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May 23rd, 1861 AD (search for this): article 6
Correspondence of the Richmond Dispatch.the crops in Florida--the "Fool Catchers." Quincy, Fla. May 23, 1861. Prospects for crops with us to this date are very promising. this section has planted a much larger crop of corn and small grain this year than usual, and we are likewise planting much more than the usual crop of sugar cane, sweet and Irish potatoes, ground peas, pumpkins, kirshaw, squashes, melons, cornfield peas, turnips, and nearly all the eatables in creation. The orange crop, as well as the lemon, lime, &c. where grown, are said to be promising; the peach prospect abundant; sufficient plums and strawberries now ripe to feed whole regiments; whortleberries will soon be of the red purple and black tinge. The forest promises an abundant mast crop — oak, beach, pine, &c.; and the woods abound in game, such as deer, bear, turkey, &c. Lincoln and his horde of "freedom shriekers" talk about subjugating or exterminating the white race of the South! They must be fool
May 23rd, 1861 AD (search for this): article 7
Correspondence of the Richmond Dispatch.affairs in Greenbrier. Dry Creek Hotel, May 23, 1861. To-day has been quite an exciting one here. The vote on the Ordinance of Secession drew the voters of the precinct of this place and the White Sulphur Springs, where the vote was taken. The friends of the Ordinance were irritated by the presence of some twenty or thirty men who were known to be opposed to it, and who, it was thought, would cast their votes against it. Their party was small indeed, but Greenbrier men thought there ought to be no Union men in a county depending so much on Southern generosity and affluence for prosperity. The excitement and interest of the day were enhanced by the arrival of the Greenbrier Cavalry, Capt. Moorman. A beautiful flag, made by Miss Mary Eagle, was presented to the Company on behalf of herself and the ladies of Dry Creek, by Dr. Lake, whose appropriate and stirring address was responded to in an eloquent and happy manner by the C
May 24th, 1861 AD (search for this): article 8
Correspondence of the Richmond Dispatch.military spirit in Fayette — appropriation. Hawks'nest, Fayette Co., Va., May 24, 1861. Not having seen anything in your paper of what is transpiring in Fayette, I take the liberty to inform you how matters are progressing here. Fayette has raised three volunteer companies for the defence of Virginia against the common enemy, and we have two other companies that are more than half made up, and, I think that in a few days they will be completed. On last Monday our Court made an appropriation of $5,000, for fitting out the volunteers, and to aid their families during their absence.
May 25th, 1861 AD (search for this): article 1
By the Governor of Virginia --A Proclamation.--Information having been received by the Executive that Geo. Blakemore, charged with the killing of Jacob S. Rohr, of Harrisonburg, in the county of Rockingham, has escaped arrest by the officers of the law, and is now going at large, therefore, I do hereby offer a reward of one hundred Dollars to any person or persons who shall arrest the said George Blakemore, and deliver him into the jail of said county, and I do moreover require all officers of this Commonwealth, civil and military and request the people generally, to use their best exertions to procure the arrest of the said George Blakemore, that he may be brought to justice. Given under my hand, as Governor and under the Seal of the Commonwealth, at Richmond, this 25th May, 1861, and in the eighty-fifth year of the Commonwealth. By the Governor: John Letcher. George W. Munford. Secretary of the Commonwealth.
May 26th, 1861 AD (search for this): article 3
Correspondence of the Richmond Dispatch.the Government loan — movements of President Davis--the crops, &c. Montgomery, Ala., May 26th, 1861. I reached here a few days ago, and am gratified to find that the authorities are fully alive to the great crisis in our affairs and prepared to exhaust all the resources of the country in the maintenance of our cause.--Congress has authorized a war loan of $50,000,000, and empowered the President at his discretion to increase the army of volunteers to 150,000 men. The seat of Government is to be changed for the time being to Richmond, where the archives of the Government and the Secretaries of State will be duly installed by the 1st of June. President Davis will no doubt be in Virginia before you get this to take the command in the field of all the troops concentrated there for our defence. He will be worth fifty thousand men to our cause, and will soon teach Lincoln's myrmadons that our country is never to be subdued while t
May 26th, 1861 AD (search for this): article 7
Ordnance Department, Richmond, Va.may 26, 1861. musket and Rifle Flints.--This Department is anxious to procure Flints. If persons having even a few will forward them to this office, they will be paid good prices and will serve the State. Charles Dimmoce. my 27--ts Col. of Ordnance.
May 27th, 1861 AD (search for this): article 15
Ladies' Home Guard. --We copy the following from the Petersburg Express, of yesterday morning, as an evidence of the spirit animating the ladies of that place: Ladies' Home Guard.--At the suggestion of those patriotic volunteers who passed through here on yesterday afternoon, and were surprised to see so many hale, hearty men meet them at the depot, the ladies of Petersburg propose holding a meeting at some early day, at a convenient location, to form a "Ladies' Home Guard," for the special protection of this class of our community, who, through fear or some other unaccountable determination, have concluded to remain at home during the existence of the war. Many Ladies. May 27, 1861.
May 27th, 1861 AD (search for this): article 27
By the Governor of Virginia --A Proclamation.--Whereas, a vacancy has occurred in the Convention of Virginia by the resignation of Thomas F. Good, a member there of for the county of Mecklenburg, therefore the Sheriff of said county is hereby required to hold an election at the several places of voting prescribed by jaw, in said county, on Monday, the 10th day of June next, for a member of the Convention for said county, to supply the vacancy aforesaid. Given under my hand as Governor, and under the Seal of the Commonwealth, at Richmond, this 27th day of May, 1861, and in the 35th year of the Commonwealth. John Letcher. By the Governor: George W. Munford. Secretary of the Commonwealth. my 29--d3t&w3t
May 27th, 1861 AD (search for this): article 4
Headq'rs Henrico liberty Guard, Springfield Ball, Church Hill, may 27th, 1861. Notice.--All the members of this command who have not resorted this ourselves for the r l form, will do so on Tuesday and Friday Evenings. It is very Important that every member should be present. N. B.--All who desire to unite themselves with this command, will report at their Armory or to any of the Sergeants. By order of Capt. J. J. English my 31--8t* C. Sherrer, O. S.
May 27th, 1861 AD (search for this): article 5
Headq'rs Maryland volunteers in Virginia, may 27d, 1861. General Order. Having been assigned by his Excellence the Governor of the State, and advisory Council to the command for the present, of such volunteers from Maryland as may be offer their services, the undersigned advises immediate organization into companies of not less than any men, who will elect their own officers. The certificates of election will be returned to the commending officer who will forthwith procure the proper commissions. Each company will consist of one Captain, one First and one Second Lieutenant four Sergeants, four Corporate, and forty-two privates. It is earnestly recommended to the Maryland men that they lose no time in perfecting their organization. Inheriting as we do the name of the old "Maryland Line," let us imitate their Virtues, and let the Maryland Line of to-day as did the grand "Old Maryland Continentals," of 1776, set an example of loyally discipline and courage to be
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