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Organization of the army of Northern Virginia, (General R. E. Lee commanding.) August 28 to September 1, 1862.1

[We are indebted to the courtesy of Colonel R. N. Scott, of the “War records” office, Washington, for a number of Rosters of the organization of Confederate troops. We shall publish them all, from time to time, not only as a matter of interest, but in order that corrections may be made if any errors are found. We are sure that Colonel Scott would esteem it a favor, if any one discovering errors would call attention to them.]

right wing, or Longstreet's corps.
Major-General James Longstreet.
Anderson's division.
Major-General R. H. Anderson.
Armistead's Brigade.
Brig.-Gen. L. A. Armistead.
9th Virginia.
14th Virginia.
38th Virginia.
53d Virginia.
57th Virginia.
5th Virginia Battalion. (?)
Mahone's Brigade.
Brig.-Gen. W. Mahone.
6th Virginia.
12th Virginia.
16th Virginia.
41st Virginia.
49th Virginia.
Wright's Brigade.
Brig.-Gen. A. R. Wright.
3d Georgia.
22d Georgia.
44th Georgia.
48th Georgia.
Jones's division.
Brigadier-General D. R. Jones.
Toombs's Brigade.
Colonel H. L. Benning.
Brig.-Gen. R. Toombs.
2d Georgia.
15th Georgia.
17th Georgia.
20th Georgia.
Drayton's Brigade.
Brig.-Gen. T. F. Drayton.
50th Georgia.
51st Georgia.
15th South Carolina.
Phillips's Georgia Legion.
Jones's Brigade.
Col. Geo. T. Anderson.
1st Georgia, (Regulars.)
7th Georgia.
8th Georgia.
9th Georgia.
11th Georgia.
Wilcox's division.
Brigadier-General C. M. Wilcox.
Wilcox's Brigade.
Brig.-Gen. C. M. Wilcox.
8th Alabama.
9th Alabama.
10th Alabama.
11th Alabama.
Anderson's Va. Bat., (Thomas Artillery.)
Pryor's Brigade.
Brig.-Gen. R. A. Pryor.
14th Alabama.
5th Florida.
8th Florida.
3d Virginia.
Featherston's Brigade.
Brig.-Gen. W. S. Featherston.
Colonel Carnot Posey.
12th Mississippi.
16th Mississippi.
19th Mississippi.
2d Mississippi Battalion.
Chapman's Virginia Bat., (Dixie Artillery.)
Hood's division.
Brigadier-General John B. Hood.
Hood's Brigade.
Brigadier-General John B. Hood.
18th Georgia.
Hampton's S. C. Legion.
1st Texas.
4th Texas.
5th Texas.
Whiting's Brigade.
Colonel E. M. Law.
4th Alabama.
2d Mississippi.
11th Mississippi.
6th North Carolina.
Major B. W. Frobel.
Bachman's South Carolina Battery.
Garden's South Carolina Battery.
Reilly's North Carolina Battery.
Kemper's division.
Brigadier-General James L. Kemper.
Kemper's Brigade.
Colonel M. D. Corse.
1st Virginia.
7th Virginia.
11th Virginia.
17th Virginia.
24th Virginia.
Jenkins's Brigade.
Brigadier-General M. Jenkins.
Colonel Joseph Walker.
1st South Carolina, (Volunteers.)
2d South Carolina Rifles.
5th South Carolina.
6th South Carolina.
4th S. C. Battalion. (?)
Palmetto (S. C.) Sharpshooters.
Pickett's Brigade.
Colonel Eppa Hunton.
8th Virginia.
18th Virginia.
19th Virginia.
28th Virginia.
56th Virginia.
Evans's brigade.2
Brigadier-General N. G. Evans.
Colonel P. F. Stevens.
17th South Carolina.
18th South Carolina.
22d South Carolina.
23d South Carolina.
Holcombe (South Carolina) Legion.
Boyce's S. C. Bat., (Macbeth Artillery.)
Artillery of the right wing.
Washington (La.) Artillery.
Colonel J. B. Walton.
Eshleman's 4th Company.
Miller's 3d Company.
Richardson's 2d Company.
Squires's 1st Company.
Lee's Battalion.
Colonel S. D. Lee.
Eubank's Virginia Battery.
Grimes's Virginia Battery.
Jordan's Va. Bat., (Bedford Artillery.)
Parker's Virginia Battery.
Rhett's South Carolina Battery.
Taylor's Virginia Battery.
Miscellaneous Batteries.
Huger's Virginia Battery.3
Leake's Virginia Battery.4
Maurin's Louisiana Battery, (Donaldsonville Artillery.)5
Moorman's Virginia Battery.6
Rogers's Virginia Battery, (Loudoun Artillery.)7
Stribling's Virginia Battery, (Fauquier Artillery.)8
left wing, or Jackson's corps.
Major-General T. J. Jackson.
Jackson's division.
Brigadier-General Wm. B. Taliaferro.
Brigadier-General Wm. E. Starke.
First Brigade.
Colonel W. S. H. Baylor.
Colonel A. J. Grigsby.
2d Virginia.
4th Virginia.
5th Virginia.
27th Virginia.
33d Virginia.
