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Brown, W G Hall, Matt Hood, W C Lewis, George Morrison, J T Ramsay, D W Stevens. C A Tallaferro, M M West, J L Ard, P B Lloyd, E P Garrett, C H Barry, Daniel Farmer, M A Haskin, G W Jones jr, Green Millsors, W H H Purser, T M Rea, N L Strong, J G Touchstone, T J White, James M Wilson. Company E, "Vicksburg Sharpshooters," Capt Richardson.--Killed: R G Tower, S L George, A J Swords, Owen Carsher, Jack Haralson. Wounded: Lieut Henry Evans, Lieut W G Henegan, Geo Baker, John Carte; D Fitzpatrick J B Sortin, B F Backlam, Thos Fitzgerald, El Kinney, J McMurray — Missing: Wm Gillespie, Wm Whalin, S R Grabam. Company F, "Yardis Blues," Capt Ward--Killed: J S Ross, J M Hall, W A Barnett.--Wounded: Capt Ward, S D Robertson, J N Adam, J T Botum. H. D Bishop, Ro Elliott, Chas Hatm, J H McGebee, R W Terry, J F Williams, J W Davis, J A Albritton, S R Slann, L C Balch, J L Casey, A Hay, J N Lowe, V A Simmons, Robt Young, A J Turrentine, D M Murray. Company G, "Natchez Fencibles,"
urn home yesterday: Surgeons Jas P. Priss, D. M. Dungal, C. S. Newlin, Adam Tras, H. Beatley, W. W. Petter, J. D. Brumley, J. A. Freeman, D. B. Dickinson, W. P. Russell, J. G. Walsett, and Hospital Stoward M. A. Cleland. Maj. W S , Maj. M Clite, Capt. P. J. Smith, 1st Lt. D. L. Montgomery, Capt. Jas. Grenan, Capt. Jas. P. Speel, 2d Lt G F Raleigh, Priv G F Nichols, Capt J Tunin, Jas M Gilbert, bugler, 2d Lt J M Sprague, 1st Lt W D Wright, 2d Lt G B Wood, Capt P W Stanhope, Private B Fitzpatrick, Priv R Duvell, 2d Lt G J Brown, Capt G Mallery, Capt S J Thompson, 1st Lt Re Alien, Jr, 2d Lt M Carter, 2d Lt M Hatch, 1st Lt L McD Smith, Maj H G Ryerson, 1st Lt W M Midridge, 2d Lt J P Stains, Capt D T Corbia, Col C Charles, Capt W C BessHever, Capt H Nuda, 2d Lt B A Leverbury, 2d Lt Jno Doherty, Maj G A Weedward, 1st Lt J Lohman, 1st Lt G P Lamont, 1st Lt P Kennedy, 2d Lt W J Patterson, Capt F L Knight, 1st Lt W V S Robinson, 2d Lt L B Casiwad, 2d Lt S H Balley Drum Maj M Pike, Capt
Proceedings in the Courts. Mayor's Court.--Yesterday morning the following cases were disposed of by the Mayor: Mary Walden, charged with keeping a disorderly house of bad name, and disturbing her neighbors was required to give $150 security for her good behavior. Ella Branan, Rose Fitzpatrick, and Maria Cam, for keeping a disorderly house at the corner of 19th and Main streets, were dismissed on promising to leave that part of the city. Honora Barrett, for causing a nuisance on the lot of Ellen Whitingham, was fined $5. The cases of Michael Walls and Wm. J. McCarty, for assaulting and beating Patrick Slattery, were postponed until this morning. Darney McN ce and two other Irishmen, arrested several days ago for fighting in the street, were sent to their company. Daniel Walsh, accused of shooting at John Head, was discharged. Hastings Court.--Yesterday, Austin, Conley, inflicted for felony, who has been at large upon bail for sometime past, app
Brought to the city. --Rev. H. W. Reed, a Baptist divine, well-known both in Washington, D. C., and this city, was brought from the Yankee camp, at Savage's farm yesterday, by detectives Polk and Fitzpatrick. About a week since he volunteered at Washington to go down to Virginia, and assist in nursing the wounded Yankees, and was engaged there when brought away. The party alluded to has often preached in this city. He was carried on has arrived here to the C. S. Military Prison, corner Cary and 28th streets.
The cage. --Mary Conners was yesterday committed to the cage on the charge of stealing a set of hoop skirts valued at $18, the property of Rose Fitzpatrick.
