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Jan. 3: Reconnoissance to Big Bethel

NEW YORK--20th and 99th Infantry. PENNSYLVANIA--11th Cavalry (3 Cos.).

Jan. 9: Skirmish, Pohick Run

MICHIGAN--5th Infantry.

Jan. 17: Scout to Springfield and Burke's Station

NEW HAMPSHIRE--5th Infantry (Co. "A").

Jan. 29: Skirmish, Lee's House, Occoquan Bridge.

NEW JERSEY--1st Cavalry (Detachment). NEW YORK--37th Infantry (Detachment). Union loss, 1 killed, 4 wounded. Total, 5.

Feb. 3: Reconnoissance to Occoquan

MICHIGAN--3d Infantry (Cos. "H," "I").

Feb. 7: Expedition to Flint Hill and Hunter's Mills

PENNSYLVANIA--5th Cavalry.

Feb. 7: Skirmish, Fairfax Court House

PENNSYLVANIA--5th Cavalry.

Feb. 22: Expedition to Vienna and Flint Hill

NEW YORK--43d Infantry. PENNSYLVANIA--5th Cavalry.

Feb. 24: Skirmish, Mason's Creek, Occoquan

NEW YORK--37th Infantry (Detachment). Union loss, 2 killed, 1 wounded. Total, 3.

Feb. 24: Affair, Lewis Chapel

Picket attack.

Feb. 25-May 6: Operations in Loudon County

MICHIGAN--1st Cavalry. PENNSYLVANIA--11th and 28th Infantry.

March 5: Skirmishes, Pohick Church and Occoquan

PENNSYLVANIA--63d Infantry (Detachment). Union loss, 4 killed, 1 wounded. Total, 5.

March 6: Skirmish, Berryville

MICHIGAN--1st Cavalry.

March 7: Skirmish near Winchester

CONNECTICUT--5th Infantry. MARYLAND--Cole's Cavalry Company. PENNSYLVANIA--Battery "F" 1st Light Arty.; 46th Infantry. Union loss, 3 wounded.

March 8: Occupation of Leesburg

PENNSYLVANIA--Knap's Battery Light Arty.; 28th Infantry.

March 8-9: Action, Hampton Roads

INDIANA--20th Infantry. MASSACHUSETTS--29th Infantry. NEW YORK--7th, 11th and 99th Infantry; U. S. Navy--"Minnesota," "Cumberland" and "Congress" (99th N. Y. on board); Iron clad "Monitor," battle with "Merrimac." Union loss, 261 killed 108 wounded. Total, 369.

March 9: Skirmish, Sangster's Station

NEW YORK--1st Cavalry.

March 10: Skirmish, Burke's Station

NEW YORK--1st (Lincoln) Cavalry (1 Co.). Union loss, 1 killed.

March 11-12: Skirmish, Stephenson's Station, near Winchester

INDIANA--12th Infantry.

March 13: Skirmish, Smithfield

INDIANA--27th Infantry.

March 14-16: Reconnoissance to Cedar Run

NEW YORK--57th Infantry. UNITED STATES--5th Cavalry.

March 16: Action, Aquia Creek Batteries

U. S. Gunboats "Yankee" and "Anacosta."

March 18: Skirmish, Middletown

INDIANA--7th Infantry.

March 19: Skirmish, Strasburg

OHIO--Battery "H" 1st Light Arty.; 8th Infantry.

March 20: Reconnoissance to Gainesville

ILLINOIS--8th Cavalry. PENNSYLVANIA--81st Infantry.

March 20-21: Reconnoissance to Dumfries

(No Reports.)

March 22: Skirmish, Kernstown

MICHIGAN--1st Cavalry. OHIO--Battery "H" 1st Light Arty.; 67th Infantry. PENNSYLVANIA--Ringgold Cavalry. WEST VIRGINIA--1st Cavalry.