Second Brigade.
Colonel Bradley T. Johnson.
21st Virginia.
42d Virginia.
48th Virginia.
1st Virginia Battalion.
Third Brigade.
Colonel A. G. Taliaferro.
47th Alabama.
48th Alabama.
10th Virginia.
23d Virginia.
37th Virginia.
Fourth Brigade.
Brigadier-General W. E. Starke.
Colonel Leroy A. Stafford.
1st Louisiana.
2d Louisiana.
9th Louisiana.
10th Louisiana.
15th Louisiana.
Coppens's Louisiana Battalion.
Major L. M. Shumaker.
Brockenbrough's Maryland Battery.
Carpenter's Virginia Battery.
Caskie's Va. Battery, (Hampden Artillery.)
Poague's Va. Battery, (Rockbridge Artillery.)
Raine's Virginia Battery, (Lee Artillery.)
Wooding's Va. Battery, (Danville Artillery.)
Hill's light division.
Major-General Ambrose P. Hill.
Branch's Brigade.
Brig. Gen. L. O'B. Branch.
7th North Carolina.
18th North Carolina.
28th North Carolina.
33d North Carolina.
37th North Carolina.
Gregg's Brigade.
Brig.-Gen. Maxey Gregg.
1st South Carolina.
1st South Carolina Rifles.
12th South Carolina.
13th South Carolina.
14th South Carolina.
Field's Brigade.
Brig.-Gen. C. W. Field.
Col. J. M. Brockenbrough.
40th Virginia.
47th Virginia.
55th Virginia.
2d Virginia Battalion.
Pender's Brigade.
Brig.-Gen. W. D. Pender.
16th North Carolina.
22d North Carolina.
34th North Carolina.
38th North Carolina.
Archer's Brigade.
Brig.-Gen. J. J. Archer.
5th Alabama Battalion.
19th Georgia.9
1st Tennessee, (Prov. Army.)
7th Tennessee.
14th Tennessee.
Thomas's Brigade.
Brig.-Gen. E. L. Thomas.
14th Georgia.
19th Georgia.10
35th Georgia.
45th Georgia.
49th Georgia.
Lieutenant-Colonel R. L. Walker.
Braxton's Virginia Battery, (Fredericksburg Artillery.)
Crenshaw's Virginia Battery.
Davidson's Virginia Battery, (Letcher Artillery.)
Latham's North Carolina, (Branch Artillery.)
McIntosh's South Carolina Battery, (Pee Dee Artillery.)
Pegram's Virginia Battery, (Purcell Artillery.)
Ewell's division.
Major-General R. S. Ewell.
Brigadier-General A. R. Lawton.
Lawton's Brigade.
Brig.-Gen. A. R. Lawton.
Colonel M. Douglass.
13th Georgia.
26th Georgia.
31st Georgia.
38th Georgia.
60th Georgia.
61st Georgia.
Early's Brigade.
Brig.-Gen. J. A. Early.
13th Virginia.
25th Virginia.
31st Virginia.
44th Virginia.
49th Virginia.
52d Virginia.
58th Virginia.
Hays's Brigade.
Brig.-Gen. Harry T. Hays.
Colonel Henry Forno.
Colonel H. B. Strong.
5th Louisiana.
6th Louisiana.
7th Louisiana.
8th Louisiana.
Trimble's Brigade.
Brig.-Gen. I. R. Trimble.
Captain W. F. Brown.
15th Alabama.
12th Georgia.
21st Georgia.
21st North Carolina.
Balthis's Va. Battery, (Staunton Artillery.)
Brown's Md. Battery, (Chesapeake Artillery.)
D'Aquin's Battery, (Louisiana Guard Artillery.)
Dement's Maryland Battery.
Latimer's Va. Battery, (Courtney Artillery.)
Major-General J. E. B. Stuart.
Hampton's Brigade.11
Brigadier-General Wade Hampton.
1st North Carolina.
2d North Carolina.
10th Virginia.
Cobb's Georgia Legion.
Jeff. Davis Legion.
Lee's Brigade.
Brigadier-General Fitz. Lee.
1st Virginia.
3d Virginia.
4th Virginia.
5th Virginia.
9th Virginia.
Robertson's Brigade.
Brigadier-General B. H. Robertson.
2d Virginia.
6th Virginia.
7th Virginia.
12th Virginia.
17th Virginia Battalion.
Hart's South Carolina Battery.
Pelham's Virginia Battery.
First Virginia Regiment.
Colonel J. T. Brown.
Coke's Va. Battery, (Williamsburg Artillery.)
Dance's Va. Battery, (Powhatan Artillery.)
Hupp's Va. Battery, (Salem Artillery.)
Macon's Battery, (Richmond Fayette Artillery.)
Smith's Battery, (3d Co. Richmond Howitzers.)
Watson's Battery, (2d Co. Richmond Howitzers.)
Sumter (Georgia) Battalion.
Lieutenant-Colonel A. S. Cutts.
Blackshear's Battery, (D.)
Lane's Battery, (C.)
Patterson's Battery, (B.)
Ross's Battery, (A.)
Miscellaneous Batteries.
Ancell's Va. Battery, (Fluvanna Art.)
Cutshaw's Virginia Battery.13
Fleet's Va. Battery, (Middlesex Art.)14
Huckstep's Virginia Battery.
Johnson's Virginia Battery.15
Milledge's Georgia Battery.
Page's (R. C. M.) Va. Bat., (Morris Art.)
Peyton's Va. Battery, (Orange Artillery.)
Rice's Virginia Battery.16
Turner's Virginia Battery.


