Side B: satyr with flute, upper half

Side B: satyr, lower half

Side B: inscription

Side A: satyr with spear and pelta

Side A: satyr, head

Side B: satyr playing flute

Collection: Berlin, Antikenmuseen
Summary: Side A: satyr with spear and peltaSide B: satyr playing the flute
Ware: Attic Red Figure
Painter: Signed by Smikros
Date: ca. 510 BC - ca. 500 BC
Primary Citation: ARV2, (20.3 bis); Para, 323; Beazley Addenda 2, 154
Shape: Neck amphora
Period: Archaic


The preserved portions of the vase are in very good condition.

Decoration Description:

Side A: satyr with spear and pelta. An ithyphallic satyr walks to the right with his head thrown back. His pelta is over his left arm and he holds a spear with a wobbly shaft in his right hand. The pelta strap is decorated with an eye. The satyr is bearded and balding, and has a horse's tail and pointed ears. He wears a wreath.

Side B: satyr playing the flute. An ithyphallic satyr walks to the right playing a double flute. There is a strap around his head, covering his mouth; it has an opening through which to play or speak. He wears a wreath, and is bearded and balding, with a tail and pointed ears.

Shape Description:

The amphora has twisted handles.


On A: *S*M*K*R*O*S*E*G*R*A*F*S*E*N, Smikros painted it (or me). Also on A: *S*T*U*S*I[...]*S. The gap seems too long for Stysippos. On B: *T*E*R*P*A*U*L*O*S; *N*E*T*E*N*A*R*E*N *E*G*E*N*E*T*O

Other Bibliography:

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