March 23: Battle of Winchester

ILLINOIS--39th Infantry. INDIANA--7th, 13th and 14th Infantry. MARYLAND--1st Potomac Home Brigade Cavalry; 1st Infantry (Co. "B"). MASSACHUSETTS--1st Company S. S. MICHIGAN--1st Cavalry. OHIO--1st Cavalry (Cos. "A," "C"); Batteries "H" and "L" 1st Light Arty.; 5th, 7th, 8th, 29th, 62d and 67th Infantry. PENNSYLVANIA--Ringgold Cavalry Company, Washington Cavalry Company; 84th and 110th Infantry. WEST VIRGINIA--1st Cavalry (6 Cos.); Batteries "A" and "B" 1st Light Arty.; 1st Infantry. UNITED STATES--Battery "E" 4th Arty. Union loss, 118 killed, 450 wounded, 22 missing. Total, 590.

March 25: Skirmish, Mount Jackson

OHIO--62d Infantry.

March 27: Skirmish, Strasburg

INDIANA--16th Infantry. MARYLAND--1st Potomac Home Brigade Infantry. MASSACHUSETTS--2d and 12th Infantry.

March 27-29: Operations about Middleburg and White Plains

PENNSYLVANIA--Knap's Battery Light Arty.; 28th Infantry.

March 27: Skirmish, Middleburg

PENNSYLVANIA--Knap's Battery Light Arty.; 28th Infantry.

March 28-31: Operations on Orange & Alexandria R. R.

ILLINOIS--8th Cavalry. NEW HAMPSHIRE--5th Infantry. NEW YORK--Battery "G" 1st Light Arty.; 61st Infantry. PENNSYLVANIA--81st Infantry. UNITED STATES--Battery "C" 4th Arty.

March 28: Affair, Bealeton Station

ILLINOIS--8th Cavalry. NEW YORK--Battery "G" 1st Light Arty.

March 29: Affair, Rappahannock Station

ILLINOIS--8th Cavalry. NEW YORK--Battery "G" 1st Light Arty.

March 29: Action, Warrenton Junction

ILLINOIS--8th Cavalry. NEW HAMPSHIRE--5th Infantry. NEW YORK--Battery "G" 1st Light Arty.

April 1: Action, Woodstock

MASSACHUSETTS--2d Infantry. MICHIGAN--1st Cavalry. NEW YORK--Battery "M" 1st Light Arty. PENNSYLVANIA--29th Infantry. WISCONSIN--3d Infantry.

April 1: Skirmish, Salem

MICHIGAN--1st Cavalry.

April 1-2: Advance from Strasburg to Edenburg and Woodstock, and Action at Edenburg

MASSACHUSETTS--2d Infantry. MICHIGAN--1st Cavalry. NEW YORK--Battery "M" 1st Light Arty. PENNSYLVANIA--29th Infantry. WISCONSIN--3d Infantry.

April 2: Skirmish, Stony Creek, near Edenburg

PENNSYLVANIA--29th Infantry.

April 2: Skirmish, Thoroughfare Gap

PENNSYLVANIA--28th Infantry.

April 2: Reconnoissance to the Rappahannock

ILLINOIS--8th Cavalry.

April 4: Skirmish, Stafford Court House

NEW YORK--70th, 71st, 72d, 73d and 74th Infantry.

April 4: Skirmish, Young's Mills

VERMONT--2d Infantry.

April 4: Skirmish, Great Bethel

UNITED STATES--1st Sharpshooters. Union loss, 2 killed.

April 4: Skirmish, Howard's Mills, near Cockletown

MASSACHUSETTS--9th Infantry. MICHIGAN--4th Infantry. NEW YORK--14th Infantry. PENNSYLVANIA--3d Cavalry (Co. "A"); 62d Infantry. RHODE ISLAND--Battery "C" 1st Light Arty. UNITED STATES--1st Sharpshooters.

April 5: Skirmish near Lee's Mills

MAINE--7th Infantry. NEW YORK--Battery "E" 1st Light Arty., 1st Indpt. Battery Light Arty.; 33d, 49th and 77th Infantry.

