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Jan. 18-Feb. 10: Operations about Newberne against Whiting

CONNECTICUT--15th and 21st Infantry. MASSACHUSETTS--17th Infantry. NEW YORK--3d and 12th Cavalry; 3d Light Arty.; 92d, 99th, 132d and 158th Infantry. RHODE ISLAND--5th Heavy Arty. VERMONT--9th Infantry. WISCONSIN--19th Infantry. UNITED STATES--1st Colored Infantry, and Navy.

Jan. 22: Skirmish, Harrellsville

CONNECTICUT--15th and 16th Infantry (Detachments). NEW YORK--85th Infantry (Detachment). PENNSYLVANIA--101st and 103d Infantry (Detachments).

Jan. 27: Expedition to Lake Phelps

NEW YORK--24th Indpt. Battery Light Arty. (Detachment).

Jan. 27: Expedition to Onslow County

NEW YORK--12th and 23d Cavalry (Detachments); 158th Infantry (Detachment). VERMONT--9th Infantry (Detachment).

Jan. 29: Expedition up Roanoke River

CONNECTICUT--15th Infantry (Detachment). U. S. Marine and Sailors (Detachment).

Jan. 30: Skirmish, Windsor

CONNECTICUT--15th and 16th Infantry (Detachments). NEW YORK--85th Infantry (Detachment). PENNSYLVANIA--101st and 103d Infantry (Detachments). NORTH CAROLINA--2d Infantry (Detachment). U. S. Sailors and Marines (Detachment).

Feb. 1-3: Skirmish, Beech Grove and Batchelder's Creek, near Newberne

MASSACHUSETTS--17th Infantry. NEW YORK--12th Cavalry; Batteries "C" and "I" 3d Light Arty.; 92d, 99th and 132d Infantry. NORTH CAROLINA--2d Infantry. WISCONSIN--19th Infantry. Union loss, 9 killed, 12 wounded, 305 missing. Total, 326.

Feb. 2: Action, Deep Creek

ILLINOIS--14th Cavalry.

Feb. 2: Skirmish, Gales Creek, near Newberne

NEW YORK--23d Cavalry (Co's "A," "B"). VERMONT--9th Infantry (Detachment). Union loss included in Newport Barracks, Feb. 2.

Feb. 2: Skirmish, Bogue Sound Block House

VERMONT--9th Infanty (Co's "B," "H"). Union loss included in Newport Barracks, Feb. 2.

Feb. 2: Skirmish, Newport Barracks

MASSACHUSETTS--2d Heavy Arty. (Co. "D"). NEW YORK--23d Cavalry (Co's "A," "B"). VERMONT--9th Infantry. Union loss, 4 killed, 11 wounded, 62 missing. Total, 77.

Feb. 5: Skirmish, Quallatown

OHIO--10th Cavalry (Detachment). PENNSYLVANIA--15th Cavalry (Detachment). TENNESSEE--1st Cavalry (Detachment). Union loss, 2 killed, 6 wounded. Total, 8.

Feb. 6: Skirmish, Newport Barracks

NEW YORK--23d Cavalry (Detachment).

Feb. 7: Affair, Wacamo Neck

(No Reports.)

Feb. 9: Reconnoissance toward Swansborough

NEW YORK--158th Infantry. NORTH CAROLINA--2d Infantry. UNITED STATES--Battery "C" 1st Arty.

Feb. 16: Affair, Fairfield

PENNSYLVANIA--101st Infantry (Detachment). U. S. Gunboat "Foster."

March 25-26: Expedition to Bogue and Bear Inlets

NEW YORK--158th Infantry.

March 26: Skirmish near Black Jack Church

NORTH CAROLINA--1st Infantry (Detachment).

March 26: Skirmish, Ivy Bend

NORTH CAROLINA--2d Mounted Infantry.

April 1: Skirmish near Plymouth

UNITED STATES--37th Colored Infantry.

April 2: Affair, Cape Lookout

Destruction of Light by Confederates.

April 5: Affair near Blount's Creek

CONNECTICUT--21st Infantry. PENNSYLVANIA--58th Infantry (Detachment).

April 17: Skirmish, Beaver Creek

NEW YORK--12th Cavalry (Detachment).

April 17-20: Engagement, Siege and Capture, Plymouth.

