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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 1. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), The treatment of prisoners during the war between the States. (search)
lost; that they will do all they can to mitigate the horrors of war; to complete the exchange of prisoners, now happily in progress, and to prevent the recurrence of such sufferings as have been narrated. And we repeat the words of the Confederate Congress, in their manifesto of the 14th of June, 1864: We commit our cause to the enlighted judgment of the world, to the sober reflections of our adversaries themselves, and to the solemn and righteous arbitrament of heaven. Rev. William Brown, D. D., of the Central Presbyterian, writes as follows in his paper: So far as the intentions and orders of the Confederate Government were concerned, no blame can rest upon it. The places selected were healthy, and the food and medicines ordered were the same as those assigned to our own soldiers and hospitals. The fate of prisoners, especially if the number be large, is generally and unavoidably a hard one. When the intentions of the Government may be right, the neglect or tyran
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 1. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Diary of Robert E. Park, Macon, Georgia, late Captain Twelfth Alabama regiment, Confederate States army. (search)
dree, of Tuskegee, at the untimely death of her excellent and gallant son, Edward, who was killed May 5th at the Wilderness while commanding sharpshooters. The first twelve months of the war we were messmates and intimate friends. He was afterwards made First-Lieutenant in Sixty-first Alabama regiment. He was the only son of a widowed mother, and of exceeding great promise. June 9th Remained in our bivouac until near six o'clock, when we were ordered to pack up and fall in. Rev. Dr. William Brown, of Richmond, preached to us at four o'clock. Shortly after his sermon concluded, we marched about two miles towards the right of our line, and halted in an old field, near an old Yankee camp, occupied by some of McClellan's troops before his memorable change of base in 1862. There we slept until near three o'clock next morning, when we were hurriedly aroused, but, as we soon found out, needlessly. I read through-or rather finished reading — the New Testament to-day, and re-commen
.--Corporals, Henry B. Swan, (colorguard,) killed; Amos H. Cole, killed; privates, Asbury Luce, killed; Thomas Currier, killed Sergeant J. P. Durgin, leg, slightly; Corporal Henry H. Chase, arm, severely; privates, William J. Rackliff, leg, severely; Charles L. Towle. thigh, severely; George E. Dorothy, leg, slightly: John H. Stevens, arm, severely; Sergeant Ora M. Nason, prisoner; privates, Frank Swan, prisoner; Luke T. Shattuck, prisoner; William H. Maxim, missing. Company G.--Sergeants, William Brown, thigh, severely; George W. Davis, arm, slightly; privates, H. C. Webber, arm, severely; John E. Fossett, arm, severely; James Perry, leg, severely; Charles H. Arnold, prisoner; Charles C. Grover, prisoner; Henry Derocher, prisoner; Corporals Orren Austin, missing; A. P. Herrick, missing; Private, Samuel E..Frost, missing. Company H.--Corporal Eben Farrington, killed; private, Albert Corson, killed; Color-Sergeant William Livermore, side, slightly; Corporals John Bacon, leg and a
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 4., The opposing forces in the Atlanta campaign. May 3d-September 8th, 1864. (search)