April 5-May 4: Siege of Yorktown

CONNECTICUT--1st Heavy Arty. ILLINOIS--McClellan's Dragoons; Sturgis' Rifles. MAINE--2d, 3d, 4th, 6th, 7th and 11th Infantry. MASSACHUSETTS--3d and 5th Batteries Light Arty.; 1st and 2d Cos. Sharpshooters; 1st, 7th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 15th, 18th, 19th, 20th, and 22d Infantry. MICHIGAN--Brady's Sharpshooters; 2d, 3d, 4th, 5th, 7th and 16th Infantry. MINNESOTA--1st Infantry. NEW HAMPSHIRE--2d and 5th Infantry. NEW JERSEY--Battery "B" Light Arty.; 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th Infantry. NEW YORK--6th (Cos. "D," "K") and 9th Cavalry, Oneida Cavalry Company; Batteries "A," "B," "D," "E," "G" and "H" 1st Light Arty., Batteries "A," "B," "C," and "D" 1st Battalion Light Arty., Battery "A" 2d Battalion Light Arty., 1st, 3d, 4th, 5th, 7th and 8th Indpt. Batteries Light Arty.; 15th and 50th Engineers; 5th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 17th, 25th, 33d, 34th, 36th, 37th, 38th, 40th, 42d, 43d, 44th, 49th, 52d, 55th, 56th, 57th, 61st, 62d, 63d, 64th, 66th, 67th, 69th, 70th, 71st, 72d, 73d, 74th, 77th, 81st, 82d (2d S. M.), 85th, 87th, 88th, 92d, 93d, 96th, 98th and 100th Infantry. PENNSYLVANIA--3d, 6th and 8th Cavalry; Batteries "C," "D," "E" and "H" 1st Light Arty.; 23d, 26th, 49th, 52d, 53d, 57th, 61st, 62d, 63d, 69th, 71st, 72d, 81st (31st), 82d, 83d, 85th, 93d, 98th, 101st, 102d, 103d, 104th, 105th and 106th Infantry. RHODE ISLAND--Batteries "A," "B," "C," "E" and "G" 1st Light Arty.; 2d Infantry. VERMONT--2d, 3d, 4th, 5th and 6th Infantry. WISCONSIN--5th Infantry. UNITED STATES--1st, 2d, 4th (Cos. "C," "E"), 5th and 6th Cavalry; Batteries "E," "G," "H," "I" and "K" 1st Arty., "A," "B," "E," "G" and "M" 2d Arty., "C," "F," "G," "K," "L" and "M" 3d Arty., "A," "C," "G" and "K" 4th Arty., "A," "D," "F" and "K" 5th Arty.; 1st Sharpshooters; 1st Engineer Battalion; 2d, 3d, 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 14th and 17th Infantry.

April 5: Skirmish, Warwick Road

MAINE--2d Infantry; 3d and 5th Battery Light Arty.; 2d Company Sharpshooters; 9th, 18th and 22d Infantry. MICHIGAN--4th and 16th Infantry. NEW YORK--12th, 13th, 14th, 17th, 25th and 44th Infantry. PENNSYLVANIA--3d Cavalry; 62d and 83d Infantry. RHODE ISLAND--Battery "C" 1st Light Arty. UNITED STATES--1st Sharpshooters; Battery "D" 5th Arty. Union loss, 3 killed, 2 wounded, 5 missing. Total, 10.

April 7: Reconnoissance to the Rappahannock

INDIANA--16th Infantry.

April 7: Skirmish, Columbia Furnace

MICHIGAN--1st Cavalry.

April 9-11: Reconnoissance from Yorktown

NEW YORK--13th Infantry.

April 11: Skirmish, Yorktown

NEW YORK--87th Infantry. PENNSYLVANIA--57th and 103d Infantry. Union loss, 2 killed, 8 wounded. Total, 10.

April 11: Operations in Hampton Roads

Confederate Navy.

April 12: Skirmish, Monterey

OHIO--Battery "I" 1st Light Arty.; 7th, 25th, 32d and 75th Infantry. WEST VIRGINIA--1st Cavalry; 2d Infantry. Union loss, 3 wounded.

April 15: Accident, Berry's Ferry

(No Reports.)

April 15: Reconnoissance to Rappahannock

MAINE--1st Cavalry (Co. "C").

April 16: Reconnoissance to Rappahannock

RHODE ISLAND--1st Cavalry (3d Battalion).

April 16: Skirmish, Warrenton Junction

RHODE ISLAND--1st Cavalry (3d Battalion).

April 16: Reconnoissance to Liberty Church

MAINE--1st Cavalry (Detachment). RHODE ISLAND--1st Cavalry (Detachment).