CONNECTICUT--16th Infantry. MASSACHUSETTS--2d Heavy Arty. (Co's "G," "H"). NEW YORK--12th Cavalry (Co's "A," "F"); 24th Indpt. Battery Light Arty.; 85th Infantry. PENNSYLVANIA--3d Heavy Arty. (Detachment); 101st and 103d Infantry. NORTH CAROLINA--2d Infantry (Co's "B," "E"). UNITED STATES--10th Colored Infantry (Detachment). Gunboats "Ceres," "Southfield" and "Whitehead." Union loss, 20 killed, 82 wounded, 2,732 captured and missing. Total, 2,834.

April 25: Skirmish, Plymouth

NORTH CAROLINA--2d Infantry.

April 27-28: Skirmishes, Washington

MASSACHUSETTS--17th Infantry. NEW YORK--23d Indpt. Battery Light Arty.

April 29-30: Expedition from Newport Barracks to Swansborough

NEW YORK--158th Infantry (Detachment). VERMONT--9th Infantry (Detachment).

May 4: Skirmish on Trent Road

NEW YORK--23d Cavalry (Detachment).

May 4-6: Operations about Newberne, and in Albemarle Sound

RHODE ISLAND--5th Heavy Arty. and U. S. Navy.

May 5: Skirmish, Croaton

RHODE ISLAND--5th Heavy Arty. (Co. "A"). U. S. Gunboats "Ceres," "Sassacus," "Commodore Hull," "Miami," "Seymour," "Whitehead," "Mattabesett" and "Wyalusing." Union loss, 5 killed, 26 wounded. Total, 31.

May 5: Engagement in Roanoke River, with Ram "Albemarle"


May 5: Skirmish, South Side Trent River

NEW YORK--3d Light Arty. RHODE ISLAND--5th Heavy Arty. and U. S. Navy.

May 26: Torpedo Explosion, Batchelder's Creek

NEW YORK--132d and 158th Infantry. PENNSYLVANIA--58th Infantry. Union loss, 35 killed, 19 wounded. Total, 54.

June 20-23: Expedition from Batchelder's Creek to near Kinston

CONNECTICUT--15th Infantry. NEW YORK--12th Cavalry (Co's "B," "D"); Battery "C" 3d Light Arty.; 132d Infantry. Union loss, 1 killed, 3 missing. Total, 4.

June 20-25: Expedition against Wilmington & Weldon R. R.

NEW YORK--12th (Co. "E"), and 23d (Detachment) Cavalry; Battery "C" 3d Light Arty. (Detachment); 158th Infantry. NORTH CAROLINA--1st Mounted Infantry (Co. "L"). VERMONT--9th Infantry. UNITED STATES--Battery "C" 1st Arty. (Detachment).

June 22: Skirmish, Southwest Creek

CONNECTICUT--15th Infantry. NEW YORK--12th Cavalry (Co's "B," "D"); 132d Infantry.

June 22-23: Scout to Sneed's Fery

NEW YORK--12th Cavalry (Detachment).

June 22-23: Skirmish, Swansborough

NEW YORK--12th Cavalry (Detachment).

June 28: Skirmish, Kinston

NEW YORK--12th Cavalry (Detachment).

June 28: Skirmish near Murphy

OHIO--1st Heavy Arty. (Co's "C," "H," "L," "M").

June 28: Capture of Camp Vance

NORTH CAROLINA--3d Infantry (Detachment). U. S. Gunboat "Whitehead" and detachment of Infantry and Arty. under Lieut. G. F. Ward.

July 18-31: Expedition from Newberne to Manning's Neck


Aug. 2: Skirmish, Murphy

OHIO--1st Heavy Arty. (Co's "C," "H," "L," "M").

Oct. 11-13: Scout to Gum Swamp

NEW YORK--12th Cavalry (Detachment).

Dec. 10-15: Scout from Core Creek to Southwest Creek

CONNECTICUT--8th Infantry. NEW YORK--12th Cavalry (Detachment).

Dec. 10: Skirmish, Mosely Ford

NEW YORK--12th Cavalry (Detachment).

Dec. 11-12: Skirmishes, Southwest Creek Bridge

NEW YORK--12th Cavalry (Detachment).

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