South section of the (reconstructed) statue base, from SW, Athens, Eponymo...

South section of the (reconstructed) statue base, from NW, Athens, Eponymo...

Overall view of the peribolos (in foreground, 2nd AD extension for a statu...

Overall view of S part of monument, from SW, Athens, Eponymous Heroes

View toward N, across the E side of the Metroon; Eponymous Heroes to right...

Overall view of the monument and stone peribolos fence, from NW, Athens, E...

Context: Athens
Type: Statue Base
Summary: Rectangular statue base; in the Agora, 14 meters east of the Metroon and roughly parallel to it.
Date: ca. 350 BC

16.64 m x 1.87 m.

Region: Attica
Period: Late Classical


Supported 10 bronze statues, and had tripods at either end. Surrounded by a fence of stone posts and wooden rails.


The Eponymous Heroes were the legendary heroes whose names identified the 10 tribes of Attica, into which the Attic population was officially grouped by Kleisthenes in 508 B.C.

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