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of Negro Affairs in this department, to whom all reports and communications relating thereto, required to be sent to these headquarters, shall be addressed. He shall have a general superintendence over all the colored people of this department; and all other Superintendents of Negro Affairs shall report to Lieutenant-Colonel Kinsman, who is acting for the Commanding General in this behalf All the territory of Virginia south of the James River shall be under the superintendence of Captain Orlando Brown, Assistant Quartermaster. All the territory north of James River shall be under the superintendence of Captain Charles B. Wilder, Assistant Quartermaster. The District of North-Carolina shall be under the superintendence of Rev. Horace James, Chaplain. Each Superintendent shall have the power to select and appoint such Assistant Superintendents for such sub-districts in his district as may be necessary, to be approved by the Commanding General; such appointments to be confirmed
Oliver Otis Howard, Autobiography of Oliver Otis Howard, major general , United States army : volume 2, Chapter 48: organization of the freedmen's Bureau and my principles of action (search)
names of nine out of the ten allowed, most of whom had been for some time in the field and hard at work. The needs had been urgent. These assistants were men of high character, and most of them already of national repute. They were: Colonel Orlando Brown, Virginia, Headquarters at Richmond. Colonel Eliphalet Whittlesey, North Carolina, Headquarters at Raleigh. General Rufus Saxton, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida, Headquarters, Beaufort, S. C. Colonel T. W. Osborn, Alabama, Hle, Tenn. General J. W. Sprague, Missouri and Arkansas, Headquarters, St. Louis, Mo. Colonel John Eaton, District of Columbia. In the above order, owing to General Saxton's long experience with the freedmen, he was given three States. Colonel Brown had also been long at work for the freedmen in Virginia, and for this reason, though I did not personally know him, I gave him the preference for that State. The same thing was true of Chaplain Conway in Louisiana. I deemed Louisiana a har
any considerable length. Thus the provisions of the law were plainly thwarted by unexpected executive action. Colonel Orlando Brown, assistant commissioner for Virginia, had separated his State into districts and subdistricts about the same in extent as those of the President's military department commander, General Schofield. Brown obtained officers by detail from Schofield for superintendents. He had for supervision thirtyfour pieces of town property and 75,653 acres of land. Of this old and revered Colonization Society took charge. On many of the old Virginia farms which their owners had deserted, Colonel Brown had the freedmen well organized and cheerfully working. They had during this year of trial abundant diversified cropres. The President's pardon caused 50,029 acres and 287 pieces of town property to be restored to returning owners before Brown's report was made. Concerning the cultivators of land, Colonel Whittlesey said that few contracts were possible for lo
, 484, 485, 488. Brewerton, Henry, I, 46, 60. Brewster, A., II, 395. Bridgham, Thomas, I, 10. Britton, Emily, II, 566. Brock, Mr., I, 496, 497. Brodhead, J. M., .1, 356. Brooke, Fort, Fla., I, 73, 77, 88. Brooke, John R., I, 187, 244, 246, 247, 300, 317. Brooks, James, II, 200. Brooks, Phillips, II, 558. Brown, Harvey, I, 85, 86. Brown, J. M., 11, 216, 267. Brown, John, I, 153; II, 170. Brown, Levi R., I, 49. Brown, Lieutenant Colonel, I, 369. Brown, Orlando, 11, 215, 217, 232, 233, 283, 284, 347. Buck, R. P., I, 125, 128; II, 545. Buckingham, Maurice, I, 313. Buell, D. II., I, 135. Buell, Don Carlos, 1,188,456; II, 169. Buell, G. P., I, 588, 603. Buford, John, I, 260, 398-401, 403, 406, 407, 412, 413, 415, 416, 418, 423. Bullfinch, John, I, 25. Bull Run, Battle of, I, 146-165, 168, 169, 187. Bull Run, Second Battle of, I, 251-270. Bumstead, Horace, II, 403. Burbank, Sidney, II, 345. Burnham, A. H., , 99. B
, Sept. 9, 1862, to Sept. 1, 1863. In command of regimental headquarters. At Fort Washington, Md., Sept. 10, 1863, to Nov. 13, 1865. Colonel, 4th U. S. Artillery, Aug. 1, 1863. Member of Board to examine recommendations of applicants for appointment in the Regular Army at Washington, D. C., Nov. 13, 1865, to Aug. 8, 1866. Brevet Brig. General, U. S. Army, Mar. 13, 1865. Retired from active service, Jan. 10, 1877, under law of July 17, 1862. Died at Kissimee, Fla., Jan. 13, 1894. Brown, Orlando. Born in Connecticut. First Lieutenant, Assistant Surgeon, 18th Mass. Infantry, July 31, 1861. Major, Surgeon, 29th Mass. Infantry, Dec. 14, 1861. Mustered out, Aug. 6, 1862. Captain, Assistant Quartermaster, U. S. Volunteers, Oct. 13, 1863. Colonel, 24th U. S. Colored Infantry, June 19, 1865. Brevet Brig. General, U. S. Volunteers, Jan. 6, 1866. Mustered out, Aug. 28, 1868. Buckland, Ralph Pomeroy. Born at Leyden, Mass., Jan. 20, 1812. Colonel, 72d Ohio Infantry, Jan. 10,
