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New Rochelle (New York, United States) (search for this): entry united-states-of-america
nd marine corps reorganized (the navy personnel act)......March 3, 1899 Pan-American Exposition of 1901 authorized......March 3, 1899 The Ohio Centennial and Northwest Territory Exposition at Toledo, O., authorized......March 3, 1899 Attack on British and American sailors at Samoa, by Mataafa's followers......April 1, 1899 Stephen J. Field, associate justice United States Supreme Court, dies at Washington, D. C.......April 9, 1899 Bronze bust of Thomas Paine unveiled at New Rochelle, N. Y.......May 30, 1899 Statue of President Arthur unveiled in Madison Square, New York......June 14, 1899 First formal meeting of the Venezuela arbitration commission......June 15, 1899 The President calls for ten regiments to quell Philippine insurrection......July 7, 1899 [For an account of the insurrection, and chronology of the main events, see Aguinaldo; Philippines, etc.] Elihu Root succeeds Russell A. Alger as Secretary of War......July 22, 1899 Reciprocity treaty
Fort Fisher (North Carolina, United States) (search for this): entry united-states-of-america
15, 1865, a draft to be made......Dec. 19, 1864 Savannah, evacuated by Confederates Dec. 20, occupied by Sherman......Dec. 21, 1864 Grade of vice-admiral established for the United States navy by act of Congress......Dec. 21, 1864 Fort Fisher, N. C., bombarded by General Porter, Dec. 24, and unsuccessfully attacked by Generals Butler and Porter......Dec. 25, 1864 Vice-President Hamlin resumes the chair in the Senate......Jan. 5, 1865 General Grierson's raid; after destroying 100 miles of railroad, taking 600 prisoners and 1,000 contrabands, he arrives at Vicksburg......Jan. 5, 1865 Fort Fisher captured......Jan. 15, 1865 Edward Everett dies at Boston, aged seventy-one......Jan. 15, 1865 Monitor Patapsco sunk off Charleston by a torpedo......Jan. 15, 1865 Joint resolution, proposing a Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution, abolishing slavery, passes the House, 119 to 56......Jan. 31, 1865 Sherman leaves Savannah and starts northward......Feb. 1, 1865
West Virginia (West Virginia, United States) (search for this): entry united-states-of-america
185995,274 34KansasAmericans186181,318 35West VirginiaEnglish186323,000 36NevadaAmericans1864104ept. 28, 1774 Battle of Point Pleasant, west Virginia......Oct. 10, 1774 Congress adopts a Dertment of the Ohio, embracing a portion of West Virginia......May 13, 1861 Engagement at Sewell'ght of......Dec. 30, 1862 Act admitting West Virginia, to date from June 20, 1863 (the thirty-find to furnish 10,000, Pennsylvania 50,000, West Virginia 10,000, and Ohio 30,000. These men were nent by twenty-nine States: North Carolina, West Virginia, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Maine, Louisi of President against domestic violence in West Virginia (dated July 18), in Maryland (July 21), ann Chicago, Ill., June 21; W. L. Wilson, of West Virginia, chosen permanent chairman, June 22; firstuly 17, 1894 Representative Wilson from West Virginia reads in the House a personal letter from ns......Feb. 27, 1895 Wm. L. Wilson, of West Virginia, appointed Postmaster-General, and confirm
Oakland (California, United States) (search for this): entry united-states-of-america
ch 20, 1894 J. S. Coxe's Army of the Commonweal starts from Massillon, O., for Washington with about 100 men......March25, 1894 Alfred Holt Colquitt, United States Senator from Georgia, dies at Washington, D. C., in his seventieth year......March 26, 1894 President Cleveland vetoes the Bland bill for coinage of seigniorage......March 29, 1894 Senator Voorhees opens the tariff debate in the Senate......April 2, 1894 Kelly's industrial army, 350 strong, leaves San Francisco for Oakland on its way to Washington......April 3, 1894 Bill to carry out the terms of the Bering Sea tribunal passes the Senate April 3, and is approved......April 6, 1894 President proclaims the award of the Bering Sea tribunal......April 9, 1894 Kelly's army, augmented to 1,200 men, seizes a Union Pacific Railroad train of twenty coal-cars, and proceeds eastward......April 12, 1894 Senator Zebulon B. Vance, of North Carolina, dies at Washington, D. C., aged sixty-four......April 14, 1894
nand and Isabella of Castile, and names it San Salvador. Oct. 12, 1492 He discovers Cuba, Oct. 28; and Hispaniola (now Haiti), where he builds a fort, La Navidad......Dec. 6, 1492 Columbus sails for Spain in the Niña, the Santa Maria having being Tripolitan ship-of-war, strikes a rock in the harbor of Tripoli and is captured......Oct. 31, 1803 Independence of Haiti proclaimed......Nov. 29, 1803 Twelfth Amendment to the Constitution, relative to electing the President and Vice-Presiforces about Richmond......June 3, 1862 President authorized to appoint diplomatic representatives to the republics of Haiti and Liberia......June 5, 1862 Treaty with Great Britain for the suppression of the African slave-trade......June 7, 18 introduced from the committee on ways and means......April 16, 1890 Pan-American conference, in which was represented Haiti, Nicaragua, Peru, Guatemala, Colombia, Argentine Republic, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Brazil, Honduras, Mexico, Bolivia, Unite
