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George H. Thomas 231 1 Browse Search
Port Hudson (Louisiana, United States) 214 2 Browse Search
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October 8th, 1863 AD (search for this): chapter 189
Doc. 186.-an appeal to Southern matrons. Assistant Quartermaster's office, clothing, camp, and garrison Depot, Selma, October 8, 1863. I want all the blankets and carpets that can possibly be spared. I want them, ladies of Alabama, to shield your noble defenders against an enemy more to be dreaded than the Northern foe with musket in hand — the snows of coming winter. Do you know that thousands of our heroic soldiers of the West sleep on the cold, damp ground, without tents? Perhaps not. You enjoy warm houses and comfortable beds. If the immortal matrons and maidens of heathen Rome could shear off and twist into bow strings the hair of their heads to arm their husbands and brothers in repelling the invader, will not the Christian women of the Confederacy give the carpets off their floors to protect against the chilly blasts of winter those who are fighting, with more than Roman heroism, for their lives, liberty, and more, their honor? Sufficient blankets cannot be ha
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