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Massachusetts in the Army and Navy during the war of 1861-1865, vol. 2, V. List of Medical officers in Massachusetts Regiments. (search)
ry, Nov. 24, 1863; mustered, Apr. 26, 1864. Mustered out, Aug. 20, 1865. Died at Boston, June 18, 1894. Brown, Francis F. First Lieutenant, Assistant Surgeon, 48th Infantry, M. V. M., in the service of the U. S., Dec. 8, 1862. Mustered out, Sept. 3, 1863. Brown, Henry W. First Lieutenant, Assistant Surgeon, 31st Mass. Infantry, July 25, 1862. Major, Surgeon, 4th Corps d'afrique (afterwards 76th U. S. Colored Infantry), Sept. 12, 1863. See United States Colored Troops. Brown, Orlando. See General Officers. Brown, William S. First Lieutenant, Assistant Surgeon, 33d Mass. Infantry, June 27, 1862. Major, Surgeon, 55th Mass. Infantry, May 15, 1863. Mustered out, July 2, 1865. Bryant, Albert H. First Lieutenant, Assistant Surgeon, 36th Mass. Infantry, Aug. 29, 1862. Major, Surgeon, 58th Mass. Infantry, Aug. 12, 1864. Major, Surgeon, 36th Mass. Infantry, May 1, 1865. Mustered out, June 8, 1865. Bryant, Henry. Major, Surgeon, 20th Mass. Infantry, J
ter, 1st Mich. Lancers, Nov. 16, 1861. Mustered out, Mar. 20, 1862. First Lieutenant, Regimental Quartermaster, 2d Mass. Cavalry, Nov. 10, 1862. Captain, Assistant Quartermaster, U. S. Volunteers, Feb. 29, 1864. Brevet Major and Lieut. Colonel, U. S. Volunteers, Mar. 13, 1865. Mustered out, July 17, 1867. Brown, Joseph Willard. Born in Massachusetts. Private, 7th Mass. Infantry, June 15, 1861. Second Lieutenant, U. S. Signal Corps, Mar. 3, 1863. Mustered out, Dec. 19, 1865. Brown, Orlando. See General Officers. Browne, Charles C. Born in Massachusetts. Major, Additional Paymaster, U. S. Volunteers, Apr. 20, 1864. Resigned, Apr. 25, 1865. Died, Nov. 30, 1865. Browne, George. Born in Massachusetts. Major, Additional Paymaster, U. S. Volunteers, Nov. 26, 1862. Brevet Lieut. Colonel, U. S. Volunteers, Mar. 13, 1865. Mustered out, Nov. 15, 1865. Brownson, Edward P. Born in Massachusetts. Captain, Additional Aide-de-Camp, U. S. Volunteers, June 3, 186
3, 1865. Mustered out, Oct. 13, 1866. Brown, Edwin Y. Private, 1st Mass. Infantry, Aug. 23, 1861. Discharged, Mar. 2, 1863, for promotion in the U. S. Colored Troops. Second Lieutenant, 82d U. S. Colored Infantry. Resigned, June 16, 1865. Brown, Henry W. Born in Massachusetts. First Lieutenant, Assistant Surgeon, 31st Mass. Infantry, July 25, 1862. Major, Surgeon, 4th Corps d'afrique, afterwards 76th U. S. Colored Infantry, Sept. 12, 1863. Mustered out, Dec. 31, 1865. Brown, Orlando. See General Officers. Bruce, Daniel, Jr. Private, 30th Mass. Infantry, Dec. 25, 1861. Second Lieutenant, 1st Engineers, Corps d'afrique, afterwards 95th U. S. Colored Infantry, June 1, 1864. Discharged (disability), July 9, 1864. Buckman, William M. Corporal, 13th Mass. Infantry, July 16, 1861. Mustered out, Mar. 6, 1863. Captain, 80th U. S. Colored Infantry. Died of disease at New Orleans, La., Sept. 27, 1863. Burbank, Nathaniel. Born in Maine. Private, 15th M
Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Massachusetts in the Army and Navy during the war of 1861-1865, vol. 2, Index of names of persons. (search)
H. A., 250, 510 Brown, H. E., 403, 460, 510 Brown, H. W., 378, 485 Brown, H. W., 460 Brown, Henry, 250, 510 Brown, J. B., 250 Brown, J. G., 20 Brown, J. H., 460, 498 Brown, J. L., 20 Brown, J. M., 251, 403, 460, 510 Brown, J. P., 20 Brown, J. S., 250 Brown, J. T., 460 Brown, J. T., 403, 460, 510 Brown, J. W., 403 Brown, James, 20 Brown, James, 207 Brown, James, Mrs., 580 Brown, John, 673 Brown, Leverett, 251 Brown, M. V. B., 251 Brown, Nathan, 20 Brown, Nathan, 20 Brown, Orlando, 171, 378, 403, 485, 510 Brown, R. B., 251 Brown, R. B., 251 Brown, S. F., 460 Brown, Samuel, 460 Brown, W. H., 251 Brown, W. H., 251 Brown, W. H., 251 Brown, W. I., 460 Brown, W. M., 207 Brown, W. O., 251 Brown, W. S., 20 Brown, W. S., 378 Brown, Willard, 580 Brown, Zenas, 580 Browne, A. G., Jr., 624 Browne, A. P., 207 Browne, C. C., 403 Browne, C. D., 207, 510 Browne, George, 403, 510 Browne, R. W., 624 Brownell, E. P., 577 Brownell, G. V., 20 Brownell, W. H. P
Border State Convention. Frankfort, Ky., May 27. --The Border State Convention met to-day. Hon. John J. Crittenden was appointed Chairman, and Orlando Brown was elected Secretary. Delegates from Missouri and Kentucky were present. The Convention adjourned till to-morrow, to await the arrival of Delegates on their way hither.