afterwards, whether Sherman had fought his way into Vicksburg or not. On the 4th, McPherson was ordered north from the Tallahatchie; but the backward movement was a slow one; the roads were in miserable condition by reason of the winter rains, and, as it had been deter. mined to abandon northern Mississippi, the accumulated quartermasters' and ordnance stores had to be removed with the army. It was not until the 10th of January, that the headquarters were established at Memphis. From there, Grant wrote at once to McClernand that he had heard nothing official from the expedition since Sherman left: This expedition must not fail. If there is force enough within the limits of my control to secure a certain victory at Vicksburg, they will be sent there. Being urged by Halleck to send every thing possible down the river, he stated his readiness to reinforce McClernand with twenty thousand troops. He also, at
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