April 16: Action, Columbia Furnace

CONNECTICUT--5th Infantry. INDIANA--14th Infantry. NEW YORK--28th Infantry. PENNSYLVANIA--Washington County Cavalry Co.; 46th Infantry.

April 16: Engagement, Lee's Mills, Burnt Chimneys, Dam No. 1

MAINE--6th and 7th Infantry. NEW YORK--Battery "E" 1st Light Arty.; 1st and 3d Indpt. Batteries Light Arty.; 33d, 43d, 49th and 77th Infantry. PENNSYLVANIA--49th Infantry. VERMONT--2d, 3d, 4th, 5th and 6th Infantry. WISCONSIN--5th Infantry. UNITED STATES--Battery "F" 5th Arty. Union loss, 35 killed, 121 wounded, 9 missing. Total, 165.

April 17-19: Skirmishes near Falmouth and occupation of Fredericksburg

NEW YORK--2d Cavalry. PENNSYLVANIA--1st Cavalry (Cos. "E," "F," "K," "M"). Union loss, 7 killed, 14 wounded. Total, 21.

April 17: Occupation of Mount Jackson and New Market

INDIANA--7th, 13th and 14th Infantry. ILLINOIS--39th Infantry. OHIO--1st Cavalry (Detachment); Batteries "H" and "L" 1st Light Arty. PENNSYLVANIA--84th and 110th Infantry. RHODE ISLAND--1st Cavalry (Battalion). WEST VIRGINIA--Batteries "A" and "B" 1st Light Arty.; 1st and 7th Infantry. UNITED STATES--Battery "E" 4th Arty.

April 17: Skirmish, Rude's Hill

(No Reports.)

April 17: Skirmish, Piedmont

MICHIGAN--1st Cavalry.

April 17: Skirmish, Mount Jackson

WEST VIRGINIA--1st Infantry.

April 18: Reconnoissance to Rappahannock River

INDIANA--12th Infantry. MASSACHUSETTS--12th Infantry. NEW YORK--13th Indpt. Battery Light Arty., 83d (9th S. M.) Infantry. PENNSYLVANIA--Battery "F" 1st Light Arty., Indpt. Battery "C" Light Arty. RHODE ISLAND--1st Cavalry (4 Cos.).

April 18: Action, Rappahannock Crossing

INDIANA--12th Infantry. MASSACHUSETTS--12th Infantry. NEW YORK--13th Indpt. Battery Light Arty. (Section); 83d (9th S. M.) Infantry. PENNSYLVANIA--Battery "F" 1st Light Arty., Indpt. Battery "C" Light Arty. RHODE ISLAND--1st Cavalry (4 Cos.).