1 based upon organization of July 23, 1862, subsequent orders of assignment and transfers, and the reports.

2 An independent brigade. On August 30th Evans commanded Hood's division as well as his own brigade.

3 Attached to Anderson's division, but not mentioned in the reports.

4 Mentioned in the reports, but assignments not indicated.

5 Mentioned in the reports, but assignments not indicated.

6 Attached to Anderson's division, but not mentioned in the reports.

7 Mentioned in the reports, but assignments not indicated.

8 Mentioned in the reports, but assignments not indicated.

9 In Archer's brigade August 9th, according to his report of Cedar Run or Slaughter Mountain, and in Thomas's brigade August 30th, according to Surgeon Guild's report of casualties.

10 In Archer's brigade August 9th, according to his report of Cedar Run or Slaughter Mountain, and in Thomas's brigade August 30th, according to Surgeon Guild's report of casualties.

11 On detached service until September 2d.

12 The following artillery organizations were in the Army of Northern Virginia, July 23 and October 4, 1862, but with the exceptions noted, they do not appear in the reports of the battles of Manassas Plains.

13 Mentioned in the reports, but assignments not indicated.

14 Mentioned in the reports, but assignments not indicated.

15 Mentioned in the reports, but assignments not indicated.

16 Mentioned in the reports, but assignments not indicated.

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James Longstreet (2)
S. D. Lee (2)
D. R. Jones (2)
Bradley T. Johnson (2)
M. Jenkins (2)
Harry T. Hays (2)
Guild (2)
Maxey Gregg (2)
C. W. Field (2)
W. S. Featherston (2)
R. S. Ewell (2)
T. F. Drayton (2)
W. F. Brown (2)
J. M. Brockenbrough (2)
L. O'B. Branch (2)
L. A. Armistead (2)
R. H. Anderson (2)
Wooding (1)
W. H. C. Whiting (1)
Samuel Watson (1)
J. B. Walton (1)
R. L. Walker (1)
Joseph Walker (1)
T. T. Turner (1)
W. H. Taylor (1)
William B. Taliaferro (1)
A. G. Taliaferro (1)
J. E. B. Stuart (1)
H. B. Strong (1)
Stribling (1)
P. F. Stevens (1)
Leroy A. Stafford (1)
Squires (1)
William Smith (1)
L. M. Shumaker (1)
Ross (1)
Walter H. Rogers (1)
H. B. Richardson (1)
T. W. Rice (1)
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Moorman (1)
James A. Miller (1)
Milledge (1)
McIntosh (1)
V. Maurin (1)
Robert Edward Lee (1)
R. E. Lee (1)
Fitzhugh Lee (1)
Leake (1)
E. M. Law (1)
J. W. Latimer (1)
Latham (1)
James H. Lane (1)
Thomas Jordan (1)
Hilary P. Jones (1)
T. J. Jackson (1)
Hupp (1)
Eppa Hunton (1)
Frank Huger (1)
W. H. Holcombe (1)
Ambrose P. Hill (1)
A. P. Hill (1)
Hart (1)
Wade Hampton (1)
Grimes (1)
A. J. Grigsby (1)
Garden (1)
B. W. Frobel (1)
Henry Forno (1)
Eubank (1)
Eshleman (1)
Jubal A. Early (1)
J. A. Early (1)
M. Douglass (1)
Dement (1)
Jefferson Davis (1)
William Lee Davidson (1)
Dance (1)
D'Aquin (1)
A. S. Cutts (1)
Cutshaw (1)
M. D. Corse (1)
Coppens (1)
Coke (1)
T. R. R. Cobb (1)
Chapman (1)
Caskie (1)
Carpenter (1)
J. Thompson Brown (1)
Boyce (1)
H. L. Benning (1)
W. S. H. Baylor (1)
S. C. Bat (1)
Balthis (1)
Bachman (1)
Ancell (1)
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