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Strangers in Medford, (continued from Vol. 8, no. 4).

Names.From. Date.Warned out.Remarks.
Richardson, Stephen N.Jan. 30, 1791
Richardson, ThomasReading, Sept., 1763Nov. 30, 1763[daughter.
    Mary (wife)
Richey, HenryWindham, May 4, 1758And Sarah Brothers, her Age 19. Brickmaker in employ of Robt. Burns.
Rix, MaryStoneham, abt. Aug. 12, 1761Single woman. In family of Jos. Tufts, Aug. 26, 1761.
Robins, DavidCambridge, May 1, 1761In family of Samuel Hall.
Robbins, ThomasCambridge, Apr. 9, 1764Dec. 3, 1764Wheelwright.
    Sarah (wife)Tenant of Seth Blodgett.
    Nathaniel (son)
Robbins, ThomasLexington, Apr. 15, 1772Farmer. Single man. In employ of Col. Royall.
Robinson, EliasBorn in BostonMar. 22, 1779Child, alias Hill.
Robinson, John
      and wife
Nov. 21, 1737
Robinson, MaryCharlestown, May, 1756Nov. 27. 1756In family of Jas. Budge.
Ross, HannahStoneham, June, 1762Jan. 1, 1763Wife of George Ross.
Rouse, BenjaminJan. 30, 1791Laborer.
Russell, EstherBolton, Apr. 14, 1758In family of Z. Pool.
Sables, JosephBoston, May, 1757Feb. 8, 1758Tenants of Fr'nc's Whitmore.
       Martha (wife)
       four children
       MargaretBoston, May, 1757Feb. 8, 1758Sister of Joseph Sables.

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Sables, Mary1Boston, May, 1757Sister of Joseph Sables.
Safford, ThomasAug. 31, 1797
Salter, SusaBoston, Sept. 30, 1767In family of Benj. Teel, Jr.
Savage, ElizabethTruro, June, 1767Child, in family of Wm. Faulkner.
Savel, Benjamin2Cambridge, Aug., 1764Mar. 1, 1765
Savel, Margaret and MaryBoston, July 16, 1763Feb. 12, 1764See Sables.
Scott, ElizabethJan. 30, 1791
Shaw, JosephAug. 31, 1797
Shead, LydiaBoston, Mar. 8, 1764In family of Joseph Savels.
Shephard, William
BostonOct. 8, 1770
Sinkler, JohnWells, June, 1759
       Mary (wife)Wells, Nov. 15, 1759
       Adoniram (children)
       Joseph (children)
       Mary (children)
Skinner, JosephTenant of Col. Roy all before 1757.
       Martha (sister)
Smith, HannahBoston, May 21, 1763Nov. 30, 1763Widow. In family of her sister Phoebe Binford, wife of William.
       Hannah (daughter)Boston, March, 1759Nov. 21, 1759Age between 2 and 3 yrs. In family of Wm. Binford.
Smith, JohnWoburn, abt, Apr. 20, 1773Tenant of Samuel Brooks.
       Mary (wife)

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Names.From. Date.Warned out.Remarks.
Smith, John
       Luther (children of John and Mary)
       Abel (children of John and Mary)
       Susanna (children of John and Mary)
       Mary (children of John and Mary)
Smith, SamuelCambridge, Apr. 30, 1751July 10, 1751Tenants of Samuel Brooks.
       Thomas (sons)
       Robert (sons)
Smith. SarahBoston, Feb. or Mar., 1767May Ct., 1767
Snow, UriahWoburn Prec.3 Apr. 15, 1769Nov. Ct., 1769Tenant at spot Pond or Jacob Hall.
       Lucy (wife)
       Uriah (children)
       Sarah (children)
       Lucy (children)
       Barnabas (children)
Stanley, AbigailCharlestown, Nov. 14, 1766May 16, 1767In family of Benj. Teel.
Standly, DavidCambridge, Mar. 23, 1759Nov. 21, 1759‘Taken in’ by Abner Lealand.
Stanyan, HannahStoneham, May, 1764Mar. 1, 1765Wife of Joseph.
       JosephStoneham, Oct. 27, 1789Tan. Q. 1760Tenants of Stephen Willis.
       Hannah (wife)
Stareman, JohnWoburn, Sept. 10, 1756.Age 15. Apprentice to Ebenezer Blunt, Housewright.

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Stenal, JonasMay Ct., 1757Joseph Stenall?
Stenal, JosephStoneham, Nov. 5, 1756May 3, 1757In family of Robert Burns.
       Hannah (wife)
       and two children
Still, PhoebeCharlestown, Nov. 19, 1760Sept. 7, 1761Age 4 years. Servant in family of Saml. Hall.
Stocker, HannahLynn, Dec., 1765Nov. 8, 1766
Stocker, SamuelBoston, June 2, 1762Jan. 1, 1763
       Mary (wife)
       Samuel (child)
Stoning, GeorgeDanvers, May 4, 1761Laborer on farm of Col. Royall.
Storer, CharlesAug. 31, 1797
Stowers, SarahMalden abt. Nov. 1, 1766In family of Henry Fowle.
Swan, Samuel, Esq.Aug. 31, 1797
Symonds, DanielAug. 31, 1797
       EbenezerAug. 31, 1797
Tarbott, FitchAug. 31, 1797
       HughAug. 31, 1797
Tavener, Edward LiddleBoston, Oct. 2, 1759Nurse child in family of Richard Creese.
Taylor, TimothyMarshfield, Apr. 5, 1755Tenant of Col. Royall at Tavern-house.
       wife and children
Teal, BenjaminCharlestown, Apr., 1758Nov. 27, 1758Tenants of Col. Royall.
       Ruth (wife)
Teal, GershomJan. 30, 1791

1 Savals, Savels, Sables.

2 Savals, Savels, Sables.

3 Burlington.

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