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Lookout, about fifteen miles from Chattanooga,) flanking the enemy on his right, while General Hindman was ordered to attack the enemy immediately in the Cove. For some reason, attributed to the nature of the ground, the attack was not made, and the enemy escaped. To understand the advance of Rosecrans's army, it would seem that Thomas's and McCook's corps, with Stanley's division of cavalry, commanded by Mitchell, crossed the Tennessee at Bridgeport, marching over Sand Mountain into Will's Valley, and from thence down McLemore's Cove in the direction of Lafayette. Crittenden's corps had crossed above Chattanooga at Harrison's, and was moved in the direction of Ringgold. A portion of Park's corps, of Burnside's army, and a brigade of his cavalry, came down from Knoxville to Loudon and Cleveland. On the morning of the fourteenth, it was reported that the enemy had abandoned his position in the vicinity of Alpine, and that he was moving up McLemore's Cove in the direction of Ch
magnitude or the consequences suspended on its success. Various causes have been assigned for its failure; but among the best informed, it is set down to the score of the limited scale on which it was planned. The movement upon Thomas, in McLemore's Cove, having failed, he having effected his escape up the mountain, the whole of the troops of Bragg were withdrawn to Lafayette. On their withdrawal, Rosecrans, who, by this time, had discovered Bragg's whereabouts, recalled McCook into Will's Valley, and ordered him to follow Thomas, who was again put in motion over the mountain into the cove. The two corps were thus concentrated on the east side of Lookout Mountain, in thirty-six hours after Bragg left it. In the mean time, Crittenden, who reached Chattanooga, and, finding no enemy there, did not stop to occupy and fortify it, but, strong in the general feeling of the Northern army, that the confederates were thoroughly demoralized, and would not fight, moved on toward Ringgold, t
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 3., chapter 8.89 (search)
rse portent of calamity.--D. H. H. Rosecrans had effected the crossing of the river (Thomas's corps) and had occupied Will's Valley, between Sand and Lookout mountains, without opposition, and had established his headquarters at Trenton. Lookout Mo the enemy's movements from our observation. General Bragg had said petulantly a few days before the crossing into Will's Valley: It is said to be easy to defend a mountainous country, but mountains hide your foe from you, while they are full of high and rugged, and does not extend so far north, ending eight miles south of Chattanooga. Crittenden was left in Will's Valley to watch Chattanooga. General Bragg had had some inclosed works constructed at Chattanooga, and the place could haas's corps, after crossing at Bridgeport, Shell Mound, and Caperton's Ferry, arrived, September 4th, near Trenton, in Will's Valley (east of Sand Mountain). On the 6th Negley's division, with Baird's supporting, reached Johnson's Crook, and on the 1
17 122   B   16 16 1 10 11 125   C 1 9 10   19 19 111   D 1 10 11 1 7 8 125   E   8 8 1 10 11 126   F 1 7 8   7 7 121   G 2 11 13 1 17 18 121   H   13 13 1 15 16 120   I 1 12 13   13 13 121   K   16 16   14 14 112 Totals 8 114 122 6 129 135 1,216 122 killed == 10 per cent. Total of killed and wounded, 448, died in Confederate prisons (previously included), 19. battles. K. & M. W. battles. K. & M. W. Stone's River, Tenn. 52 Marietta, Ga. 4 Will's Valley, Ga., Sept. 7, 1863 1 Peach Tree Creek, Ga. 1 Chickamauga, Ga. 24 Atlanta, Ga., July 22, 1864 1 Train-guard, Tenn., Oct. 8, 1863 1 Siege of Atlanta 2 Missionary Ridge, Tenn. 3 Spring Hill, Tenn. 9 Resaca, Ga. 6 Franklin, Tenn. 6 Dallas, Ga. 2 Nashville, Tenn. 6 Kenesaw Mountain, Ga. 4     Present, also, at Shiloh; Siege of Corinth; Rocky Face Ridge; Adairsville; Jonesboro. notes.--Organized at Mansfield, in October, 1861, the recruits coming from th
rear, was thrown into that place, and shortly thereafter commenced to move on our rear by the two roads to Lafayette and Ringgold. Two other corps were now in Will's Valley, one nearly opposite the head of McLemore's Cove, a valley formed by Lookout Mountain and a spur of the main ridge called Pigeon Mountain, and the other at or in force, driving back the pickets of Colonel Estis's regiment. About five hundred men of General Martin's division, under Lieutenant Colonel Malden, moved up Wills' Valley, and were placed on picket duty below Chattanooga. It now became evident that the enemy were moving two divisions' of cavalry and McCook's corps of infantry over Sand Mountain and into Wills' Valley by the Caperton road. I was ordered to take post in Broomtown Valley, for the purpose of picketing the passes of Lookout Mountain. General Martin, with about twelve hundred men, guarded the passes from the Tennessee River to Niel's Gap, and General Wharton from Neil's Gap to Gadsden. The
and fronting the east slope of Lookout Mountain. The forces on the Hiawassee and at Chickamauga Station took the route by Ringgold. A small cavalry force was left in observation at Chattanooga, and a brigade of infantry at Ringgold to cover the railroad. The enemy immediately moved the corps that threatened Buckner into Chattanooga; shortly after, it commenced to move on our rear by the roads to Lafayette and Ringgold. Another corps was nearly opposite the head of McLemore Cove, in Will's Valley, and one at Colonel Winston's opposite Alpine. During the 9th it was ascertained that a column, between four and five thousand, had crossed Lookout Mountain by Stevens's and Cooper's Gaps into McLemore's Cove. An effort was made by General Bragg to capture this column, with intent then to turn upon the others, and beat each in succession. But, some delay having occurred in the advance of our forces through the gaps, the enemy took advantage of it and retreated to the mountain passes.
