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David Hunter 245 3 Browse Search
United States (United States) 186 0 Browse Search
Robert E. Lee 174 0 Browse Search
Lynchburg (Virginia, United States) 172 6 Browse Search
South Carolina (South Carolina, United States) 158 0 Browse Search
Georgia (Georgia, United States) 142 0 Browse Search
James 135 1 Browse Search
North Carolina (North Carolina, United States) 132 0 Browse Search
Tennessee (Tennessee, United States) 128 0 Browse Search
Jefferson Davis 116 2 Browse Search
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r M. Moore, Charles M. Moore, James H. McClintick, Robert. Morrison, John. Nowell, Robert H. Newell, Thomas. Omohundro, John B. Peters, Jesse. Phelps, Charles; Phelps, John. Perkinson, Henry. Padgett, John W. Pribble, Cornelius J. Powers, John. Alvis, J. T. Ballard, John. Briggs, George L. Broyles, John J. Callahan, Hezekiah L. Dunbar, George W. Doss, Robert H. Day, John R. Echols, William C. Eika, Frederick. Freeman, Leroy. Frye, Ferd. K. Graham, Samuel. Glenn, Richard. Holcomb, Henry. Hall, Samuel F. Jenkins, Obediah. Keys, W. H. Lewis, John R. Loath, Julius. Lawhorne, Thomas G. Lloyd, Edward. Melton, John F. Marsh, Robert M. Martin, Samuel J. Moore, Samuel F. Moore, Richard. Murry, Michael. Miller, William H. North, Adam. Nelson, Robert P. Omohundro, William W. Plumb, Lewis. Phelps, Charles R. Phelps, Joseph E. Padgett, Callohill C.
W. J. Holcombe (search for this): chapter 1.33
Surgeon, S. H. Meredith. Second Assistant Surgeon, W. H. Bowyer. Third Assistant Surgeon, W. B. Davies. Fourth Assistant Surgeon, J. H. Nelson. Fifth Assistant Surgeon, W. H. Peake. Sixth Assistant Surgeon, James Roan. Seventh Assistant Surgeon, W. H. Shackleford. First Quartermaster, W. H. Trent. First Commissary, Albert McDaniel. First Sergeant-Major, William Steptoe. Second Sergeant-Major, John Fulks. Third Sergeant-Major, R. T. Watts. Fourth Sergeant-Major, W. J. Holcombe. Fifth Sergeant-Major, Samuel Griffin. First Color-Sergeant, Lomax Tayloe. Second Color-Sergeant, H. D. Yancey. Third Color-Sergeant, James E. Tucker. Fourth Color-Sergeant, J. T. Morgan. First Commissary-Sergeant, C. H. Almond. First Quartermaster-Sergeant, F. Merriweather. Farrier, F. Williams. Chief Blacksmiths, W. B. Bowyer and B. Hughes. First Bugler, J. H. Kasey. Second Bugler, William Wilson. Chaplain, W. W. Berry. Adjutant's Clerk and Or
R. Lavinder, G. T. Leckie, M. M. Lucado, L. F. Lydick, James H. Mayer, Max L. Miller, A. H. Moorman, S. L. Nelson, W. S. Oglesby, John. Adams, R. H. T. Armistead, James. Anderson, John G. Barnes, C. F. Booth, S. C. Burks, E. W. Burch, Samuel. Cabell, P. H. Campbell, Wiley. Conley, John. Creed, J. J. Crumpacker, John. Dabney, H. Eubank, E. N. Franklin, P. H. Gregory, W. S. Guy, D. C. Harris, H. V. Hawkins, S. M. Ivey, J. W. Jennings, T. D., Jr. Kean, R. G. H. Kinnear, James O. Kreuttner, Joseph. Lee, John A. Langhorne, C. D. Lewis, John H. Lyman, G. R. Lydick, D. McCorkle, C. Moseley, C. A. Mosby L. C. Nowlin A. W. Page, C. H. Percival, C. D. Peters, R. T. Preston, S. D. Salmons, G. J. Shelton, G. W. Snead, W. B. Stratton, A. B. Shaver, W. H. Terry, A. W. C. Toot, W. A. Valentine, Joseph. Watkins, R. W. Woods, W. H. H. Pier
J. P. Robertson (search for this): chapter 1.33
Stanly, D. W. Seay, Isaac. Sprouse, Samuel. Whitten, James. White, John. W. Wise Troop, Company B, Second Regiment Virginia Cavalry. First Capt., John S. Langhorne. Sec'd Capt., Chas. M. Blackford. Third Capt., George B. Horner. Fourth Capt., William Steptoe. First Lieut., C. M. Blackford. Second Lieut., Van R. Otey, Second Lieut., Wm. H. Stratton. Second Lieut., A. D. Warwick. Second Lieut., John Alexander. Second Lieut., John O. Thornhill. Second Lieut., J. P. Robertson. Lieutenant, R. B. Isbell. First Sergt., Wm. Langhorne. First Sergt., Robert W. Lacy. Second Sergt., E. G. Scott. Second Sergt., John S. Massie. Third Sergt., A. S. Watson. Fourth Sergt., W. B. Cross. Sergeant, M. B. Langhorne. Sergeant, C. Christian. Sergeant, James Chalmers. Sergeant, John T. Luckett. Corporal, S. M. Alexander. Corporal, C. V. Donohue. Corporal, F. M. Stone, Privates. Abbott, J. P. Alexander, E. A. Barnes, A. J. Bays, John R.
