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vantage from want of ammunition. Wednesday morning, the second, a very heavy rain set in; the troops remained in bivouac,tly superior to ours. Shortly after six A. M., on the second instant, I was ordered to bivouac some two miles from the fronad joins the Long Bridge road. Late in the evening of the second, I received orders from General Lee to return to this posthe action on Malvern Hill, during the afternoon of the second instant: My brigade consisted of the following named regimeidge; the execution of which order occupied Wednesday, the second, and Thursday, the third July. On the fourth July, I reith a few exceptions, acted nobly. On the next day, the second, Colonel Delagnel, chief of artillery, ordered me back to engagement, my only loss being one man wounded. On the second, I maintained the position of the previous day, until it wts with the enemy from the twenty-eighth ultimo to the second instant, I have only to mention the conduct of Lieutenant L. D
August 8th, 1862 AD (search for this): chapter 86
Mr. Logan delivered you my message, I presume. Yours, respectfully, A. G. Dickinson, Captain, &c. A true copy: W. Hyllested, Major and A. A. G. General Mahone to General Magruder. headquarters Second brigade. Anderson's division, August 8, 1862. To Major-General Bankhead Magruder, commanding: General: Yours of the first, calling my attention to a certain paragraph in my report to you, duly received; and, but for indisposition, it would more promptly have had my attention. I remeral Lee. I am, General, very respectfully, Your obedient servant, William Mahone, Brigadier-General. Official: A. G. Dickinson, A. A. General. General Wright to General Magruder. headquarters Third brigade, Anderson's division, August 8, 1862. Major-General J. B. Magruder, Richmond, Virginia: General: I am very sorry that the language in my report is not sufficiently explicit to be understood. I could not have meant that I was to attack upon the right, centre, and left, when i
August 6th, 1862 AD (search for this): chapter 86
Enlisted men.Officers and men. First Regiment  23 611 Fourth Regiment212660338121 Eleventh Regiment27 50239100 Seventeenth Regiment3142211360113 Twenty-fourth Regiment1345711379  8361419119156424 I have the honor to be, Major, Very respectfully, your obedient servant, James L. Kemper, Brigadier-General, commanding First Brigade, Longstreet's Division. Report of General Gregg. headquarters Second brigade, Light division, camp on South Anna River, near Gordonsville, August 6, 1862. Major: My report concerning the battles before Richmond has been delayed, first by the delay in the reports made to me by subordinate commanders, caused by the wounds or sickness under which all of them suffered, and next by movements of the brigade and duties in the field. After nightfall, on the twenty-fifth of June last, four regiments of the Second brigade, accompanied by Crenshaw's battery, followed, from the position on the extreme right of the division, the march of the other
ve: Having returned from the battle-field of Seven Pines Monday, the second of June, it was assigned to position on our front line, upon the Charles City road, at Parad's house, connecting on the left with Brigadier-General Wright's brigade, stationed in like manner on the Williamsburg road. Being wholly unsupported on the right toward the Darbytown road, the protection of the long line was committed to its charge, which, in its diminished condition, numbering only about eighteen hundred (1800) men and officers, imposed constant vigilant exertions. For four weeks the laborious duties incident to this outpost position were cheerfully and faithfully performed by the troops, though often with severe trials to their health, owing no less to the season of the year than to the locality which they occupied. During this period, several skirmishes between scouting parties in advance of the lines occurred, but no engagement of any consequence, except that at French's field, on Wednesday, t
August 15th, 1862 AD (search for this): chapter 86
ng recommendations for promotion: Private T. V. Sanford, company E, clerk in Commissary Department, to the place of Second Lieutenant in company D, in which there are two vacancies; private Schooler, company I, colorbearer, to be made color-sergeant; and private Mason, company E, to be made sergeant in said company. Very respectfully submitted. Robert M. Mayo, Colonel Forty-seventh Virginia Regiment. Report of Colonel Edmonds. headquarters Thirty-Eighth Virginia volunteers, August 15, 1862. Colonel R. H. Chilton, A. A. General: sir: Having been absent for some weeks after the engagement at Malvern Hill, July first, 1862, the last of the series of battles around Richmond, on account of sickness, I beg leave to submit the following report of the part my regiment acted on that occasion, and respectfully request that it be filed with the report of the General commanding, as I consider the report furnished by Major J. R. Cabell incomplete in many particulars. My regiment
August 13th, 1862 AD (search for this): chapter 86
Sir: The clerk, in copying from the minutes of my report of the operations, omitted the name of my able and gallant ordnance officer, Major J. L. Brent. I beg that the bearer, Captain Dickinson, Assistant Adjutant-General, may be permitted to insert his name next above that of Lieutenant-Colonel Carey. I am, sir, very respectfully yours, J. Bankhead Magruder, Major-General commanding. [no. 2.] General Magruder to the Secretary of War. Fairfield race-course, near Richmond, August 13, 1862. Hon. George W. Randolph, Secretary of War: Sir: I have the honor to request that you will change the Thirty-second regiment Virginia volunteers, mentioned in my report, immediately after the name of Colonel Tomlin, into the Fifty-third Virginia regiment, which regiment is commanded by that officer, and not the Thirty-second, which is a mistake in my report. I have directed Mr. Turner, who knows the particular place at which it can be found, to make the correction, if you will hand
August 14th, 1862 AD (search for this): chapter 86
my operations on the Peninsula, to which they do not refer. I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant, J. Bankhead Magruder, Major-General. From General Lee to Secretary of War. headquarters Department of Northern Virginia, August 14, 1862. Hon. G. W. Randolph, Secretary of War, Richmond, Virginia: sir: I have the honor to transmit the report of Major-General Magruder, and the officers of his command, of the operations in the late engagements around Richmond. At the requesttack. This order was obeyed, as were all the others. The above is respectfully submitted as a part of my report. J. Bankhead Magruder, Major-General. [no. 1.] General Magruder to Adjutant-General Cooper. Fairfield race-course, August 14, 1862. To General S. Cooper, Adjutant-General, Richmond, Va.: Sir: The clerk, in copying from the minutes of my report of the operations, omitted the name of my able and gallant ordnance officer, Major J. L. Brent. I beg that the bearer, Capta
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