The Daily Dispatch: November 10, 1863., [Electronic resource], A conflict in Alabama between the Civil and military Authorities. (search)
, a few days since, on account of the military resisting a writ of habeas corpus issued by Judge Fitzpatrick in behalf of a man named John D. Rhodes. It seems that Rhodes had been enrolled as a conse his unwillingness to do so. Thus the matter rested for some time, when, a few days since Judge Fitzpatrick issued a writ of habeas corps at the instance of Rhodes's counsel. The writ was served onded. After Court adjourned, an armed guard, under orders from Col. Morehead, arrested Judge Fitzpatrick and took him in custody, as was afterwards alleged by the Colonel, for interfering with on (Rhodes,) the person whom he had consented to have in Court next day. After several hours Judge Fitzpatrick was released. Next morning the prisoner appeared and the trial progressed, ending in graphed to Col. Morehead disapproving his course. Gen. Pillow, upon learning the facts, also wrote to Col. Morehead, disapproving his proceedings, and particularly the arrest of Judge Fitzpatrick.
odist Churches--Broad Street Methodist--11 A M, Bishop G P Pierce, and ordination of Deaconst 3½ P M, Sacramental services; 7½ P M, Dr. Wm A Smith. Centenary--11 A M, Chas H Hail; 7½ P M, L M Lee, and ordination of Eiders. Clay Street--11 A M, L T Reid; 7½ P M, J S Lindsay. Trinity--11 A M, H B Cowles; 7½ P M, R O Burton. Union Station--11 A M, Jas P Garland; 7½P M, W E Judkins. Manchester--11 A M, Oscar Littleton; 7½ P M, H B Guy. Sidney--11 A M, M S Colonna. Oregon--11 A M, Jas B Fitzpatrick. Rocketts--11 A M, James A Crowder. Third Street African--11 A M, J W Howard; 3 ½ P M, J L Clark. Baptist Churches.--Leigh Street--11 A M, Thos T Campbell. First Church--11 A M, J C Granberry 7½ P M, Nelson Head. Second Church--11 A M. William B Rowzle. Third Church--7½ P M. William H Wheelwright. African Church--11 A M, S V Hoyle; 3½ P M, J E Joyner. Manchester--11 A M, J F Poulton. Presbyterian Churches.--First Church--11 A M, John B Dey; 7 ½ P M, Charles H Hall.
The Daily Dispatch: November 28, 1863., [Electronic resource], Army of Tennessee, Missionary Ridge, Nov. 22. (search)
R A Gregory. Pittsylvania — L J Hansherger. Franklin — Joseph E Potts, one to be supplied, B B Shetton, sup'y. Flint Hill Mission — To be supplied. Henry — James J Lumpkin. Patrick — Jacob Shough. Dan River — L if Grayhill. Norfolk District.--Norfolk — Granby Street — J D Blackwell. James Street — E N S Bloges. Cumberland Street — James C Martin. Portsmouth — Dinwiddie Street — Thos. Y Cash. Wesley Chapel and Gosport — Andrew J Coffman. Princess Anne and Pusquotank--John W Wonnyeot. Currituck and Indian Ridge — James D Hummer. Hertford — Jeremiah McMultion. Edenton — Joseph H Amies. Eastville — L More. Atlantic — R A Amies. Missionaries to the Army — L Rossor, C Gradberry. Chaplains — Jas. E. Joyner P R August W. W Serry, J B Fitzpatrick, J E McSearran, James P Gariand, George F Booker, W E Edwards, Robert Hardie, Jr., W. W Duncan, T. A Were, J G Biedene, Robert B Beadless, S V Hoyle, J J Lafferty. Lawrence F Way, transfe
M. H. Blandford, M. C. Clifford Anderson, M. C. J. T. Shoemaker, M. C. Jas. M. Smith, M. C. Geo. N. Lester, M. C. H. P. Bell, M. C. Governor Brown. J. S. Whitaker. Joshua Hill. Judge Linton Stephens. Judge A. R. Wright. V. A. Gaskill. H. B. Waugh. Lewis Tumlin. Warren Arkin, M. C. Alabama. R. W. Walker, Senator. Robt. Jamison, Senator. Thos. J. Foster, M. C. W. R. Smith, M. C. David Claston, M. C. Governor Watts. Jeremiah Clemens. Ex-Senator Fitzpatrick. Representative Parsons. Mississippi. J. W. C. Watson, Senator. J. A. Orr, M. C. W. D. Holder, M. C. Ex-Gov. Mathews. O. R. Smighton, M. C. Failure of negotiations. Ex-Senator C. C. Clay returned lately from his mission to England, with intelligence that his efforts were a complete failure. England would have nothing to do with the Confederacy. The peace Conference. On Monday, February 6, after the Peace Commissioners had returned from Fortress Mon
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