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December 1st, 1862 AD (search for this): article 2
Action of the Banks. We are glad to see that the Banks of Lynchburg and Petersburg have determined to receive on deposit and pay out all the notes of the Confederate Government, whether issued before or since the 1st of December, 1862. The Banks here took the contrary course of cooperating with the Government in the very questionable (mild term!) measure of interdicting a part of its own issues. The expedient is about to produce an amount of inconvenience to the public that the Banks in Lynchburg and Petersburg thought too serious to be allowed, so far as they are concerned; and they did right not to be a party to it. Not only will the effect of the measure be seriously to incommode the public, but very probably to impair the value of the Confederate money still further in public estimation. The money put under the ban is in all the country — in the hands of the people — in the hands of men who have no money to lay up in bonds, and who have no more respect for one of the eight