Cantey's Brigade, Col. V. S. Murphey, Col. E. A. O'Neal: 17th Ala., Col. V. S. Murphey, Maj. T. J. Burnett, Capt. T. A. McCane; 26th Ala., Col. E. A. O'Neal, Maj. D. F. Bryan; 29th Ala., Col. J. F. Conoley, Capt. J. A. Foster; 37th Miss., Col. O. S. Holland, Lieut.-Col. W. W. Wier, Maj. S. H. Terral. Artillery, Lieut.-Col. S. C. Williams. Waddell's Battalion: Ala. Battery, Capt. W. D. Emery; Ala. Battery, Lieut. F. A. O'Neal, Capt. R. H. Bellamy; Mo. Battery, Capt. O. W. Barret, Lieut. William Brown. Myrick's Battalion, Maj. J. D. Myrick: La. Battery, Capt. A. Bouanchaud, Lieut. E. C. Legendre; Miss. Battery, Capt. J. J. Cowan, Lieut. G. H. Tompkins; Tenn. Battery, Capt. R. L. Barry, Lieut. E., L. Watkins. Storrs's Battalion, Maj. George S. Storrs: Ala. Battery, Capt. John J. Ward, Lieut . G. . Weaver; Miss. Battery, Capt. J. A. Hoskins; Mo. Battery, Capt. Henry Guilbor, Lieut. A. W. Harris, Sergt. Raymond Burke. Preston's (or Truehart's) Battalion, Maj. W. C. Preston, Maj. D. Tr
Benson J. Lossing, Pictorial Field Book of the Civil War. Volume 1., Chapter 16: Secession of Virginia and North Carolina declared.--seizure of Harper's Ferry and Gosport Navy Yard.--the first troops in Washington for its defense. (search)
eodore F. Patterson, Charles Evans, Charles Hause, Francis Hause, D. B. Brown, John Christian, Albert G. Whitfield, William Bates, Oliver C. Bosbyshell, Robert F. Potter, A. H. Titus, Joseph Reed, Joel H. Betz, John Curry, Robert Smith, Augustus Reese, Hugh Stevenson. H. H. Hill, Eli Williams, Benjamin Christian, Thomas Petherick, Jr., Louis T. Snyder, Edwin J. Shippen. Richard M. Hodgson, William W. Clemens, Curtus C. Pollock, William Auman, William Riley, Edward T. Leib, Daniel Moser, William Brown, Edward Nagle, Godfrey Leonard, G. W. Bratton, William Heffner, Victor Wernert, Charles A. Glenn, William Spence, Patrick Hanley, William J. Feger, William Lesher, D. C. Pott, Alba C. Thompson, Daniel Christian, Samuel Beard, Thomas Irwin, Henry Dentzer, Philip T. Dentzer, H. Bobbs, John Pass, Heber S. Thompson, B. F. Jones, John I. Hetherington, Peter Fisher, William Dagan, J. R. Hetherington, Nelson Drake, Charles A. Hesser, Samuel Shoener, Charles Maurer, James S. Sillyman, Henry Brob
Benson J. Lossing, Pictorial Field Book of the Civil War. Volume 1., Chapter 17: events in and near the National Capital. (search)
e platform for the speakers floated a white flag bearing the arms of Maryland; and under this Mayor Brown, S. T. Wallis, W. P. Preston, and others, addressed the vast multitude, assuring them that noh the city, and advising them to disperse quietly to their homes. Already Governor Hicks and Mayor Brown had sent a dispatch to President Lincoln, saying:--A collision between the citizens and the N caution was predominant. He was appalled by the violence around him, and after listening to Mayor Brown, who declared that it was folly and madness for one portion of the nation to attempt the subjs office in the old City Hall. Governor Hicks passed the night of the 19th at the house of Mayor Brown. At eleven o'clock the Mayor, with the concurrence of the Governor, sent a committee, consissed had been applied. The same. With this alleged authority, Kane and Lowe, accompanied by Mayor Brown and his brother, hastened to the office of Charles Howard, the President of the Board of Poli
Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 50: Second attack on Fort Fisher. (search)
B. Aiken; Acting-Gunner, T. S. Cassidy. Keystone Stat.--Third-rate. Commander, Henry Roland; Lieutenant, J. P. Robertson; Acting-Masters, L. E. Degn and Wm. T. Buck; Acting-Ensigns, C. M. Bird, J. C. Murphy, F. E. Ford and J. S. Ridgeway; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, A. E. Emery; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, J. Wv. Fairfield; Acting-Master's Mates, D. G. Conger and W. H. Howard; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, P. L. Fry; Acting-Second-Assistant, A. B. Kinney; Acting-Third-Assistants, Wm. Brown, Joseph Smith, J. B. Wilbur and C. A. Blake; Acting-Gunner, D. L. Briggs. Mendota--Third-rate. Commander, Edward T. Nichols; Acting-Masters, Lathrop Wight, Maurice Digard and Thomas Smith, Acting-Ensigns, W. B. Barnes, R. B. Pray, Isaac Thayer and R. E. Peck; Acting-Master's Mates, E. S. McDonald and P. A. Cleary; Engineers: First-Assistant, A. V. Frazer; Second-Assistants, B. Bunce and D. Jones; Acting-Third-Assistants, D. R. McElroy, H. S. Ross and L. L. Poole; Acting-Gunner, James
Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 53: operations of the West Gulf Squadron in the latter part of 1864, and in 1865.--joint operations in Mobile Bay by Rear-Admiral Thatcher and General Canby. (search)
nd A. L. Stevens; Engineers: Second-Assistant, Haviland Barstow; Acting-Third-Assistants, T. H. Carton and G. W. Latham. Bohio--Fourth-rate. Acting-Master, Wm. M. Stannard; Acting-Master's Mate, Daniel Parsons. Meteor--Fourth-rate. Acting-Master, Meletiah Jordan; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, John M. Skillman; Acting-Ensigns, W. S. Romme, J. L. Hall and C. H. Sawyer; Acting-Master's Mates, T. W. Jones and J. F. Porter; Engineers: Acting-Third-Assistants, Wm. Connell, Wm. Boyle, William Brown and P. J. Murphy. Katahdin--Fourth-rate. Acting-Master, Edward Terrill; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, G. D. Buckner; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, L. D. Bradley; Acting-Master and Pilot, Bernard Crone; Acting-Ensigns, G. A. Faunce and Wm. Ross; Engineers: Second-Assistant, N. B. Clark; Acting-Second-Assistant, Thomas Tuttle; Acting-Third-Assistants, Samuel Wallace and H. C. Reynolds. Estrella--Fourth-rate. Acting-Master, G. P. Pomeroy; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, T. E. Clark; Acting-
y; George Huid, slightly; Thomas Boyne, slightly; Wm. Shields or Shuly, slightly; M. Honlert, slightly; E. Lam, slightly. Co. G--Privates Dennis Spencer, slightly; Elijah Mitchell, slightly. Co. H--Second Lieutenant William O'Neil, in the thigh; Sergeant William A. Durst, slightly. Co. I--Corporals H. H. Swindler, slightly; Benj. Kenyon, slightly; Frederick Fisher, slightly. Co. K--Sergeant A. W. Huffman; Privates John Nelroman, seriously; John Kath, slightly. Missing.--Co. D--Private William Brown. Co. E--Sergeant ZZZLat. Randolph. Co. F--Privates William Stinson, Jacob Weassan. Ninth Indiana regiment.--Killed.--Co. A--Privates Daniel S. Souders, Jackson Kilmer. Co. E--Sergeant Thomas R. McKay. Co. F--Private Walter H. Pangborn. Co. G--Privates Joseph Gordon, Perry Knowles, Charles Wilson. Co. H--Corporal Benjamin F. Huntington. Wounded.--Co. A--Capt. Thomas Madden, seriously. Co. B--Privates Stephen Wilcox,----Sweet. Co. C--Private Erastus Sanders. Co. D--Private Moris
ida, March 25, 1862. sir: The following casualties occurred in the attack upon the gunboat expedition under Acting Lieut. Budd: Acting Lieut. T. A. Budd, Penguin, killed; Jas. Marlow, (O. S.,) do. do.; Walter Burch, (O. S.,) do. do.; John Dennis, Master's Mate, do., wounded in shoulder; William Twaites, (O. S.,) do., wounded in the hand; Acting Master S. W. Mather, Commanding Henry Andrew, killed; Lewis Delous, (O. S.,) do. do.; John Bates, (S.,) do. do.; James Arnold, (S.,) do. do.; Wm. Brown, (O. S.,) do. do.; A. W. Kelsey, Acting Assistant Paymaster, do., wounded in hand; Walter Bradley, Acting Third Assistant-Engineer, do., wounded in forehead; Thomas Welch, (O. S.,) do., wounded and a prisoner; Henry C. Rich, (O. S.,) do. do.; James T. Allen, (O. S.,) do., wounded in thigh. I herewith enclose Dr. Clymer's report of the wounds received by Lieutenant Budd and Acting Master Mather. Very respectfully, etc., S. F. Du Pont, Flag-Officer. Hon. Gideon Welles, Secretary of t
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