William S. Crawford (search for this): chapter 1.33
n W. Davis. Sec'd Lieut., Stephen C. Perrow. Sec'd Lieut., Thomas A. Tibbs. Sec'd Lieut., F. J. Rockenbach. First Sergt., Stephen C. Perrow. Sec'd Sergt, F. J. Rockenbach. Third Sergt., J. J. Linkinhoker. Fourth Sergt., A. M. Davies. Fifth Sergt., George W. Wyatt. Corporal, William C. Mays. Corporal, J. N. Haynes. Corporal, Benj. H. Hawkins. Corporal, Alfrned D. Hickman. Privates. Brafford, Robert A. Bocock, S. R. Brown, Preston. Bryant, Lyman. Crawford, William. Campbell, W. A. Cafflin, John W. Dixon, John J. Fitzgerald, George A. Goolsby, Paul A. Grant, W. H. Hickman, Alex. Holt, George W. Howard, John C. Ballowe, W. A. Brown, Bird. Bryant, Joseph. Butts, William R. Cash, John I. Cushwell, Thomas. Dawson, Harry. Fitzgerald. Charles J. Ford, Simeon W. Grant, Paul H. Harris, A. W. Hickman, Matthew A. Hope, Robert. Isenhower, James. Isaacs, W. H. Johnson, Robert A.
Davidson, Benjamin. Donivan, William. Eads, Thomas. Eads, Samuel. Fletcher, Lucian. Gowin, James. Gowin, Sam. Green, Charles. Goolsby, Joshua. Goolsby, Louis. Hyman, Henry. Hughes, James. Johnson, Thomas, Kersey, William. Kinlock, William. Lynch, John. Layne, Wm. Milstead, Frank. Manning, John. Norvell, George. Purdue, Josiah. Phelps William. Roach, William. Rider, Isaiah. Robinson, James. Richey, James. Raine, JameHenry. Turner, Wm. R. Taylor, James. Walker, Reese. Walker, William. Wood, Patrick. Wooldridge, Richard. Wooldridge, Beverley. Grubs, William. Green, John. Hugus, Benjamin. Johnson, Charles. Johnson, Joseph. Kersey, James. Kirsey, Edward. Lipscomb, Wm. Mays, Alonzo. Mitchell, William. Moraity, Patrick. Norvell, Marion. Purdue, Benj. Plumb, Louis. Roach, James. Rule, Peter. Robinson, Turner. Rock, George. Stewart, Willi
. Smith, Robert H. Thomas, Andrew J. Taylor, Burley T. Turner, G. Kempton. Ward, James S. Wooldridge, James R. Wright, William Richard. Wills, John McD. Wray, Thomas C. Home Guard, Company G, Eleventh Regiment, Virginia Volunteers. First Capt., Samuel Garland, Jr. Second Capt., Kirkwood Otey. Third Capt., J. Holmes Smith. Sergeant, J. C. Johnson. Color Sergeant, William Sanford. Fifth Sergeant, B. L. Blackford. First Lieut., K. Otey. Second Lieut., J. G. Meem. Third Lieut., S. M. Simpson. Ord. Sergeant, J. L. Meem. Third Sergt., W. J. H. Hawkins. Corporal, C. D. Hamner. Corporal, John K. Seabury. Corporal J. H. Smith. Corporal, Hugh Nelson. Surgeon, Benjamin Blackford. Privates. Abrahams, H. J. Akers, E. A. Apperson, R. F. Ballowe, T. H. Blackford, W. H. Brugh, J. B. Button, R. P. Cabell, Breck. Cabell, S. Colhoun, Robert. Cosby, C. V. Cross, J. H. (K.) Dowdy, T. N. DeWitt, C. Fra
L. Clark Leftwich (search for this): chapter 1.33
