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October 1st, 1863 AD (search for this): chapter 1.27
ew Comrade S. W. Paulett very well. I have made many long and weary marches with him. I don't think any troops made a longer march to reach Gettysburg than we did—namely, from Suffolk, Va., to Gettysburg battlefield, and I would like to say that the Thirty-second Virginia Regiment was at one time attached to Hunton's Brigade, and that was in the fall and winter of 1863-64. Hunton's Brigade, with the rest of the division, came from Orange county to the vicinity of Richmond about the first of October, 1863. Hunton's Brigade went to Chaffin's farm, eight miles below Richmond, and went in quarters vacated by Wise's men. In about two weeks the Eighteenth Virginia Regiment was sent to Petersburg to do provost duty in the town; at the same time we relieved the Thirty-second Virginia Regiment, who had been doing similar duty up to that time. So the Thirty-second Regiment went to Chaffin's farm and were attached to Hunten's Brigade, and remained with them until the last of May or first of J
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