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Winchester, Va. (Virginia, United States) (11)
Leesburg (Virginia, United States) (9)
Strasburg (Virginia, United States) (8)
Zuni (Virginia, United States) (7)
Warrenton (Virginia, United States) (7)
Fredericksburg (Virginia, United States) (7)
Yorktown (Virginia, United States) (6)
Suffolk, Va. (Virginia, United States) (6)
Orange Court House (Virginia, United States) (6)
Occoquan (Virginia, United States) (6)
Malvern Hill (Virginia, United States) (6)
Luray (Virginia, United States) (6)
Dumfries, Va. (Virginia, United States) (6)
Mount Jackson (Virginia, United States) (5)
Hanover Court House (Virginia, United States) (5)
Front Royal (Virginia, United States) (5)
Centreville (Virginia, United States) (5)
Williamsburg (Virginia, United States) (4)
Rappahannock (Virginia, United States) (4)
New Kent Court House (Virginia, United States) (4)
Gainesville (Virginia, United States) (4)
Chantilly (Virginia, United States) (4)
Blackwater (Virginia, United States) (4)
Westover (Virginia, United States) (3)
Snickersville (Virginia, United States) (3)
Philomont (Virginia, United States) (3)
New Market (Virginia, United States) (3)
Monterey (Virginia, United States) (3)
Madison Court House (Virginia, United States) (3)
Jefferson, Va. (Virginia, United States) (3)
Haymarket (Virginia, United States) (3)
Flint Hill (Virginia, United States) (3)
White Plains (Virginia, United States) (2)
Waterford (Virginia, United States) (2)
Vienna (Virginia, United States) (2)
Upperville (Virginia, United States) (2)
Stafford Court House (Virginia, United States) (2)
Salem, Va. (Virginia, United States) (2)
Port Republic (Virginia, United States) (2)
Pamunkey (Virginia, United States) (2)
Old Church (Virginia, United States) (2)
Norfolk (Virginia, United States) (2)
Milford, Va. (Virginia, United States) (2)
Middleburg (Virginia, United States) (2)
Lovettsville (Virginia, United States) (2)
Linden (Virginia, United States) (2)
Hazel Run (Virginia, United States) (2)
Hazel River (Virginia, United States) (2)
Hampton Roads (Virginia, United States) (2)
Gloucester, Va. (Virginia, United States) (2)
Gaines Mill (Virginia, United States) (2)
Frying Pan (Virginia, United States) (2)
Falmouth, Va. (Virginia, United States) (2)
Falls Church (Virginia, United States) (2)
Columbia Furnace (Virginia, United States) (2)
City Point (Virginia, United States) (2)
Chickahominy (Virginia, United States) (2)
Carrsville (Virginia, United States) (2)
Bull Run (Virginia, United States) (2)
Brandy Station (Virginia, United States) (2)
Barham (Virginia, United States) (2)
Ashland (Virginia, United States) (2)
Amissville (Virginia, United States) (2)
Aldie (Virginia, United States) (2)
Wolftown (Virginia, United States) (1)
Windsor (Virginia, United States) (1)
White Oak Swamp, Va. (Virginia, United States) (1)
White Oak (Virginia, United States) (1)
West Point (Virginia, United States) (1)
Waterloo, Va. (Virginia, United States) (1)
Verdon (Virginia, United States) (1)
Turkey Bend (Virginia, United States) (1)
Tom's Brook (Virginia, United States) (1)
Stony Creek (Virginia, United States) (1)
Stevensburg (Virginia, United States) (1)
Springfield (Virginia, United States) (1)
Sperryville (Virginia, United States) (1)
South Fork Shenandoah River (Virginia, United States) (1)
South Anna (Virginia, United States) (1)
Shirley (Virginia, United States) (1)
Sewell's Point (Virginia, United States) (1)
Rude's Hill (Virginia, United States) (1)
Rapidan (Virginia, United States) (1)