Charleston, W. Va. (West Virginia, United States) (search for this): entry united-states-of-america
. 20, 1859......Jefferson Davis addresses the Democratic State Convention of Mississippi in behalf of slavery and the extension of slave territory......October, 1859 Brown's insurrection at Harper's Ferry, W . Va.......Oct. 16-18, 1859 Gen. Winfield Scott is ordered to the Pacific coast in view of the British claims to San Juan; he arrives at Portland, Or.......Oct. 29, 1859 Washington Irving dies at Tarrytown, N. Y., aged seventy-six......Nov. 28, 1859 John Brown hanged at Charleston, W. Va.......Dec. 2, 1859 Thirty-sixth Congress, first session, assembles......Dec. 5, 1859 Green, Copeland, Cook, and Coppoc, Harper's Ferry insurgents, hanged......Dec. 16, 1859 Mr. Clark, of Missouri, introduces resolution in the House that no one who has approved Helper's The impending crisis was fit to be speaker......December, 1859 House adopts resolutions offered by John Covode, of Pennsylvania, for a committee to investigate the conduct of the President......March 5, 1860
ied in Spain, Feb. 12, 1512. Explorer of the South American coast......1499-1504 Cabral, Pedro Alvarez de, Portuguese navigator, died about 1526; the discoverer of Brazil......April 22, 1500 Cortereal, Gasper, Portuguese navigator, born in Lisbon......died 1501 [Sails along the coast of North America and names Labrador; returns to Lisbon and sails on his second voyage, 1501, but never returns.] Bobadilla, Francisco, born in Spain, sent to Santo Domingo to relieve Columbus, sent ColuLisbon and sails on his second voyage, 1501, but never returns.] Bobadilla, Francisco, born in Spain, sent to Santo Domingo to relieve Columbus, sent Columbus and his brother Diego back to Spain in chains. He loses his life by shipwreck on his return voyage......June 29, 1502 Pinzon, Vicente Yañez; brother of Alonso; born in Spain in 1460; died in Spain in 1524. Commands the Niña in Columbus's first voyage. Discovers Cape St. Augustine, Brazil, Jan. 20, 1500, and the mouth of the Amazon, Jan. 26. Explores the east coast of Yucatan......1506 The western continent is named for him by Martin Waldseemuller, a German geographer, in a book pr
Osceola, Mo. (Missouri, United States) (search for this): entry united-states-of-america
sion of Congress called to meet first Monday in September......May 15, 1837 Twenty-fifth Congress, first session (extra), assembles......Sept. 4, 1837 President's message advocates the subtreasury. First sub-treasury bill reported in the Senate......Sept. 14, 1837 Passes the Senate by a small majority......Oct. 4, 1837 Defeated in the House (see Aug. 6, 1846)......Oct. 14, 1837 Patriot War in Canada commences......1837 First session (extra) adjourns......Oct. 16, 1837 Osceola, the Seminole chief, with a party of seventy warriors, visits the camp of General Jesup under stipulations of safety, and is detained as prisoner......Oct. 21, 1837 [He was confined in Fort Moultrie, Charleston, S. C., where he died, Jan. 31, 1838.] Many citizens of the United States along the borders of Canada join the insurgents in the Patriot War during the autumn......1837 Elijah P. Lovejoy shot while defending his printing-press and paper at Alton, Ill., from the attack of a p
Stourbridge (United Kingdom) (search for this): entry united-states-of-america
1, 1828 Second session convenes......Dec. 1, 1828 Electoral votes counted in the House......Feb. 11, 1829 Twentieth Congress adjourns......March 3, 1829 eleventh administration—Democratic, March 4, 1829, to March 3, 1833. Andrew Jackson, Tennessee, President. John C. Calhoun, South Carolina Vice-President. John Jay, statesman, dies at Bedford, N. Y.......May 19, 1829 James L. M. Smithson, founder of the Smithsonian Institution, dies in Genoa, Italy......June 27, 1829 Stourbridge lion, the first locomotive run in the United States, is purchased in England and arrives in New York in June, 1829; shipped to Carbondale, and tried on the track at Honesdale......Aug. 8, 1829 William Lloyd Garrison publishes the Genius at Baltimore, Md., advocating immediate emancipation......1829 Twenty-first Congress, first session, convenes......Dec. 7, 1829 Robert Y. Hayne's (South Carolina) great speech in defence of State rights in the Senate on the Foote resolution, limit
. 6, 1780 Congress sends the ministers to France and Spain a statement of the claims of the Uni 1785 Franklin returns to Philadelphia from France, after an absence of nine years, landing......ssachusetts, Vice-President. Citizen Genet of France, as minister to the United States, arrives at Mr. Marshall and Mr. Pinckney ordered out of France. C. C. Pinckney declared that the United Statnnounces the failure of the commission sent to France to make peace......June 21, 1798 Alien act nt nominates William Van Murray as minister to France, and associates with him Chief-Justice Ellsworh Carolina. Senate ratifies the treaty with France by vote of 24 to 7......Oct. 20, 1803 Presity-one nations, Santo Domingo opposing it, and France and Brazil not voting......Oct. 13, 1884 Se3 President informed that Great Britain and France have raised their representatives to the Unite......July 22, 1899 Reciprocity treaty with France signed......July 24, 1899 Hurricane at Port[34 more...]
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