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racticable. Mr. Foot announced the death of Hon. Jacob Collamer, concluding by offering the usual resolutions of respect to the memory of of the deceased. In the House, the following committee was announced to inquire into the condition of the late so-called Confederate States: Mr. Stevens, of Pennsylvania; Mr. Washburne, of Illinois; Mr. Morrill, of Vermont; Mr. Grider, of Kentucky; Mr. Bingham, of Ohio; Mr. Conkling, of New York; Mr. Boutwell, of Massachusetts; Mr. Blow, of Missouri; Mr. Rogers, of New Jersey. The House resolved that, the Senate concurring, the two bodies adjourn from December 20th to January 9th. The House passed a bill appropriating thirty thousand dollars for repairing and refurnishing the White House. Also a bill appropriating over fifteen millions of dollars for the payment of invalid and other pensions. The House resolved that all papers which are offered in relation to representation of the late so-called Confederate States of Am
two hundred and fifty thousand dollars for the purpose of subsidizing certain members of Congress, in order to secure the passage of an amendment to the currency act, giving these banks the benefit of their lost circulation. This scheme Mr. Clark discountenances altogether, and recommends that the banks which have already contributed their quota, immediately demand the refunding of the money advanced for so dishonorable a purpose. The following is the committee on the part of the House to inquire into the condition of the late Confederate States: Messrs. Stevens, of Pennsylvania; Washburne, of Illinois; Morrill, of Vermont; Grider, of Kentucky; Bingham, of Ohio; Conkling, of New York; Boutwell, of Massachusetts; Blow, of Missouri; and Rogers, of New Jersey. Mr. Washburne, of Illinois, introduced a resolution for an adjournment of Congress over the holidays. This was, after debate, amended so as to fix the time from the 20th of December to the 9th of January, and passed.
d, agree in the statement that, as a general rule, the tone of the press has been such as to materially advance the interests of the bureau. The delegation from this city to the late session of the Grand Masonic Lodge of Virginia, in Richmond, returned last night. They express themselves as highly pleased with their trip. --Alexandria Gazette. Henry M. Morfit, Esq., a native of Norfolk, Virginia, died in Baltimore a few days ago. --He had been a distinguished member of the bar in Missouri, Virginia, Maryland, and in Washington city. Major Dole, the Portland postmaster, has resigned, and one of the newspapers of that ilk say the popular salutation is, "How are you, Major, I am glad to see you out." The Secretary of the Treasury has notified seventy-five clerks of his Department that their services will be dispensed with on the 31st instant. The Hon. William Smith, formerly member of the United States Congress, but more recently Governor of the State of Virginia
ates or any place subject to their jurisdiction. Section 2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation. And whereas it appears from official documents, on file in this Department, that the amendment to the Constitution of the United States, proposed as aforesaid, has been ratified by the Legislatures of the the States of Illinois. Rhode Island, Michigan, Maryland, New York, West Virginia, Maine, Kansas, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Ohio, Missouri, Nevada, Indiana, Louisiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Vermont, Tennessee, Arkansas, Connecticut, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Alabama, North Carolina and Georgia; in all, twenty-seven States; And whereas the whole number of States in the United States is thirty-six; and whereas the before specially-named States whose Legislatures have ratified the said proposed amendment, constitute three-fourths of the whole number of States in the United States; Now, therefore, be it known that I
States, waited upon the President yesterday and expressed to him their confidence in his administration and general approval of his policy. It would hardly be expected, of course, that that sect, if a class may properly be called a sect, which ever counsels peace, could do less than to sustain what shall substitute a peaceful sway for that of the sword. Senator Sumner emptied his desk to-day of a voluminous budget of memorials, emanating from Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Missouri, Indiana, Illinois and Virginia, all in condemnation of the reconstruction policy of the President, as being in opposition to the spirit and genius of republican institutions, and asking Congress to provide provisional governments for the late rebellious States, and keep the same in a territorial condition to such time as Congress can organize truly republican forms of government, by establishing equal civil rights in all respects. These petitions were stated by the Senator to be signed by
a territorial condition 'for some years,' or until certain amendments of the National Constitution have been consummated, can be made a party test, not to speak of the necessity of maintaining, under such a plan, a military organization, with all its incredible expenditures; no party could be held together in the free States, in the face of the incessant turbulence, dissatisfaction and bitterness that must spread all over the Union as a consequence of so chaotic and unsettled a policy."--Letter in the Press. Party! there's the rub. Committee on mines and mining. The Speaker of the House, in his appointment of the new committee on mines and mining, has represented the gold mines of California and Oregon, the silver mines of Nevada, the lead mines of Wisconsin and Iowa, the copper mines of Michigan, the iron and coal mines of Pennsylvania, and the iron mountain mine of Missouri. Armed men are to be stationed along the overland express route, to keep off the Indians.
New York markets. New York, December 26. --Stocks lower — Chicago and Rock Island, 106⅝ Cumberland Preferred, 43; Illinois Central, 132; Michigan Southern, 73¾; New York Central, 95; Reading, 106 ½; Hudson, 108; Virginia 6's, 71; Missouri 6's, 78; Erie, 95; Tennessee 6's, 90; One Year Certificates, 98; Treasury 7-30's, 98¼ 10-40's and 5-20's, 103½ ; Coupon 6's, 107½; Gold
suit you. Everything under the sun grows here to perfection. I have seen cotton, sugar, coffee and tobacco, corn, rice, and every kind of vegetables you have in Missouri, growing to perfection; fruit of every variety that can be found on earth is to be found here; oranges, lemons, pine-apples, in fact so many varieties that this , unlike the most of Mexico, there is no irrigation here. Corn grows beautifully; plenty of timber and fine water. It is never colder here than in September in Missouri, and it is never warmer than your May weather. We have ice here, and never out of sight of snow. You will ask, how is this? I will answer, that the mountains rom their loved ones, have returned. Many come back. Tobacco can be made very profitable here. It grows as well here, General Price says, as he ever saw it in Missouri or Virginia. Under the decree of the Emperor you can make contracts in the United States with your negroes for ten years, and it will be binding here; the n
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