Potomac Creek (Virginia, United States) (1)
Portsmouth, Va. (Virginia, United States) (1)
Port Royal, Va. (Virginia, United States) (1)
Piedmont, Va. (Virginia, United States) (1)
Paris (Virginia, United States) (1)
Occoquan River (Virginia, United States) (1)
Oak Grove, Va. (Virginia, United States) (1)
Neersville (Virginia, United States) (1)
Mulberry Point (Virginia, United States) (1)
Mountain Road (Virginia, United States) (1)
Mount Carmel (Virginia, United States) (1)
McGaheysville (Virginia, United States) (1)
Mason's Creek (Virginia, United States) (1)
Louisa Court House (Virginia, United States) (1)
King William (Va.) (Virginia, United States) (1)
King George Court House (Virginia, United States) (1)
Hillsboro (Virginia, United States) (1)
Hanovertown (Virginia, United States) (1)
Groveton (Virginia, United States) (1)
Great Run (Virginia, United States) (1)
Gordonsville (Virginia, United States) (1)
Gloucester Point (Virginia, United States) (1)
Glendale, Va. (Virginia, United States) (1)
Germantown (Virginia, United States) (1)
Fairfax Station (Virginia, United States) (1)
Dranesville (Virginia, United States) (1)
Cross Keys (Virginia, United States) (1)
Crooked Run (Virginia, United States) (1)
Chester Gap (Virginia, United States) (1)
Cedar Mountain (Virginia, United States) (1)
Burnt Chimneys (Virginia, United States) (1)
Browntown (Virginia, United States) (1)
Broad Run (Virginia, United States) (1)
Brentsville (Virginia, United States) (1)
Bloomfield (Virginia, United States) (1)
Aquia Creek (Virginia, United States) (1)
Annandale (Virginia, United States) (1)
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August 26th, 1862 AD (8)
May 24th, 1862 AD (8)
August 28th, 1862 AD (7)
August 27th, 1862 AD (7)
June 30th, 1862 AD (7)
December 12th, 1862 AD (6)
September 2nd, 1862 AD (6)
June 29th, 1862 AD (6)
May 23rd, 1862 AD (6)
December 2nd, 1862 AD (5)
August 31st, 1862 AD (5)
August 22nd, 1862 AD (5)
June 13th, 1862 AD (5)
April 16th, 1862 AD (5)
November 16th, 1862 AD (4)
November 14th, 1862 AD (4)
November 9th, 1862 AD (4)
November 8th, 1862 AD (4)
August 30th, 1862 AD (4)
August 23rd, 1862 AD (4)
July 1st, 1862 AD (4)
June 27th, 1862 AD (4)
June 26th, 1862 AD (4)
June 3rd, 1862 AD (4)
June 2nd, 1862 AD (4)
May 27th, 1862 AD (4)
May 7th, 1862 AD (4)
April 17th, 1862 AD (4)
April 4th, 1862 AD (4)
December 28th, 1862 AD (3)
December 1st, 1862 AD (3)
November 22nd, 1862 AD (3)
November 10th, 1862 AD (3)
November 4th, 1862 AD (3)
November 3rd, 1862 AD (3)
October 31st, 1862 AD (3)
October 21st, 1862 AD (3)
August 20th, 1862 AD (3)
July 23rd, 1862 AD (3)
July 4th, 1862 AD (3)
July 2nd, 1862 AD (3)
June 28th, 1862 AD (3)
June 24th, 1862 AD (3)
June 15th, 1862 AD (3)
June 8th, 1862 AD (3)
June 5th, 1862 AD (3)
May 30th, 1862 AD (3)
May 19th, 1862 AD (3)
May 15th, 1862 AD (3)
May 9th, 1862 AD (3)
May 5th, 1862 AD (3)
April 2nd, 1862 AD (3)
December 29th, 1862 AD (2)
December 22nd, 1862 AD (2)
December 20th, 1862 AD (2)
December 17th, 1862 AD (2)
December 4th, 1862 AD (2)
November 17th, 1862 AD (2)
November 11th, 1862 AD (2)
November 7th, 1862 AD (2)
November 5th, 1862 AD (2)
November 1st, 1862 AD (2)
October 29th, 1862 AD (2)
October 25th, 1862 AD (2)
October 24th, 1862 AD (2)
October 20th, 1862 AD (2)
October 18th, 1862 AD (2)
October 15th, 1862 AD (2)
October 9th, 1862 AD (2)
October 3rd, 1862 AD (2)
September 26th, 1862 AD (2)
September 3rd, 1862 AD (2)
September 1st, 1862 AD (2)
August 29th, 1862 AD (2)
August 21st, 1862 AD (2)
August 18th, 1862 AD (2)
August 10th, 1862 AD (2)
August 9th, 1862 AD (2)
