Main panel: head of griffin

Main panel: second panther

Main panel: first panther

Main panel: head of second panther

Overview: handle left

Overview: handle rear

Collection: Berlin, Antikenmuseen
Summary: Griffin between two panthers.
Ware: Corinthian
Date: ca. 600 BC - ca. 575 BC

H. 17.5 cm.

Shape: Aryballos
Ceramic Phase: Middle Corinthian
Period: Archaic

Decoration Description:

The shoulder zone and inward sloping rim are decorated with bands of tongues.

In the main panel panthers with frontally turned faces stand on either side of a large griffin with raised wings. The pointed ears of the griffin reach into the shoulder zone. The griffin's throat and breast are marked with purple flecks and spots. Large rosettes and smaller blossoms and dots fill the free space between the three figures.

Shape Description:

The vessel is sturdy, with a broad base, in contrast to the decorative round aryballoi.

Collection History:

From Nola.

Sources Used:

Simon & Hirmer 1976, p. 51, pl. 27.

Other Bibliography:

Payne 1931, 304, no. 829; Arias & Hirmer 1962, pl. 31.