st Lieut., Blake L. Woodson. Second Lieut., Ferd. C. Hutter. Third Lieut., Joseph B. Smith. Sec'd Sergt., Jno. J. Shoemaker. Third Sergt., James K. Read. Fourth Sergt., Ed. H. Moorman. First Corp., Henry D. Yancey. Sec'd Corp., Aug. Leftwich (K). First Sergt., Charles R. Phelps. Third Corp., Charles L. Burch. Fourth Corp., John Hurley. Privates. Burkholder, Robert C. Boyd, Charles A. Brown, Samuel H. Burford, William E. Burford, Archer L. Boydton, Wm. S. Third Captain, Jos. G. Blount. Fourth Capt., J. W. Dickerson. First Lieut., Geo. S. Davidson. First Lieut., Jas. W. Dickerson. First Lieut., T. F. Richardson. First Lieut., J. L. Thompson. Second Lieut., W. J. Folkes. Second Lieut., L. Clark Leftwich. Second Lieut., William King. Second Lieut., Chas. A. Taylor. Second Lieut., J. L. Thompson. Second Lieut., Jos. G. Blount. Second Lieut., W. H. Blackwell. Second Lieut., N. H. Hazlewood. Sergeant, C. A. Taylor. Sergeant, S
James E. Tucker (search for this): chapter 1.33
cer, W. R. Sullivan, Dennis. Taylor, John O. Taylor, Thomas P. Thurman, Powhatan. Tucker, Willis. Wall, Thomas. Whitlow, W. H. Woodruff, A. M. Wright, J. L. Lee Battery, , N. D. Moxley, George W. Perdew, John. Read, W. N. Shelby, W. M. Terry, R. S. Tucker, C. D. Tucker, William. Tollsy, J. H. Tyree, Augustus. Walker, George T. WilkersoTucker, William. Tollsy, J. H. Tyree, Augustus. Walker, George T. Wilkerson, Thomas. Johnson, John J. Jones, James W. Kirby, W. R. Lingleton, W. R. Mays, Joshua B. McCormack, Caspar. Morris, George W. Morris, W. C. Oneman, N. Proffit. Phelps, James R. Rice, D. C. Sasser, W. T. Thacker, D. Tucker, C. H. Thurman, Archibald. Turner, Thomas H. Vier, Edward. Warren, Edward. Yuille, Philip P. Lee's body Guard, afterwarirst Color-Sergeant, Lomax Tayloe. Second Color-Sergeant, H. D. Yancey. Third Color-Sergeant, James E. Tucker. Fourth Color-Sergeant, J. T. Morgan. First Commissary-Sergeant, C. H. Almond
George Mason (search for this): chapter 1.33
. M. Dayton, E. T. Fields, Leon. Godsey, Frank. Gilliam, James D. Gilliam, Cornelius. Blackwell, Wm. H. Coleman, Clifton L. Cox, William F. Cullen, J. W. Coleman, R. H. Camden, William. Day, C. R. Dickell, Charles. Dowdy, James M. Fat, George F. Goff, Thomas. Gilliam, Wm. A. Graham, Thomas. Hughes, Hugh. Heckworth, L. C. Kendall, George E. Laine, J. H. McGuley, J. B. McCreary, Daniel. Moore, W. S. Moseley, G. W. Mason, J. N. Oliver, William H. Owen, J. B. Padgett, George. Phelps, Thomas. Phelps, Jos. M. Patteson, W. H. Reynolds, Benj. Radley, John. Robinson, A. P. Sumpter, A. McK. Spencer, Wm. A. Thompson, J. L. Torgee, George W. Wicker, William. Woolridge, M. W. Wright, G. R. Wright, C. L. Hickey, Daniel. Hughes, T. N. Kennady, John. Lindsey, W. McCanna, James. McCreary, John W. Moore, Jere. Marks, T. V. Mays, James W. O'Bri
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