John M. Schofield, Forty-six years in the Army, Chapter XVI (search)
nd wear out any army in pursuit. To continue to occupy long lines of railroads simply exposes our small detachments to be picked up in detail, and forces me to make countermarches to protect lines of communication. I know I am right in this, and shall proceed to its maturity. As to details, I propose to take General Howard and his army, General Schofield and his, and two of your corps, viz., Generals Davis and Slocum. . . . I will send General Stanley, with the Fourth Corps, across by Will's Valley and Caperton's to Stevenson to report to you. . . . I want you to retain command in Tennessee, and before starting I will give you delegated authority over Kentucky, Mississippi, Alabama, etc., whereby there will be unity of action behind me. I will want you to hold Chattanooga and Decatur in force, and on the occasion of my departure, of which you shall have ample notice, to watch Hood close. I think he will follow me, at least with his cavalry, in which event I want you to push south
John M. Schofield, Forty-six years in the Army, Index (search)
th business and military duties, 19 Whitaker, Maj.-Gen. Walter C., at Spring Hill, 173, 216 White, Col. John S., in battle of Franklin, 179 Whittaker, Cadet, alleged outrage on, at West Point, 445, 446 Wilder, A. C., heads faction against Gen. Ewing, 80 Williams, Col., denies rumor of expulsion of Union families, 93 Williams, J. E., letter from S. to, June 1, 1863, 74, 75 Williamsport, Tenn., proposal to obstruct roads at, 211; troops ordered to Franklin from, 217 Will's Valley, military movements via, 317 Wilmington, N. C., trip by Grant and S. to, 294, 295; military operations at, 346; capture of, 346 Wilson, Maj.-Gen. James H., operations on Duck River, 206, 208, 209, 211-214, 217; urges immediate retreat to Franklin, 210; to organize his cavalry force, 211, 284, 285; despatch from S., Nov. 29, 1864, 212; reports Hood's crossing of Duck River, 213; to cover Franklin and Spring Hill, 214; Hammond ordered to report to, 217; battle of Franklin, 221-224; o
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Battles, Alabama, 1863 (search)
s Island, Mouth of Cow CreekPENNSYLVANIA--15th Cavalry (Co. "A"). Aug. 21: Skirmish, MaysvilleKENTUCKY--4th Cavalry. Aug. 24: Skirmish, Gunter's Landing, near Port Deposit(No Reports.) Aug. 27: Skirmish near Bridgeport(No Reports.) Aug. 28: Skirmish, MaysvilleKENTUCKY--4th Cavalry. Aug. 28-31: Reconn. from Stevenson to Trenton, GaOHIO--1st Cavalry. Aug. 29: Skirmish, Caperton's FerryILLINOIS--25th and 35th Infantry. KANSAS--8th Infantry. WISCONSIN--15th Infantry. Aug. 31: Skirmish, Wills Valley(No Reports.) Sept. 1: Skirmish, Wills Creek, Davis Gap, Taps Gap and Neal's Gap(No Reports.) Sept. 5: Reconn. from Winston's Gap into Broomtown ValleyOHIO--1st and 3d Cavalry. Sept. 5: Skirmish, LebanonTENNESSEE--1st Cavalry. Sept. 5: Affairs, RawlingsvilleMICHIGAN--2d Cavalry. PENNSYLVANIA--9th Cavalry. TENNESSEE--1st Cavalry. (Destruction of Salt Works.) Sept. 7: Skirmish, StevensonPENNSYLVANIA--9th Cavalry. Sept. 8: Skirmish, Winston's Gap(No Reports.) Sept. 17: Skirmish, Neal's
Frederick H. Dyer, Compendium of the War of the Rebellion: Regimental Histories, Tennessee Volunteers. (search)
e June 9 and 11. Middle Tennessee or Tullahoma Campaign June 23-July 7. Eaglesville and Rover June 23. Middleton June 24. Fosterville, Guy's Gap and Shelbyville June 27. Bethpage Bridge, Elk River, July 1-2. Cocke County July 10. Expedition to Huntsville, Ala., July 13-22. Sparta August 9. Crossing Cumberland Mountains and Tennessee River and Chickamauga (Ga.) Campaign August 16-September 2. Reconnoissance from Shellmound to-ward Chattanooga August 30-31. Will's Valley August 31. Winston's Gap, Alpine, September 9. Alpine and Dirt Town September 12. Reconnoissance toward Lafayette September 13. Stevens' Gap September 18. Battle of Chickamauga, Ga., September 19-21. Dry Valley September 21. Operations against Wheeler and Roddy September 30-October 17. Anderson's Cross Roads October 2. Fayetteville October 13-14. Duty on Nashville & Chattanooga Railroad till December. Operations about Dandridge and Mossy Creek December 24
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