August 8th, 1862 AD (2)
July 29th, 1862 AD (2)
July 22nd, 1862 AD (2)
July 15th, 1862 AD (2)
July 5th, 1862 AD (2)
July 3rd, 1862 AD (2)
June 25th, 1862 AD (2)
June 20th, 1862 AD (2)
June 18th, 1862 AD (2)
June 16th, 1862 AD (2)
June 10th, 1862 AD (2)
June 7th, 1862 AD (2)
June 6th, 1862 AD (2)
June 1st, 1862 AD (2)
May 21st, 1862 AD (2)
May 20th, 1862 AD (2)
May 13th, 1862 AD (2)
May 11th, 1862 AD (2)
May 10th, 1862 AD (2)
May 8th, 1862 AD (2)
May 4th, 1862 AD (2)
May 2nd, 1862 AD (2)
April 22nd, 1862 AD (2)
April 18th, 1862 AD (2)
April 15th, 1862 AD (2)
April 11th, 1862 AD (2)
April 7th, 1862 AD (2)
April 5th, 1862 AD (2)
April 1st, 1862 AD (2)
March 29th, 1862 AD (2)
March 27th, 1862 AD (2)
February 24th, 1862 AD (2)
February 7th, 1862 AD (2)
December 27th, 1862 AD (1)
December 25th, 1862 AD (1)
December 21st, 1862 AD (1)
December 19th, 1862 AD (1)
December 14th, 1862 AD (1)
December 13th, 1862 AD (1)
December 11th, 1862 AD (1)
December 8th, 1862 AD (1)
November 30th, 1862 AD (1)
November 29th, 1862 AD (1)
November 28th, 1862 AD (1)
November 24th, 1862 AD (1)
November 21st, 1862 AD (1)
November 19th, 1862 AD (1)
November 18th, 1862 AD (1)
November 15th, 1862 AD (1)
November 13th, 1862 AD (1)
November 12th, 1862 AD (1)
November 2nd, 1862 AD (1)
October 27th, 1862 AD (1)
October 19th, 1862 AD (1)
October 16th, 1862 AD (1)
October 13th, 1862 AD (1)
October 8th, 1862 AD (1)
October 7th, 1862 AD (1)
October 6th, 1862 AD (1)
September 30th, 1862 AD (1)
September 29th, 1862 AD (1)
September 28th, 1862 AD (1)
September 22nd, 1862 AD (1)
September 21st, 1862 AD (1)
September 20th, 1862 AD (1)
September 17th, 1862 AD (1)
September 16th, 1862 AD (1)
September 14th, 1862 AD (1)
September 10th, 1862 AD (1)
September 9th, 1862 AD (1)
September 5th, 1862 AD (1)
August 25th, 1862 AD (1)
August 24th, 1862 AD (1)
August 19th, 1862 AD (1)
August 17th, 1862 AD (1)
August 13th, 1862 AD (1)
August 12th, 1862 AD (1)
August 7th, 1862 AD (1)
August 6th, 1862 AD (1)
August 5th, 1862 AD (1)
August 4th, 1862 AD (1)
August 3rd, 1862 AD (1)
August 2nd, 1862 AD (1)
August 1st, 1862 AD (1)
July 28th, 1862 AD (1)
July 20th, 1862 AD (1)
July 19th, 1862 AD (1)
July 17th, 1862 AD (1)
July 16th, 1862 AD (1)
July 13th, 1862 AD (1)
July 12th, 1862 AD (1)
July 11th, 1862 AD (1)
July 9th, 1862 AD (1)
July 8th, 1862 AD (1)
July 7th, 1862 AD (1)
June 23rd, 1862 AD (1)
June 22nd, 1862 AD (1)
June 21st, 1862 AD (1)
June 19th, 1862 AD (1)
June 14th, 1862 AD (1)
June 12th, 1862 AD (1)
June 9th, 1862 AD (1)
June 4th, 1862 AD (1)
May 31st, 1862 AD (1)
May 29th, 1862 AD (1)
May 28th, 1862 AD (1)
May 26th, 1862 AD (1)
May 25th, 1862 AD (1)
May 22nd, 1862 AD (1)
May 18th, 1862 AD (1)
May 17th, 1862 AD (1)
May 14th, 1862 AD (1)
May 12th, 1862 AD (1)
May 6th, 1862 AD (1)
May 1st, 1862 AD (1)
April 29th, 1862 AD (1)
April 28th, 1862 AD (1)
April 27th, 1862 AD (1)
April 26th, 1862 AD (1)
April 24th, 1862 AD (1)
April 21st, 1862 AD (1)
April 19th, 1862 AD (1)
April 12th, 1862 AD (1)
March 28th, 1862 AD (1)
March 25th, 1862 AD (1)
March 23rd, 1862 AD (1)
March 22nd, 1862 AD (1)
March 20th, 1862 AD (1)
March 19th, 1862 AD (1)
March 18th, 1862 AD (1)
March 16th, 1862 AD (1)
March 13th, 1862 AD (1)
March 10th, 1862 AD (1)
March 9th, 1862 AD (1)
March 8th, 1862 AD (1)
March 7th, 1862 AD (1)
March 6th, 1862 AD (1)
March 5th, 1862 AD (1)
February 22nd, 1862 AD (1)
February 3rd, 1862 AD (1)
January 29th, 1862 AD (1)
January 17th, 1862 AD (1)
January 9th, 1862 AD (1)
January 3rd, 1862 AD (1)
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