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CLU´SIUS (Κλούσιος), a river of Gallia Transpadana, now called the Chiese, which rises in the Rhaetian Alps, and forms a considerable lake now known as the Lago d'Idro, but not mentioned by any ancient writer; after emerging from which it has a winding course for some distance through the Val Sabbia, and from thence flows for near 30 miles due S. through the plains of Cisalpine Gaul, till it joins the Ollius (Oglio), about 20 miles above its confluence with the Padus. Polybius (2.32) speaks of it as forming the limit between the Insubrians and the Cenomani, but it is difficult to understand that this could ever have been the case; it certainly was not so in later times. The name is written in the Tab. Peut. “Cleusis,” which is a close approximation to its modern form of Chiese.


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